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Addiction: The Supplementary Series

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Addiction: The Supplementary Series is a riveting new documentary style TV show on HBO that goes inside the world of people with Addictions. Addiction: The Supplementary Series features up close and personal interviews with doctors and patients while they discuss the intricacies of abuse, relapse and rehabilitation. The show opens the door to a plethora of addictions and reveals the struggle between doctor and patient relations. It also chronicles the inner struggle of the addicted person, explaining to the viewer the intricacies of cravings and needs the associated with addiction. The scientific research that the doctors have to offer serves to educate while revealing to the viewer how delicate the life and psyche of an abuser is. We follow one young man who was addicted to drugs for most of his youth and adult life to his childhood neighborhood. He shares that the impulse to use hits him hard when he returns home because home is where he used drugs. The Supplementary Series allows us to follow its subjects, joining them on their paths through addiction and into reintegration back in to the fabric of society.


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AIRED ON 3/17/2007

Season 1 : Episode 13

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