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A boy named Finn and a wise dog, Jake, encounter multiple wacky adventures in the land of Ooo in a post-apocalypse world after the Great Mushroom War.


Fan Reviews (222)

  • If you give it lower than a 7, you know nothing

    The show is classic, original, funny, interesting, deep, dark, high quality, and amazing.

    Watch about 5 eps of each season. <- that is what it will take to love this show.
  • What Time Is It? a review time!

    Adventure Time is CN's highrated tv show next to Regular Show!

    the show is pretty good it has it moments in early seasons, but the series silly is not there much in recent seasons but still noneless.

    Adventure Time is getting seats to kids and even adults today! that really makes it popular to this day then problem solverz and SMFA
  • Its a little better than I originally thought.

    I reviewed this before. But like with Regular Show, I decided to watch more of it to see if I maybe judged it too soon, and I did. So here is my re-review of Adventure Time.

    Adventure Time is about a boy and his magical, talking dog, who go on crazy adventures around the land of Ooo (I still think thats a dumb name). The show's plot sounded like a good one. Which is why I was kinda disappointed with the show itself for some of the stupid adventures Finn and Jake would go on. A good share of the episodes are good, but there were others that could be pretty random, and downright strange. However, the humor of the show makes up for it a bit in my opinion, even though a lot of it is inappropriate. Some of the slang the characters use though is a bit stupid (Shmow Zow? Really?).

    The main characters are pretty likable. Finn's a likable kid, though his hat is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Jake's a pretty cool sidekick with some interesting powers, and the fact that he's voiced by John DiMaggio makes him even better. Bubblegum and Marceline are both cool girls, but Ice King... should he even be considered the main antagonist? I don't know, with how often he'll get along with Finn and Jake, it's kinda debatable. Seriously, half the time they fight, then they'll turn around and act like the best of friends. Plus, he's not so much a threat, as a nuesence. But he's at least okay compared to Lemongrab, who I find annoying as hell!

    My biggest problem with Adventure Time is its art style. I'm sorry, but what kind of cheap, chicken-scratch art style is this?! It looks like it was drawn by a 4-year old. However, aside from that, the show's pretty okay. It has great voice acting and some pretty good action scenes. I have to admit it's a lot better than shit like Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball and Johnny Test. However, I can't call it one of my favorite animated shows. Not by a longshot. Adventure Time is a tad overrated, but after watching it again, it's at least a little better than I thought. I'd still recommend it.moreless
  • This show was good, but now it's just going downhill.

    I watched this show when it first aired and I loved it. Now, all that went to the bottom of the barrel. What remains now is the gross toilet humor it was saving us since season 5. I've never looked at Adventure Time the same way ever since season 5 was aired.

    Humor: it's just a combo of unfunny jokes, sex jokes and for the small part there is a fart joke, that isn't funny either. I remind the people behind this that this is a kid show, not South Park or something like that!

    Characters: poorly drawed, lack of color tonality and looks like it's drawn in MS Paint. Seriously.

    Plot: mostly focused on a stupid 11 (more like 5) year old kid named Finn that is a sad ***got with no parents and goes around with his unfunny dog Jake. Jake was pretty funny before season 5, but now he is just a plain jerk like everyone in the show. Finn used to be the funny guy about this show, now he only cares about making out with ladies. I mean, WTF Cartoon Network?

    Dialogue: just stupid, unfunny and lack of happy tonality( just try and listen to Finn when he speaks, he sounds like a sad fucker).

    I heard season 7 is coming, and I hope after that, this gets cancelled. I had enough of these horrible plots and sick humor. This show is( after Ninjago ) the most fucked up show on cartoon network.

    If you REALLY want to watch it, you better go look for the old ones on youtube.

    I bet the producers were smoking crack when they came up with the idea of putting in all that crap in what was a pretty cool show.

    And what is it with "Adventure" in the title? It sounds like it should be called "Crap Time!" or something like that.

    If you want to watch some good quality shows: a suggestion is Regular Show.

    EDIT 19/03/2015: What the fuck? I just saw an episode where jake steals a quote from Ocarina of Time!

    Now what? Are they stealing quotes just to make it look better? I'm taking away half a point because of CN's behaviour with Nintendo's quotes!moreless
  • Great, but needs to get happier

    I absolutely love this show, but lately its gotten to be less happy and adventurous, which is kinda both sad and disappointing. They can still turn it around, but whatever they do next needs to have a different feel than season six.
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