Adam-12 - Season 2

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Log 173: Shoplift
    Episode 26

    The search for a young shoplifter who escaped custody leads Malloy and Reed to the lair of an eccentric spiritualist.

  • Log 44: Attempted Bribery

    A wealthy businessman openly offers Malloy and Reed security jobs at three times their current salaries if Reed agrees to withhold damaging testimony against his troubled son.  An elderly man strangles his chronically ill wife to death.  A familiar individual threatens to commit suicide.

  • 4/11/70

    Malloy and Reed are in for a rude awakening when they report to the home of a former professional wrestler on a domestic abuse call. An apartment robbery investigation changes focus when one of the suspects is found dead. The owner of a stolen car spots parts from it on another car. Bank robbery suspects engage in a shootout during their escape.

  • 4/4/70

    Reed has to deal with the consequences of forgetting to roll up the window on the patrol car. An estranged husband kidnaps his own child. An elderly man tries to pay for a meal with trading stamps. An escaped prisoner with a loaded gun is spotted napping on a city bus. A delivery van is hijacked.

  • Log 114: The Hero
    Log 114: The Hero
    Episode 22

    Malloy and Reed witness a young Hispanic man save a trapped watchman from a burning warehouse, but become suspicious when he resists numerous attempts of private and public commendation. A drunken man is spotted dangling out his bedroom window. A man with a heart condition is reported to be unresponsive by his neighbor.

  • Log 74: Light Duty
    Episode 21

    Malloy and Reed spend a night shift on desk duty with a female recruit after Malloy breaks his wrist and another office worker calls in sick. A homesick elderly woman refuses to identify herself. A lenient father bails out his son. Reed is injured responding to a nearby student protest. A suspicious man walks in looking for a wanted fugitive.

  • Log 104: The Bomb
    Episode 20

    A manufacturer of classified electronics is targeted by someone who first frames an employee for theft, then plants a powerful bomb on the premises.  A suspicious man is spotted carrying heavy bags down the street.  A street race ends in tragedy.

  • Log 94: Vengeance
    Episode 19

    Malloy fears that a boxer who has just been paroled after serving a murder sentence is going to seek revenge against him. A member of a car theft ring is crushed while working under a car. A liquor store robber swears revenge against Reed. The patrol car suffers a flat tire. A 4-year-old child locks himself in a refrigerator. A motorist suspiciously drops a bag of pills out his window.

  • Log 124: Airport
    Episode 18

    A drunken man with no flight experience steals an airplane at a busy airport. A 17 year old runaway is reported to be living in a condemned home with a much older man. A convenience store robber escapes into the attic. A bank safe booby-trapped with dynamite is stolen with a tow truck.

  • 2/14/70

    A purse snatcher wants to be booked in time for dinner.  A weekend barbecue at Reed's house is overshadowed by concern for two officers involved in a serious traffic accident, and a young neighbor who overdoses and becomes the target of a drug dealer.

  • 2/7/70

    A police detective is accused of stealing $350 from a well-respected boxing promoter, then is later accused of stealing a gun from a pawn shop and paying someone to steal a car. A disgruntled wife in curlers takes a baseball bat to her own car in the middle of a downtown street. A woman reports a pair of burglars inside her neighbor's house.

  • 1/31/70

    A well-known drunk is brought in for his weekly booking. A violently drunk woman causes her husband to be charged with assaulting a bartender. Good Samaritans who make a bad decision lead a high speed pursuit. A biker tries to coerce a woman to repay a debt by riddling her apartment with buckshot.

  • Log 14: S.W.A.T.
    Episode 14
    Malloy and Reed are the first to respond to a downtown rooftop sniper who has been indiscriminately shooting at anyone he can find with his scoped rifle. After risking their lives to get civilians out of his line of sight, they become lead participants of the S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons And Tactics) team which will attempt to neutralize the suspect.moreless
  • Log 34: Astro
    Episode 13

    Malloy and Reed become envious of Officer Wells, who has been given a coveted assignment in the newly established Astro helicopter division.  A wealthy elderly couple gets locked in their heavily fortified basement safe.  Robbery suspects escape on a motorcycle.

  • Log 43: Hostage
    Episode 12
    Malloy and several civilians are taken hostage after he is shot and seriously injured by robbers while stopping in for lunch at Duke's Longhorn Café.
  • Log 142: As High As You Are

    An uneventful traffic stop becomes more interesting when something catches Malloy's eye.   A drug dealer goes to extreme lengths to break into a hospital supply warehouse. A group of thugs seek revenge after officers shoot a friend.  A baby is left unattended in an apartment with a pet lion.

  • Log 143: Cave
    Log 143: Cave
    Episode 10

    A disgruntled tenant holds his landlord at knife point.   A child from a quiet neighborhood goes to extreme measures to avoid spending time with his abusive father.  Malloy becomes suspicious of a bag of laundry left on the side of a road.

  • Log 123: Courtroom
    Episode 9

    Reed feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he stumbles upon a large stash of illegal narcotics while executing a traffic warrant.  He's in for a rude awakening at the trial, however, when he's cross examined by the defense attorney.

  • 11/22/69

    Valuable informant/ex-convict TeeJay vehemently denies accusations of assaulting a priest, dealing drugs, and stealing a gun after being fired from his dish-washing job at Duke's Longhorn Café.  Malloy and Reed set out to determine if his story, which is full of suspicious coincidences, is actually true.

  • Log 63: Baby
    Episode 7

    Reed's wife is in the hospital expecting their first child, and Reed soon realizes it wasn't a good idea to report to work as usual. A drunken man plays matador in the middle of a busy street. A robbery suspect attempts to flee by foot. An inquisitive child helps with the investigation of money stolen from washing machines. A minor traffic accident results in a major delay.

  • 11/1/69

    Malloy and his date join Reed and his expecting wife on a weekend trip to a ghost town. They have to fall back on their police instincts when they become the target of a motorcycle gang that discovers they are cops after destroying Reed's car.

  • 10/18/69

    A man becomes fed up with his wife holding karate lessons in their apartment.  A hit-and-run outside a bar results in the death of a pregnant woman, and the investigation leads Malloy to believe that it may have been intentional.

  • Log 23: Pig Is A Three Letter Word

    Sgt. MacDonald begins to doubt Reed will make it out of his probationary period after he loses his cool with a molestation suspect. A woman believes her neighbors killed their child and hid her body under their porch. A man forces his ten-year-old foster son to be his accomplice while committing home burglaries. Apprehended robbery suspects attempt to incite a race riot.

  • Log 52: Good Cop - Handle With Care

    Malloy and Reed are hounded by a pair of young, unethical freelance journalists who are determined to document police brutality. A man is found passed out in an alley. Galveston police ask for assistance contacting the wife of a deceased man. A stoned suspect becomes uncontrollably violent during transport to jail. The apprehension of armed robbery suspects needlessly results in tragedy.

  • 9/27/69

    Officers are on the lookout for the "Mulholland Mauler," who has raped six female hitchhikers and left them for dead in the ravines along Mulholland Drive.  Malloy and Reed quickly make an arrest of a likely suspect, but it may come too late for the Mauler's next victim.

  • 9/20/69

    Prior to their shift, Malloy and Reed agree to give a talk to a group of 5th grade students, and later let the kids watch them train for the California Police Olympics. But when the tires of their patrol car are slashed and a stopwatch goes missing out of Reed's car, the two officers suspect one of the children.