Adventure Inc

(ended 2003)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Trapped
      Episode 22
      The team become involved in an intelligence operation when they have to find a hidden CD in a chateau before enemy agents take them out.
    • Point of No Return
      Point of No Return
      Episode 21
      The team break into a gangster's manor to retrieve the historical "Crucible of Geber," but Gabe spots a woman in distress, Ana, and goes to her rescue. Judson and Mac get the Crucible with little effort and they bring Ana back to the Vast Explorer - Ana was planning on stealing the Crucible and steals it and shots Judson as she escapes. Mac is forced to operate while Gabe tries to fix Ana's sabotage of the ship - they both manage to pull things off and track Ana back to where she is trying to sell the Crucible back. The gangster turns on her but the team intervenes, manages to get the Crucible, and escape.moreless
    • The Price of the Oracle
      The team is looking for a missing Greek treasure tied to an old friend of Judson's, Penny, who went to a small island seeking the Oracle's Treasure and fell ill to hallucinations with only days before she dies. The gang travel to the island and must deal with the secretive locals. Gabe gets drugged by an attractive woman and thrown off a cliff while Judson and Mac negotiate with Stavros, who claims to be the voice for the Gods. The local families have the treasure and are trying to sell it off and stop the team, who search the island and Judson finds the caves. Then he's plagued by hallucinations of Greek hoplites that the others realize is caused by a fungus and get him cleaned off in time. The Greek family attack and they're forced to take refuge in the cave. Creating makeshift filters, the gang finds the treasure and another way out – Mac creates a distraction so the others can get out and get the upper hand, and get the fungus sample to the doctor to cure Penny.moreless
    • The Last Crusader of San Giovanni
      The team is looking for the Sacred Chalice and the treasure of Cavaliere Piamonte on behalf of tbhe Vatican when Brother John (from "The Angel of St. Edmunds") shows up being chased by bad guys. They also run into Don Nicosia who warns them off and whose daughter is attracted to John. The team track the treasure to a tombstone and are attacked and the tombstone stolen. They manage to track it from a fragment to the Don's land but John gets captured by the Don's men – when they meet with him, the Don is amenable to turning over the treasure in return for his name on the donation, but the local police chief and his men, descendents of the templars, intend that no one get the treasure and attack the house. The team find a vault with the treasure and Judson gets the drop on the attackers after everyone else gets captured and a bomb planted on them – it turns into a Mexican standoff until the others drop the police chief and Mackenzie manages to toss the bomb in a fish tank. John takes off and the chalice goes back to the Vatican.moreless
    • The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
      In Pondicheery, India, the team meet a local man who is killed while trying to get the Lost Sword of Tamerlane to Judson – the wrapping has a map leading to Tamerlane's treasure. The map leaves to the island of Nicobar where Judson is greeted by name as "The Chosen One" who is scheduled to be married to Nunda. The natives got the idea to lure Judson to help them when they saw a partial article who mentions he is a "pirate killer" (he won a legal battle) because they need his help against Quon bandits. When the village leader is killed Judson and the team vow to fight them – the bandits kidnap Judson's "bride" he must marry to fulfill the prophecy, so the team sneaks into the bandit's camp to get her back. It turns out that another woman, Loesan, is the princess and Nunda is her servant – the two switched places but Loesen agrees to marry after all. One of the villagers is a spy and reveals who the real princess is and the bandits launch their attack. Judson and the rest manage to get the drop and use the trap and weapons they set up early and drive them off, freeing the village for good.moreless
    • Spirit of the Mask
      Spirit of the Mask
      Episode 17
      The team find a mask of an ancient tribal deity at the Yeveh Burial Grounds in West Africa and put it in a box at the request of their client, Pere Martin. The team get away from attackers and return the mask, which has stored up hundreds of years of pain and fear and seems to have a strange influence on MacKenzie. Robbers attack and take the mask in its box while Mac obsessed about finding it. One of the thieves is compelled to don the mask and kills the other while the team closes in but the possessed thief escapes. The voodoo expert they're consulting, Charlotte, is actually the one seeking the mask – when they get it, Mac dons the mask and tells the others it's lost while turning increasingly violent. The possessed thief turns himself in and tells the guys Mac has the mask. Charlotte gets word and steals the mask then kidnaps Martin and a sacrificial knife. The team finds her and stops the ritual, and the mask is lost in the waters, apparently for good . . . or until it finds a new wearer.moreless
