Season 4 Episode 3

The Grandmother

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Sep 29, 1971 on NBC

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  • Series starts to become more complete

    I freely admit I'm not a fan of most of Season 3, it has a very ham-handed Jack Webb influence. This episode to me is the point where we get a better, more complete Adam 12. We have a young holdup man who's a "hype" but has some facets to his personality rather than just being a cartoon bad guy. The "Cute little old lady" cliche is a mite overplayed, but those are stil pretty good characters and can be very funny ("I'm not very strong!" is a hilarious line)

    Unlike eps with 3 or 4 short stories without much continuity this has a pretty consistent storyline throughout that holds your interest the whole 25 minutes. It has some good humor without being clownish about it (Reed and then Malloy going back to buy stuff from the little old ladies)

    The Jack Webb show habit of treating marijuana as a dangerous crime continues with the silly "Priest busting dealers" schtick, but you gotta consider the era we're talking about, and it's not nearly as bad as the pathetic little speech Malloy gives "Joey-Boy" in the 3rd season that has Webb's name written all over it. "We're doing you a favor, Yeah, right.

    The car chase scene is pretty much a throwaway, except for the end where we get to see a dandy tackle from McDonald, a rare flash of him not behind a desk. Go Mac!

    A funny moment is the scene where they're interviewing Ozzie Nelson, get a load of the old-style photo inside a toilet seat in the window. Now that's tacky.

    Maybe I've seen these shows too many times, but I have this warped little fantasy now and then, as the music is so aggressive, that the car rolls through the streets of LA with Malloy and Reed up front, and this big jazz combo in the back. "See the car? Watch out, the driver's "How can you tell?" "Well, didn't you hear the music? Something dangerous is about to happen!" "Aw, rats. Hear the music? So kid's going to die, you can just

    and no expert on police procedure (in spite of years of being an Adam-12 junkie) but seriously, does the "sneak up behind the guy and slap the bottom of his gun arm away" bit ever work? There are about half a dozen eps in Season 3 where Malloy disarms an armed bad guy with his bare hands, I hope nobody got themselves shot thinking that actually works.

    So, moments of silliness, as is the case in just about any A12, but this is the point at which I feel the series started to grow, and while not consistently great did some very good things in the final 3 seasons.
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