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A boy named Finn and a wise dog, Jake, encounter multiple wacky adventures in the land of Ooo in a post-apocolypse world after the Great Mushroom War.

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  • A pretty good show, but overrated as heck.

    I think I overexaggerated a bit in my last review update, I don't exactly hate this show, in fact, it's actually a pretty good show, but it's really overrated. I mean, no offense to all you fans of this show, but it's not as good as you guys say it is. Adventure Time is an alright cartoon, but it has a lot of flaws from time to time worth pointing out.

    Adventure Time is about a 13 year old boy named Finn and a shape shifting dog named Jake who go on wild adventures in The Land of Ooo, and interact with other characters of the show. Now the premise itself isn't to bad, but slightly unoriginal. A boy and a shape shifting dog who go on wild adventures? Its like Flapjack meets Johnny Test (although Johnny Test is worse and much more unoriginal than this show), and I'm pretty sure that the whole human and anthromorphic animal premise has been overdone, but for this show, I can overlook it since there are new things added to it.

    I have seen several episodes of this show, and it is actually a good show. But it needs improvement, especially considering how random the show is.

    Most of the characters are unique and have good personalities to them for the most part (my favorite would have to be Jake). I find it cool how a bunch of random inanimate things get to be characters, it's kind of like Gumball. However, one character I mind is the protagonist Finn. He isn't that bad of a character, but he screams all the time and there are a lot of times were he's annoying and doesn't shut up, and I especially don't like those faces he makes when he freaks out. Other than that, most of the characters are decent.

    The animation is bad, despite looking decent in a few scenes. The characters move so stiffly like puppets, it looks like an elbowless 5 year old drew it. The artwork is great, and has a lot of colorful visuals, but not overblown thankfully because there are enough dark atmospheres in this show. The sets look good, and the characters designs look good pretty much, except one thing is that they have noodle arms to them, which is probably why the animation isn't that good.

    The humor is probably my biggest complaint. Don't get me wrong, there are some funny moments in the series, but they use randomness as a gag a lot, usually I don't mind randomness, but AT can sometimes go really overboard with it to the point were its not funny anymore and its just nonsensical and stupid.

    Overall, a good show, but it has it's flaws here and there, and there are some bad episodes in the series worth avoiding, but there are some good ones as well. But its much better than most of the other crap on CN or Nick today. The score could've gone a bit higher if it wern't for the flaws I pointed out and the overratedness.moreless
  • clever title So I want create my own cartoon show, and see AT as a template...

    easy enough: see it's brilliance: candy characters; a boy a talking dog; a king, princesses galore. Some in-jokes that most do not get (Tree Trunks being a pie chef --in my pastry cookbook, I see a recipe for Tree Trunks --a pastry thing that resembles tree bark, made of chocolate, marzipan, cocoa butter and a nut mixture called gianduja). Using super-action and dialogue which includes fart jokes and banter. The thing is a natural for games, video games, and merchandise. Hmm. I really love Steven Universe, which might just need merchandising to pep up its popularity a bit.moreless
  • Adventure Time is the best

    I can understand why people will not like this but i love this you hate this show you most likely suck disneys or nicks channels suck ass and there shows fucking time is unique and has lots of kick ass characters.
  • I Just Wanna Cry ...

    I am sad to see Pendelton Ward and the crew are taking their leap of faith as they let Adventure Time gone downhill . The plots , the storylines , the drawings are getting bad ... I almost cry at the end of the episode ''The Red Thrones'' as i realised that romance is over ...


    I missed the happy couple cuddling each other in the treefort and the elastic dog who is so funny ...moreless
  • It's good, but overrated.

    I do watch episodes of Adventure Time once in a while, but not too much. Adventure Time is pretty much overrated. Sorry, but that's just my opinion....

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