    • Wave of the Future
      Wave of the Future
      Episode 16
      The team recovers a Roman plate that holds research on a synthetic gill unit tied to the research of a Professor Pendergast. Judson loses the plate when he and the curator are attacked while Gabe and Mac track the doctor to an insane asylum where he insists he is from Atlantis. Pendergast's partner Helmer needs the rebreather unit to silently get into a UN-quarantined area with sunken toxic gas tanks protected by sensors and is in league with the folks running the asylum to get the info out of Pendergast. Gabe and Mac try to break Pendergast out but Mac and Pendergast get captured and Helmer threats Mac to get Pendergast to give him the secret. Judson recovers the plate but figures out the curator is in on things. Gabe and Judson break them out and Judson confronts Helmer at the site and takes him out. Pendergast departs at the end, suggesting that he may not have been as insane as he appeared when he claimed he was from Atlantis...moreless
    • The Search for Arthur
      The team are helping the Camelot Society try to find King Arthur's grave despite the reluctance of some of the locals, and a mysterious accident and the appearance of the Dark Rider, a ghostly rider said to attack thieves and vandals, plague their efforts. Gabe suspects the son of the local Lord Richard Briarcliff, Morgan, who Mac is involved with, and evidence is planted on Morgan to make him look guilty. Judson finds the apparent remains of Arthur and then the team is struck at by a series of attackers working for the local Lord are destroying any evidence of the bones. The team identifies the remaining evidence and determine the bones are only 30 years old and of the real Lord Richard Briarcliff that the Lord is the grandson of an imposter. At an Arthurian party they get a blood sample from Lord Richard but he catches on and locks Mac and Gabe in a crypt. They use methane fumes to escape and Mac knocks out Lord Briarcliff. As they leave Gabe gets a brief glimpse of the true Dark Rider.moreless
    • Legacy of a Pirate
      Legacy of a Pirate
      Episode 14
      The team's investigation of a sunken wreck, the Black Mantis, brings them afoul of an insurance inspector who believes they are smuggling stolen artifacts. Seeking to clear their names, the investigation takes them after a ring owned by a Baron Wainright and his nephew, Daniel. The Baron has a horde of curiously-undamaged treasures from the ship, purportedly stolen by John Roach, aka Captain John Blood. The nephew tries to help them and Daniel reveals that "Baron Wainwright" is actually Roach and they are both a vampires. The Captain traps the gang and tries to kill them but Judson uses a cannon to blow open the wall to the sunlight and both the Captain and Daniel disappear. Judson dismisses the idea of vampire but a portrait of the original Daniel Wainwright matches the man they met.moreless
    • Echoes of the Past
      Echoes of the Past
      Episode 13
      While in London looking for a Black Madonna, Mac is forced to go on the run from some CIA types and she soon meets a man, Gavin, who has a mark similar to one she has and claims he knows her. Judson and Gabe go looking and the CIA get on their trail and claim they're trying to save Mac, who used to work for them as a freelance contractor that went undercover and was drugged to forget the guy she w as sent to bring down and $6 million in diamonds. Gavin tells Mac the same story but that Canfield is the bad guy. Mac's errant memories aren't helping but eventually Gavin is revealed as the bad guy, Mac escapes and gets together with the guys tells the CIA to get lost, and then Gavin captures her and gets her to lead them to the diamonds. Canfield shows up and Mac ends up shooting Gavin for good this time.moreless
    • The Angel of St. Edmunds
      Adventure Inc. is recruited by St. Edmunds Abbey to retrieve a stolen gold and jeweled Angel that is believed to carry protective powers. They are contacted by a monk, Brother John, who is sworn to silence and thinks he knows where the Angel is. The trail leads to London where mobsters try to take out Lucy Wyle, a bar and casino owner who has the Angel and refuses to sell, so the gang go ahead and steal it - Judson and Mac break in while Gabe distracts Lucy. But Lucy catches on and ransoms Gabe for the Angel, but the mobsters show up and break up the whole thing. The gang trounces them, Brother John retires from the Abbey, and Lucy returns the Angel.moreless
