Adam-12 - Season 6

NBC (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • Clinic On Eighteenth Street

    Abe Strayhorn and his assistants from the Major Fraud and Consumer Protection Division of the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office launch an investigation of a local doctor following the death of one of his patients, who was found wearing a strange belt that the doctor claimed would cure his diabetes.

  • L.A. International
    L.A. International
    Episode 23

    Malloy and Reed are given a fill-in assignment at LAX. A security camera spots a car being stolen from a parking structure. A stolen suitcase contains a surprise that neither party wants to claim. A returning soldier claims a businessman picked his pocket. A ticket agent spots a man buying airline tickets with stolen credit cards. A boy is escorted back to his mother after running away to Chicago. A suspect flees after robbing a parking structure attendant.

  • Skywatch aka Air Support (Part 2)

    Malloy and Reed take flight in separate helicopters to provide assistance in the search of a light plane stolen from the Los Angeles Airport by a distraught man. Afterwards, they search for a group of robbery suspects who flee in separate cars, then Reed discovers a house fire during a nighttime patrol.

  • Skywatch aka Air Support (Part 1)

    As part of a trial program to help ground based officers better understand the abilities and limitations of helicopter assistance, Malloy and Reed are selected to be observers on several Air Support Division missions. This morning's missions include a search for two robbery suspects inside a high rise office building and a search for a suspect who's fled a murder scene.

  • Sunburn
    Episode 20

    Reed returns from vacation with a full body sunburn, making for a miserable work day. A motorist's failed brakes result in a fiery traffic accident. An informant provides a tip about a drug dealer working out of abandoned houses. A jewelry store robbery suspect flees in a brown station wagon. Two boys must be rescued after their rowboat capsizes.

  • Routine Patrol
    Routine Patrol
    Episode 19

    A drunken woman threatens the patrons of a bar with a handgun.  A group of four carjackers go on a robbery spree after targeting a man with a cache of guns in his trunk. A mentally disabled man dies under suspicious circumstances.

  • Krash
    Episode 18

    Malloy's brand new car gets dinged up when he has to bail out to chase down a purse snatcher, but Sgt. MacDonald promises him his kid brother in Beverly Hills can fix it on the cheap. A drunk man randomly shoots arrows while roaming the streets. The aftermath of a robbery at a mom-and-pop deli results in tragedy. A citizen provides vital information in the search for a wounded drug store robbery suspect.

  • Taking It Easy
    Taking It Easy
    Episode 17

    Reed gets stuck manning the front desk after spraining his wrist, where he must deal with a caller who claims to have planted a bomb at the station, a young man who wants to file a claim of police brutality, and an elderly man who walks in with a shotgun. Meanwhile, Malloy is assigned a partner who is a first-day rookie, and they deal with three young children from Oklahoma who are abandoned by their mother, and engage in a high speed pursuit that ends in a most unexpected way.

  • North Hollywood Division

    Reed volunteers to write a profile on Malloy for the LAPD's magazine to honor his tenth anniversary on the force, but soon realizes he may be in over his head. An unlucky gambler picks the wrong gas station to steal $1 worth of gas from. A man goes to extreme lengths to stop the barking of his neighbor's poodle. A woman's plan to get her husband arrested backfires. A liquor store robbery suspect barricades himself inside a residential garage after a high speed chase.

  • Trouble In The Bank
    Trouble In The Bank
    Episode 15

    While on a quiet patrol, Reed decides to spend part of his lunch break doing business at his bank while Malloy waits in the patrol car. Unfortunately, he walks into the clutches of a pair of ruthless armed robbers who take him hostage.

  • The Sweet Smell...
    The Sweet Smell...
    Episode 14

    An elderly woman spills a large bottle of perfume in the back of Malloy and Reed's patrol car. A clergyman uses a poorly thought out plan to get his church's cash offerings to the bank. A well-meaning man is accused to kidnapping his granddaughter. A young boy asks for help locating his stolen bicycle.

  • Southwest Division
    Southwest Division
    Episode 13

    Malloy buys a random painting out of pity for a destitute elderly artist, only to make Reed and others envious. A father has a good reason to break into a gumball machine. A Peeping Tom suspect turns out to be anything but. A man devises a creative way to avoid having his furniture repossessed. A former football player turned suspected robber leads officers in a game of cat-and-mouse inside the Los Angeles Coliseum.

