Addicted to Food

Tuesday 10:00 PM on OWN Premiered Mar 29, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • You're Not Ready to Go Home
      It is finally the end of the clients' 42-day treatment, but Tennie makes continuing recommendations to all the clients, except Robbie. While some of the clients recommended to continue treatment decide to stay, others feel that they are ready to go home now.
    • Family Week
      Family Week
      Episode 7
      It is finally Family Week, and the clients talk to and reconcile with their family members and other loved ones who attended. Amy continues to struggle with staying in her victimized position, Elizabeth confronts her father about her painful childhood, and Dejuaii finally admits to her mother and sister about her homosexuality.moreless
    • Guess Who's Coming to Family Week?
      Family Week is coming up, so Tennie announces the relatives who are supposed to come. Unfortunately for Layne, neither her husband nor anyone from her family is willing to come for her. Amy has to get out of her victimizing position from a nonexistent relationship with her mother, and Dejuaii fears how her mother and sister would react when she admits her sexuality.moreless
    • Relapse
      Episode 5
      Someone has relapsed on his or her eating disorder by secretly purging, and Tennie and the rest of the Shades of Hope staff search to find out who it is. Also, Dejuaii claims she is feeling joyful, while hiding negative, vulnerable feelings inside her.
    • I Have A Right To Be Angry!
      Tennie has the clients let their anger and other emotions out from their childhoods through role-playing, but Amy refuses to participate in group therapy and even threatens to leave the facility.
    • If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother
      Tennie helps the clients work the pain from their childhoods with a visualization exercise. Elizabeth and Tinisha complain about the meal plan, and Traecey becomes devastated when she finds out her brother has died.
    • Exposed
      Episode 2
      During the first week of treatment, Tinisha has difficulty weaning herself from processed, unhealthy foods and threatens to leave Shades of Hope. Meanwhile, the seven other clients struggle with different assignments to help them face the emotional pain that their eating disorders have caused them.
    • Welcome to Treatment
      Eight patients with eating disorders, Amy, Camille, Dejuaii, Elizabeth, Layne, Robby, Tinisha, and Traecey, enter an unusual 42-day treatment center called the Shades of Hope. Here, they are introduced to the founder of the treatment center, Tennie McCarty, and the rest of the staff and asked to relinquish personal belongings that would hinder their recovery.moreless
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