    • Secret of the Sand
      Secret of the Sand
      Episode 11
      While traveling across the desert Gabe falls into a secret underground chamber and some locals open fire on the others when they attempt a rescue. They escape and meet with a local ruler, Omar, who offers to help but is more concerned about finding a missing fortress then Gabriel. Judson and Mac track down Gabe and use their scuba gear to enter the quicksand tunnels and rescue Gabe. They find a hidden chamber with a magical scepter that Omar has been looking for all along. They're locked in but manage to escape, only for both parties to get lost in the maze. In a fight Omar is lost in the quicksand and the scepter emerges unscathed.moreless
    • The Plague Ship of Val Verde
      In Val Verde, South America a woman with a lethal "hellsgate virus" takes refuge on the Vast Explorer and the local government seals the ship, cutting it off from the outside world. The local government plans to use the crew to generate vaccine with no concern for the team's lives. Worse, the local colonel plans to use the plague as a biological weapon. Even the American consul is a fake sent in by the colonel but Gabriel sees through the deception. Complicating matters – some of the local soldiers are trying to kill them and destroy the ship rather than risk contamination. The doctor reveals all and finds a cure, then the team takes the fake consul's car and take out the colonel.moreless
    • Fatal Error
      Fatal Error
      Episode 9
      The team is brought in by a corporation to determine why a simulated Mars Mission project failed and five people disappeared. They are soon plagued by strange accidents themselvs and realize that the main computer is suffering from a programming glitch. Worst, the CEO in charge of the project, Zilgen, wants to assure the team and the project disappear. The team manages to engineer an escape as Zilgen arrives, and the computer blows itself and its creator up.moreless
    • Magic of the Rain Forest
      Judson and the team get hired by an insurance company to find Victoria, a missing anthropologist and old girlfriend of Judson's. Their guide gets killed and then miraculously resurrected by a boy, Faran, of the local Sauro tribe Victoria befriended. A local gang in cahoots with the insurance company follow the team to get hold of the ransom or the death benefits and they all meet Victoria who faked her kidnapping to get the money to save the village. They get hold of the guy in charge but his buddies break him out and poison Victoria. Judson uses the same miraculous ritual to bring her back and the death benefits go to the boy to save the village. Except Faran reveals Judson used the wrong herbs.moreless
    • Curse of the Neptune
      Judson and the crew initially get dropped out of a bid to salvage a WW2 ship, the Neptune, while the survivors' family (including Dame Margo and her granddaughter Evelyn) warn against it, saying there's a curse. The initial salvager is killed under unusual circumstances and Adventure Inc. get hired but a series of accidents and deaths plague the group including Taylor, the guy who hired them. Gabriel becomes involved with Evelyn and the team finds a trunk that indicates that the Neptune may have been hauling arms. Evelyn launches a diversionary fire-bombing attack drawing off Mac and Gabe so that Dame Margo can take Judson prisoner and sink the trunk, which will reveal she was a Germany spy. Margo's truck goes into the water and Judson escapes. The last shot we see is of Margo trapped in the cab by the skeleton of her dead husband.moreless
    • The Fate of the Liverpool Flyer
      Tom Rossmoor plans to construct commercial buildings on a historic site.
    • Village of the Lost
      Judson and his team search for an ancient religious artifact, a Romanoff icon with purported mystical properties and run afoul of the Russian Mafia.
    • Messages From the Deep
      A woman, Elizabeth, uses a psychic channeler, Andro, to contact the spirit of Cap, a famous explorer and diver and old friend Judson.
    • Beyond the Missing Link
      The team gets involved in the hunt for the "Sunda Man", an ancient mummified man.
    • Memento Mori
      Memento Mori
      Episode 2
      The Adventure Inc team go in search of a helicopter shot down in Cambodia during the Vietnam War
    • Bride of the Sun
      Bride of the Sun
      Episode 1
      Judson's search for a legendary Mayan altar takes some interesting twists and turns as his former partner makes life difficult trying to get the treasure for himself and beat Judson in the process.
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