  • If The Shoe Fits
    If The Shoe Fits
    Episode 12

    While Reed has his shoes at the repair shop, the squeakiness of his replacement shoes drives Malloy crazy. A betrayed husband destroys his own possessions. The driver of a cargo van misunderstands the meaning of double jeopardy. A young boy hides inside an industrial building about to be demolished. An wounded bank robber takes a hostage.

  • Northwest Division
    Northwest Division
    Episode 11

    Reed has full faith that an explorer scout volunteering at the station can repair his television set in time to watch King Kong tonight. A teenager on a modified dirt bike leads officers on a high speed chase. An elderly man fears that his neighbor buried her husband in their backyard. A disguised woman robs a jewelry store. A group of women illegally protest outside a supermarket. A coffee shop holdup results in two gunshot victims.

  • Hollywood Division
    Hollywood Division
    Episode 10

    There's a new dispatcher on today's day watch, and while Reed can't stand her voice, Malloy has a much different take. A hit and run driver leaves a young girl in serious condition. A Hebrew typewriter is stolen from a synagogue. A disgruntled movie studio painter attacks his former co-workers with a sniper rifle.

  • Capture
    Episode 9

    The Captain has ordered top priority be given to ending a rash of high-value burglaries in the area, and all signs point to career criminal Reno West.  A vicious guard dog prevents a nurse from aiding an unresponsive diabetic man.  A woman regrets calling the police on her abusive husband.

  • Training Division: The Rookie

    While assisting in a tactics training course, Malloy and Reed meet Officer Wells' new partner, an overconfident probationary officer who seems destined to put himself and his colleagues in danger. A senile man asks a bank teller to give him a million dollars. Motor Officer Grant throws out his back during a traffic stop. A credible bomb threat is reported at a grocery store.

  • Van Nuys Division: Pete's Mustache

    Malloy returns from vacation sporting a mustache, but finds it difficult getting his colleagues to accept his new look. A drunk man crashes a small plane, critically injuring his young son. Valuable stamps are stolen from a mansion. A professional sketch artist witnesses a jewelry store robbery. A purse snatcher's slow reflexes prove to be his downfall. A disgruntled housewife makes a poor decision after emptying out her joint savings account.

  • Hot Shot
    Hot Shot
    Episode 6

    A recently paroled high-society cat burglar appears to be preparing to return to his old ways.  A liquor store robbery results in a fatality and a standoff.  A librarian reports a book theft.  A distraught unemployed man takes his young daughter hostage inside their home.

  • Venice Division
    Venice Division
    Episode 5

    Reed tries bagging his lunch to save money. A press agent convinces a young model to partake in a nude photo shoot on a busy public beach. A man is observed stealing from a phone booth. A stolen dune buggy leads a motor officer on a high speed chase. An attractive woman becomes the target of a dangerous obscene phone caller. A wino dies while eating at a diner. A woman is pulled over for towing an unusual object.

  • West Valley Division

    Malloy has his eye on an attractive woman he's seeing all over town walking a Scotty dog, which eventually turns out to be bad news for her. A police helicopter reports a young man riding his dirt bike in the hills illegally during fire season. An armed movie theater hold up suspect flees on motorcycle. Two armed robbery suspects who fatally shoot a night watchman inside a department store get unexpected help during their escape from a joyriding couple.

  • Foothill Division: Mac's Boots

    Sgt. MacDonald offers a reward for the return of his favorite boots. Malloy, Reed, and Sgt. MacDonald take to horseback as part of the search for suspects responsible for a break-in at a large ranch. Officer Wells starts a collection for a couple who claims their baby needs brain surgery. The station is attacked by a sniper.

  • Rampart Division: The Senior Citizens

    An elusive purse snatcher targets his latest victim while she is visiting her husband's grave. A retired cop turned security guard becomes a pest. An elderly man who attempts to break into a car in a church parking lot appears to have a sympathetic story. An elderly woman facing eviction would rather go to jail than live with a friend. A dispute over five dollars nearly turns violent. A runaway baby carriage plunges into the river. An armed robbery suspect temporarily eludes capture.

  • Harbor Division
    Harbor Division
    Episode 1

    Malloy needs to sell two tickets to the ballet after his date cancels, but he quickly regrets putting a notice on the station's bulletin board. A marine fuel dealer is accused of forgery. A motorist thinks he just got a great deal from a longshoreman on a big screen television. A young couple acts suspiciously after being pulled over. An astrologer is observed driving recklessly. A drunken cook shoots a rifle from the crow's nest of a docked ship.