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Having been injured on a mission and lost the use of his left hand, International Security and Intelligence's former top spy in Europe is put out to pasture by the organization and assigned to trivial duties in the Department of Miscellaneous Affairs, located in the basement. However, always hoping to demonstrate to Major Clack that he is ready to rejoin the fast-paced world of international intrigue, he manages to uncover danger and dastardly doings in the most routine assignments. This brings him into constant conflict with his officious supervisor, bureaucrat Melville Greenspan, but he gets aid and comfort from departmental secretary Mona.

This humorous adventure series was created by Elliott Baker, based on a character from his 1971 novel Pocock and Pitt.

The theme music is by Micky Erbe and Maribeth Solomon.

Adderly doesn't like to admit that his initials "V.H." stand for "Virgil Homer", his parents being fans of the classical poets.

Jonathan Welsh

Jonathan Welsh

Melville Greenspan

Ken Pogue

Ken Pogue

Major Jonathan B. Clack

Dixie Seatle

Dixie Seatle

Mona Ellerby

Winston Rekert

Winston Rekert

V.H. Adderly

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  • Winston Rekert was great as Adderly a former agent now forced to work in the basement for the Miscellaneous affairs office instead of being a field agent. He always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else.moreless

    I have loved this show since the 80's. It was the only one of CBS late nights shows that ever made it to prime time and although it didn't last was still a fun show. I still have some of the original broadcasts on VHS but they are wearing out so am waiting impatiently for them to be released on DVD. Adderly always seemed to find trouble and humor in every assignment and although it might have gotten a little silly toward the end of the run at times it is still my favorite series. It can always brighten my mood especially now that I sometimes feel like I am working in a place like Miscellaneous Affairs - red tape, policies and all. It was supposed to come out last year through Amazon but ran into a stumbling block of some kind so I will keep waiting - impatiently.moreless
  • Adderly was a injured 007 type spy that refused to be packed off and forgotten after he got hurt. It was smart, creative and I miss it.

    This is one of those lost treasures that got lost in the shuffle. I loved the series and looked forward to it every week. I don't even think I got to see all of the episodes. But the ones I did see always made me want to see more of them. This show was a gem that had bond like gadgets, a clever spy, a Miss Penny like fan of Adderly that want out of her way to help Adderly and left you with a smile. I'm a fan. And I'd never say that about most series. This series was a real treasure.moreless
  • Adderly blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations.

    Adderly blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations. Mind you, there were some problems (most discontinuity issues) that I don't have the time to mention but all in all, a solid 9.

  • It's been a long time since I thought of this show,

    This was a wonderful show that demonstrates it's possible to make good television entertainment on a budget. Using a handicapped super-spy as an excuse to parody the inane workings of every day office life was inspired. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a job for which they are obviously over-qualified will immediately sympathise with Adderly, and with those who are supposed to supervise him.

    I first saw the programme on US late-night television (CBS?) in the 1980's, and I've never seen it again. No big special effects, no amazing stunts, no cast of thousands. Just a wonderful little show with humour and pathos.

    Isn't there somewhere in our 5000 channel universe where this could be re-re-run?moreless

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