Adam-12 - Season 3

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • 12/19/70

    On Christmas Eve, a rescue mission Santa finds himself in handcuffs after being mugged. A businessman's decision to drive home drunk after an office party results in a fatal accident. A desperate single mother is detained for shoplifting. The young daughter of a Native American couple goes missing at night while camping in a mountainous area.

  • 9/19/70

    Malloy and Reed investigate a series of severe beatings of workers at local factories.  A wino encounters misfortune after robbing a liquor store for two dollars.

  • Log 36: Man Between
    Episode 18

    Officer Wells questions Reed's judgement after he is swindled twice in a short period of time. Two men argue over a marijuana plant in the middle of a sidewalk. A heavily armed fugitive kidnaps a woman's young child and demands a $1000 ransom. A drunken sniper roams a neighborhood under cover of darkness.

  • 10/10/70

    A drunken woman leads officers on a high speed pursuit. A boy with a photographic memory witnesses a burglary, then later spots the suspect while in the back of the squad car. Two drunk men shoot at a box of dynamite in a residential neighborhood. A disgruntled customer phones in a bomb threat to a beauty school.

  • 3/4/71

    Reed's infant son is running a high fever.  Officers arrive at the scene of an armed tavern robbery in progress.  A young, naive woman ignores advice to leave a dangerous neighborhood.  Evidence of severe abuse is uncovered during a domestic disturbance call.  A home burglar chooses a poor hiding place.

  • 1/2/71

    A well-meaning passerby turns the scene of a rollover accident into a blazing inferno.  A well known family of travelling home improvement con artists targets the area.  A disgruntled man attempts to seek revenge against his former employer. An elderly couple attempts to drive home from a party drunk.

  • 1/28/71

    Two men arrested for pulling a gun during a traffic stop face serious charges when the contents of the trunk of their stolen car are revealed.  A toilet-papered house turns out to be a prelude for a serious crime against a teenage girl and her recently widowed father.

  • Log 56: Vice Versa
    Log 56: Vice Versa
    Episode 23

    Reed gets the chance to drive the patrol car when Malloy discovers that is license has expired. A drug pusher uses an ice cream truck to target juveniles. A gambling addict goes to desperate lengths to get committed to treatment. Neighbors assume a homeowner who is on an extended business trip has abandoned his property. A woman kills her husband after a fight on their 22nd anniversary. A passerby finds a live baby in a trash can.

  • Log 165: Once A Cop
    Episode 19

    The search for a stabbing suspect leads to a bitter ex-cop who has just moved into the area.  A naive and frustrated starlet shoots up a telephone booth and loses a suitcase containing dangerous contents.  A familiar individual intervenes after a robbery suspect becomes cornered at the train station.

  • Log 115 -- Gang War
    Episode 14

    Reed hits a cold streak when he performs poorly during a softball game, then loses a holdup suspect during a foot chase the next day. A priest asks for assistance trying to prevent bloodshed between rival Hispanic juvenile gangs.  A domestic abuse calls leads to a familiar individual.

  • 10/31/70

    An elderly woman forgets to turn the gas off before leaving home. A man claims someone crashed through his front door and stole his disability check. A seven year old girl is reported missing when she fails to return home after school. A man is found shot to death outside of a garage at an apartment complex.

  • 11/21/70
    Officer Malloy pays tribute to Officer Tom Porter, who has recently fallen in the line of duty. Malloy recounts the close friendship they developed while training at the academy together, as well as the moments where they crossed paths on duty, including the night of the officer's unfortunate demise.
  • 11/7/70

    A lonely and deranged homeowner holds Reed at gunpoint.  A neighborhood is being terrorized by a twelve year old serial burglar. A church organist and choirmaster get into a fistfight.

  • Malloy discovers a glaring fib on an elderly woman's driver's license during a traffic stop. A group of teenage girls in mini-skirts are stealing cars from trusting men. A young woman takes matters into her own hands when a guy tries to steal her motorcycle. A young man finds a new use for the home of his unsuspecting, bed-ridden aunt. Two men are observed pushing a large safe down a sidewalk.

  • 10/3/70

    A teenage serial purse snatcher has become an expert at playing the system, but Malloy tries to convince him and his neglectful father that the young man's bravado will inevitably result in tragedy. A jaywalker is struck by a vehicle.

  • Log 135 -- Arson
    Episode 10

    An elusive serial arsonist spawns a copycat.  A woman takes issue with her husband bringing home a female acquaintance to watch  a football game.  A man's overzealous bird watching in a high rise gets him into serious trouble.  A mentally ill man holds his wife at knife-point.

  • Log 155 -- I.A.D. (Internal Affairs Department)
    Officer Tony Johnson finds out he has been accused of a shakedown just after he saves Malloy's life during a shootout at a warehouse. Reed and Malloy set out to find a bar girl named Ginger who Johnson says will prove his innocence, but her story leaves Malloy with an uneasy feeling.moreless
  • Log 25 -- Indians
    Episode 9

    Several storefronts are bombed when a protection racket moves into the downtown area.  A vagrant with bad timing is gravely wounded.  A scuffle between two Native Americans at a bar may be a prelude to a more serious altercation.  A disoriented pizza delivery man is mistaken for a burglar.

  • Log 125: Safe Job
    Episode 26

    Malloy suspects that a well-known former neighborhood criminal, who now claims to be reformed after taking in his young niece and nephew, is somehow behind a rash of cracked safes in the area.  A man forces his cousin to be his criminal accomplice by holding her baby hostage.

  • Log 106: Post Time
    Episode 24

    A 600-pound offset printing press is stolen from a business by a well-known professional thief.  An 85-year-old man refuses to leave the now-condemned apartment building where he's lived alone for the past 27 years.  An unusual vehicle is observed travelling down city streets.

  • 12/26/70

    The investigation of a convenience store hold up is complicated by a wounded officer and an uncooperative victim.  A woman is reported to be operating an illegal astrology service from her home.   A pharmacist reports on a thirteen year old boy in possession of a powerful narcotic.

  • Log 76: Militants
    Log 76: Militants
    Episode 20

    A manhunt for two black militants ensues when two officers are critically wounded after being ambushed in their patrol car. Tensions with the militant group rise when one of the suspects dies in police custody after being shot in the back, while the search for the other suspect continues. On patrol, a 75-year-old man gets his first traffic ticket.

  • Log 26: L.E.M.R.A.S. (Law Enforcement Manpower Resources Allocation System)

    Malloy and Reed drive up on a convenience store robbery in progress, which results in the suspects taking hostages.  A new computer system is put into use in stopping a pair of serial burglars who escape on motorcycles.  A routine traffic stop thwarts a potentially heinous crime.

  • Log 88: Reason To Run

    A retired western movie star reports a problem with thefts at the riding school he runs for troubled young men. A man is attacked while inside a phone booth. A robbery suspect tries to escape by foot. A woman acts suspiciously when asked to move her illegally parked car. The car of a door-to-door salesman is rendered unusable in a manner that attracts a large crowd.

  • Log 164: The Poachers

    A young employee at the city garage takes a patrol car for a joyride, Code 3. A young woman attempts to cash an OAB check. A drug warehouse in Officer Well's district is subjected to multiple break-ins. A security camera is stolen from the garage of an apartment complex. An elderly woman makes a habit of filing complaints of a prowler in her back yard. A silent alarm is tripped at a mortuary.

  • Log 35 -- Easy, Bare Rider

    A drunk goes for a joyride sans clothing. A boy pays for his ice cream cone with a fifty dollar bill.  Under cover of darkness at a park, two men are observed with a cargo van full of auto parts.