Adoption Diaries

WE - Women's Entertainment (Mini-Series 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Finale: Episode 4
    • Glenn & Jolie Buberl
      After three years of trying to conceive, Glenn & Jolie Buberl decided to explore adoption. Their efforts to find a suitable agency proved difficult until they discovered the Independent Adoption Center who they found to be very accepting and informative. In choosing open adoption and working with a counselor, they were again able to envision becoming the parents they had always dreamed of being. Enter birthmom, Sarah, who decides to place her unborn daughter with the Buberls. Sarah, already parenting a 3-year-old, knows it's in no one's best interest for her to raise another child. Come the day of the birth, the Buberls are humbled and overjoyed at the amazing gift the have been given.moreless
    • Janell, Mimi and Michael
      Mimi and Michael, having struggled with secondary infertility, turn to open adoption to expand their family. Meanwhile, a mature young woman named Janelle finds them through the Independent Adoption Center and develops an instant connection with the Mimi, Michael, and their son Alex. In waiting for the birth, Janelle continues to grow closer to her chosen family, but nothing could have prepared her for the difficulty of giving birth and leaving the hospital without her child.moreless
    • Kolene, Greg & Whitney
      After suffering four miscarriages, Whitney, and her husband Greg Zumdahl, look to open adoption to bring them the gift of parenthood. Their pastor recommends the Independent Adoption Center, and after a few months of waiting, Kolene finds them. Kolene is drawn to the Zumdahls through similar interests. While she knows she is not ready to parent the child growing inside her, she has mixed feelings on adoption, as she herself was adopted at birth. Yet, her vested interest in Whitney & Greg make her confident in her decision and she invites them to Washington for the birth.moreless