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AIRED ON 8/14/2014

Season 6 : Episode 16

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A boy named Finn and a wise dog, Jake, encounter multiple wacky adventures in the land of Ooo in a post-apocalypse world after the Great Mushroom War.

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Fan Reviews (211)

  • Adventure Time is what it is!!

    First off I think Adventure Time is fine with younger kids it teachers them to go outside to be active by swinging around, jumping, listening to the different noises of nature and just being kids, I do also know that in Adventure Time Finn & Jake can get rough, but Finn & Jake say in their own way "Their is no need for violence all the

    I think we need to sometimes see the good in things and kids may think that fighting is the result to their problem but that's when elder siblings, parents & adults can help the kids show them that the show is about going outside, having fun, being active & it shows you can have fun anywhere!!

    So as a conclusion I think its fare to say if you like Adventure Time cool, if you don't like Adventure Time good for you. Why does it matter if someone likes Adventure Time or not, it's fun to watch, children will get outside more, they will ask their Mum and Dad questions & they will be active which is the most important thing!

    Thanks for reading my opinion.moreless
  • THE SHOW is now crap and innapropeot at this point.. and the WORSTE ART IN THE HISTORY OF ART

    At this point, adventure time is really inappropriate for younger viewers. Adventure time manage to crap every episode.. Kids are very curious, and back 2013 or 2012, kids heard that word.. tier 15, Normally kid would say, eh i don't care, but they really wanted to know... then the poor soul ACTUALLY FOUND OUT IT WAS... and love games... was referencing ***.. AND KIDS WOULD KNOW THIS? Adventure time is not interesting nor good art.. and they have very poor development also. So if i can give them a rating 1 to 10, i would give it to -infinity.. :/ this show only influence kids and or adults to be as stupid as Finn and run around kissing fire.. :l and in conclusion, the show is just shet and it's poorly developed with both art and the show itself. sorry fans but your shet to me and the 63,213 people who hates this piece shet. #adventuretimeisPURESHETmoreless
  • Adventure Time is good

    Adventure time is phenomenal! It teaches you to go outside and enjoy yourself. Finn and Jake show you the great aspects of the outdoors and surviving. Both of teach you that people can't judge you by the way you act. I fell in love with this show when I saw the true meaning of it. Just because the show is weird doesn't mean anything. I am weird and if you don't like it don't judge me! I fell in love with this show because of the sadness in it. When I saw the show Betty,Simon and Marcy, and I remember you it touched my heart and I started crying. So please don't get angry and judge me because I'm showing my feelings and if they cancel this show it would just break my heart.moreless
  • Nothing but a teen drama with fart jokes sprinkled on top, with unfunniness being the icing to the cake.

    This is the second worst show on the network, only to be beaten by Legends of Chima. Grojband was initially the worst but that show got cancelled and pulled off the network so I'm not counting that show anymore.

    I used to like this show but that was when I was much younger. I'm lots older now and I'm old enough to realize this show is nothing but an unfunny fart-festival for teens ages 16-19. I don't even see where they're trying to make jokes in this show besides fart jokes and gross out humor.

    I should say something about the animation. Oh my god, the animation. It looks very cheap. It's like the animators just wanted to get the animation over with and drew two dots and a line on the characters faces. It seems they were too lazy to animate noses.

    All the characters seem to be teens. The main character's a teen, the pink princess is a teen, the vampire is a teen, I think the only thing that's not a teen in this show is the dog. But he acts like one so maybe he's a teen too.

    The premise is really dumb. The protagonist has no parents and goes on adventures with a dog unaccompanied by an adult which is really dangerous. The whole premise of the candy kingdom is stupid.

    If these people want to have themselves a good show, they should see something like Regular Show. That show doesn't have any teen drama. If they want to do something like this, they should make it a children's show for Nick Jr. and give the protagonist parents. They shouldn't have bothered doing this.

    I heard the show is getting a seventh season. Hopefully that season is the last one because this show doesn't deserve to go on that long. It should have just stayed a pilot. The pilot doesn't rely on teen humor and it's not fart jokes. For some reason they made the show into a teen friendly show with fart jokes. The show would work for a children's cartoon, but not as a CN show for teens. Hopefully season 7 is the last season. I'm tired of some of the things CN's giving us.moreless
  • adventure time is annoying

    because it is a annoyance and i can't stand he just found his dad and his dad was not what he turned out to be what he thought his dad was.

    the show is just terrible since the very first 0 out 5 stars,-0/100 and two thumbs down way because of this show that cartoon network is in such bad shape.

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