Season 4 Episode 5

The Search

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Oct 20, 1971 on NBC

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  • The Search -- a well remembered best episode!

    Love this episode too and left me on edge as well; -- Malloy was close to death on this score and the anger towards the convict who was so mean and brutal to him. Awful, and the love from Officer Reed was relentless, what a moment when he found him! I had tears. One of the best and well remembered.
  • The Search

    I was on edge with this one. I do agree about wishing there was more time to find out the aftermath and the reaction of all when Pete Malloy was found. But I do watch this so many times. And each time I am on edge. scary to be out there on your own and wonder if you will ever be found. Its great to have a partner that would never give up on you no matter what. This was my favorite episode. Will continue to watch all episodes and the Killing Ground was also another great episode of two partners taking care of each others back. Got Adam12 on my Facebook and it will stay there for ever.
  • One of the best

    This goes down as one of the half dozen or so top episodes in the whole run of the show. There are a few in which one or both guys has real kidnapped, shot, something really awful happening. This is the finest of them all. Malloy wrecks his car in the first few minutes, with the radio out, and a search for the officer begins. They don't know that Pete's been badly injured, and tension builds throughout. We see how deeply Jim cares for his partner as he refuses to give up on searching the park rather than go north of the freeway as Mac has led the search. Reed's hunch pays off, probably saving Pete's life. It won't be the last time.

    With the eyes of a 21st century viewer, the crash is hysterically bad, just a cheap silly looking thing, but that hardly detracts from the real point, which is the story. In spite of being seriously injured, Malloy's training and smarts gets him out of jams several times. From the con who swipes the rifle Pete's using as a split to the frustration of listening helplessly to the search party, then hearing them announce they'd given up on finding him in the park and were moving north, you can feel Malloy's fear growing, and he has to really wonder at that point if he's getting out of this one alive.

    I would liked to have seen a postlude, a few moments of what happened afterward, but it's a reminder that these are 30s not 60s. To get that much tension into 30 minutes (with time out to sell Bud Lite and Head and Shoulders) is impressive, and we'll just have what happens afterwards to our imagination.

    Still, one of the really excellent programs of this era, Milner does an outstanding job.
  • In this episode, you actually see the close partnership that had been formed between Reed and Malloy. WIth Malloy injured, and Reed being the one that could save him. It shows that as far as Malloy is concerned, Reed is willlling to take risks.

    The one thing that I remember the most about this episode is the partnership that was built between Reed and Malloy at this point. After four years of being partners, the bond they have is strong. It also proves that Reed, even though a bit straight-laced at times, is willing to bend, or shatter the rules, and policies to help his partner in any way he can . . . it's that partnership that shows itself on numerous occasions throughout the show, and proves that it's not always the veteran officer that knows what's happening on the streets.