Adam-12 - Season 4

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • 3/15/72

    Reed becomes preoccupied with the well being of a friend, an electrical engineer by profession, who has just qualified as a reserve police officer and has the bad luck of drawing Officer Wells as his partner. A group of young people want to camp illegally in a park. A rash of bank robberies appear to be identical in every way, except for the description of the suspects. A young couple acts suspiciously during a traffic stop.

  • Eyewitness
    Episode 23

    A 6 year old boy is apparently abducted while walking home from school. Malloy immediately notices evidence of a crime upon arriving at a barking dog call. A nearly-blind elderly woman claims she saw a man and boy covered in blood enter a taxi cab. A woman becomes fed up with her husband watching football. Students pull a creative prank on a professor who teaches a class on miniaturization. The search for two armed robbery suspects ends with a shootout inside a busy train depot.

  • Who Won?
    Episode 22
    Malloy and Reed try to curb a chronic street racing problem by befriending the club leaders and working with a racing promoter to open a legitimate drag strip. Their efforts, along with a highly anticipated race between Reed and Officer Wells, are put in jeopardy when one of the racers tries to sabotage the operation.moreless
  • Back-Up 1L-20
    Back-Up 1L-20
    Episode 21

    While transporting a burglar to the station with Malloy's assistance, Sgt. MacDonald strikes and kills a jaywalker with his cruiser.  Unfortunately for him and Malloy, all of the other witnesses inexplicably claim she was in the crosswalk, which puts the careers of both MacDonald and Malloy in jeopardy.

  • Sub-Station
    Episode 20

    Malloy and Reed are temporarily assigned to LAX.  A desperate actor takes a stewardess hostage in a lounge.  An undercover operation is required to intercept a large narcotics delivery from Toledo.  A rape suspect must be identified and apprehended before he boards a flight.

  • Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen

    The daughter of a powerful Chinatown elder withholds critical information during the investigation of an escalating gang war that has already left an undercover officer in a coma. The arrest of a cross dressing purse snatcher/burglar unexpectedly leads officers to a counterfeit money printing operation. A middle-aged marijuana smoker does a poor job concealing his crime during a traffic stop.

  • Adoption
    Episode 18

    A wealthy couple acts suspiciously when their maid reports their baby missing.  A young woman acts suspiciously when a man is caught prowling outside her home.  A trainer acts suspiciously when a college locker room is ransacked.

  • The Parole Violator
    Episode 17

    Malloy investigates an accusation that the best player on his rec-league basketball team has relapsed on drugs.  A child is critically injured by a hit-and-run driver.  An undercover narcotics officer has to improvise when he and a suspect are subjected to a routine traffic stop.

  • The Tip
    Episode 16

    A daylight stakeout based on an informant's tip ends in embarrassment, as brazen armored truck robbers strike and evade capture yet again. A woman believes there's a rattle snake in her luggage. An New Yorker lacks knowledge of California traffic laws. The aftermath of a bar brawl yields a potentially valuable clue.

  • 1/12/72

    A young folk singer whose career has been derailed by drug addiction contends that she is being threatened with death by a night club manager who is a member of a large drug ring. Reed agrees to go undercover to bust the operation, but his life is threatened when things don't go according to plan.

  • Citizens All
    Episode 14

    A surly woman has her purse snatched by a man driving a pickup truck that should be easy to spot. A man attending to a disabled vehicle on the side of a road is surveiled after he is caught in a lie. A recent widower finds an unusual and potentially dangerous way to cope with being alone. A man unwisely tries to provoke an actor while at a lunch stand.

  • Pick-Up
    Episode 13

    A serial rapist/murderer is praying on hitchhikers, and isn't leaving behind any solid clues.  A juvenile crashes his friend's dirt bike.  A high speed pursuit involving a Porsche is hindered when the passenger is pushed out.  Police scouts aid in the search and apprehension of two liquor store robbery suspects.

  • The Dinosaur
    Episode 12

    An officer finds many overwhelming changes to the job when he returns to active duty eight years after an act of heroism put him out of commission.  A young woman is terrorized by her mentally disturbed ex-husband.  A three-man team of serial burglars targets local warehouses.

  • Assassination
    Episode 11

    Malloy and Reed are terrorized by an unidentified sniper who sets them up and follows them on their calls. An eight-year-old boy with a rare blood type is in desperate need of a transfusion. A man threatens to light himself on fire at a gas station. A prowler is reported on a dead end street at night.

  • Day Watch
    Episode 10

    A racist gas station owner who's just been robbed for the third time unwisely decides to tell his story to a local television station.  A young hitchhiker extorts money from men who give her a ride.  A wino swears that he saw a pink elephant.

  • Anniversary
    Episode 9

    Reed volunteers to pick out a 20th wedding anniversary gift for Sgt. MacDonald. A paralyzed former wrestler becomes belligerent in a bar. An unlucky driver becomes desperate to avoid another ticket. An unethical used car salesman is thwarted by his secretary. A liquor store holdup ends with two shooting victims. Two men act suspiciously near a parked camper.

  • Ambush
    Episode 8
    Malloy and Reed are ambushed by two men who want to silence the prisoner they are transporting from the city of Malibu to Los Angeles. Their problems are compounded by the lack of radio communication in Malibu Canyon, which ultimately results in Reed being taken hostage.
  • Truant
    Episode 7

    A couple of juvenile delinquents ransack a house. The captain implements Reed's idea to deal with truants, to the dismay of Officer Wells. A couple of high level drug dealers choose a bad location to hide their shipment of heroin. Two men use stolen automobile parts to build a high powered go cart.

  • The Ferret
    Episode 6

    An environmentalist known as "The Ferret" poses as an employee to infiltrate and sabotage an industrial complex he believes is creating too much pollution.  A popular witch doctor convinces pregnant women to eat clay, with tragic results.

  • The Search
    Episode 5

    While alone and engaged in a nighttime high speed pursuit with a hold up suspect,  Malloy is seriously injured in a rollover accident in a secluded location and loses two-way radio communication.  Reed and many others from the department race against the clock to locate him.

  • The Sniper aka The Radical

    Malloy and Reed find an abandoned police car in a remote area. At roll call, officers are asked to look out for a suspected militant and attempt to follow him to his stash of weapons, where Assistant D.A. Paul Ryan will give them further instructions. A security guard who once saved Malloy's life asks him to investigate a theft ring at the docks, but hesitates to provide any further help.

  • The Grandmother
    The Grandmother
    Episode 3

    A hype robs a hand-made craft store run by elderly women, but his guilty conscience causes him to resort to desperate measures to make amends.  Three hold-up suspects lead officers on a high speed pursuit.  A priest goes undercover to help bust a drug pusher.

  • 9/22/71

    An eccentric millionaire who spends his free time as a strong-armed police buff provides assistance apprehending a drunk driver and ending a shootout, but seems destined to overstep the law.  A professional jewel thief who stole a $1500 engagement ring may walk due to lack of evidence.

  • Extortion
    Episode 1

    Gloved robbers make off with $500 from a tavern in a stolen car.  An elderly holocaust survivor who runs a dry cleaner resists a violent shakedown attempt.  A man takes the law into his own hands while attempting to collect on a debt at the marina.