Addicted to Beauty

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Addicted to Beauty
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AIRED ON 9/15/2009

Season 1 : Episode 8

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This reality workplace dramedy, reveals the world of medi-spas as seen through the eyes of the larger-than-life staff at one of the country's hottest beauty enhancement facilities, Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa.
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  • Can't stand that Greek girl! What a HATER!

    Im sorry but they need to take that snotty girl out from the show FIRE HER! I would rate this show at a 10 if she was fired! She treats everyone like crap. What is she part owner of the place? Let her go, Miss Greek girl! LOL Oh please tell her she needs to stop making those faces every time she has an issue with something! HATER

    Diane you are the bomb girl! Love Herms! Herms is a word we say out here in the Bay means Diva, top notch and buitiful woman! As far as the Office Manager she is so Negative with the team and the Doctor, where did she come from? She acts like a freaken Micro Manager from Hell! Ive had those kind of people manage me before and trust me they never seem to get fired. Shes another joke!moreless
  • It is my must see show right now

    I love this show so far -- these are people I surely would never encounter in real life and love them being on TV. It's a little questionable how "real" it is, since I don't see how anyone could really be fired, or the doctor/spa relationship desolved and the show could go on -- but it is my new favorite show that I'm embarrassed to say I watch. Can anything top Gary telling his mother, bandaged after plastic surgery "You look great though"? Oops I have to make this longer. I did think the show was a joke on first viewing, but I got hooked.moreless
  • A great parody on seeking physical perfection and how beauty doesn not gaurantee happiness.

    I found myself "addicted" to watching the craziness of the staff and of course a real business would never tolerate the monkey business with the staff. Kick back and enjoy!

    The people out there seeking perfection should realize that beauty comes from within. Taking care of yourself is important but moderation is the key.

    It's fun to see the antics of the staff vs the professionalism and talent of Dr. Lee. Why he signed up for this I don't know but it cause me to laugh out loud each time it airs. The web series on "Addicted to Gary" on the site is even funnier. They should air that too.moreless
  • Don't waste your time with this "Show"

    I Cannot beleive that this show is even on the air, i live in the San Diego Area where the show is filmed and they act as if La Jolla was it's own little world(Which is not) the 2 guys that work there would have been fired from my office on their first day because they are incompetent and this is supposed to be a place where people come to make themselves look better but seeing what the employees look like i would not trust my face to them, all of them with one exception have had BAD plastic surgery, even the plastic surgeon's eyes are uneven so that would not inspire any confidence in me, i refuse to beleive that these people were hired for their talents and skills because i know people who live in the area that are better skilled and don't look like a reject from Extreme Makeover.i wish i could give this waste of time a zero rating but the lowest it will let me is a 1. Don't watch this and watch Dr. 90210 instead, at least the people in that show have a little more proffesionalism and act like real peoplemoreless
  • It has not yet aired but I am giving a 10 for the effort and work that has gone into getting this off the ground.

    I am wishing Diane and all involved huge success with this show. A huge project during stressful times...but Diane got it done. Be sure to tune in Tuesday Aug 4th on the Oxygen Channel in your local area, for this inside peak of Beauty in Southern California. Check your local listings for channel in your area. Filmed here in San Diego California my home I have been hearing about this for a while, so I am excited to see this new show. Beauty and Plastic Surgery is alive and well in Southern California. Not knowing what story lines will be, it will be surprise to all. Lets all see what it is about!! Good Luck to Diane! Sarah Alexandermoreless