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AIRED ON 11/6/2015

Season 7 : Episode 5

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A boy named Finn and a wise dog, Jake, encounter multiple wacky adventures in the land of Ooo in a post-apocalypse world after the Great Mushroom War.

Fan Reviews (229)

  • LSD or not LSD.

    This show is also one of bad CN shows.

    Just stupid,and psychidelic.
  • Best Show

    One of the Best Show I have ever saw, and great story line.
  • What Happened?

    This show began a series of great cartoons of the 2010's. So what happened? The show got boring at season 6. I don't really care about the show anymore. Still, it probably places about top 5 favorite cartoons ever, even with its sixth season. But it would be higher if it didn't get carried away with its metaphors and forget how much fun it used to be. I love the backstory of the characters and some of the emotion it conveys. I want to give it a 9/10 but I think I'll go 8.5/10 because I've been so disappointed recently.moreless
  • WARning tIME

    Adventure time used to be good until after season \5 the show used to be exciting and weird now they are either boring, overly weird, full of plot holes, don't make since ,or all 4 . In one episode Jake the shape shifting dog decided I want to be a brick the whole episode I'm not kidding that actually happened in season 5 or 6. The art is still beautiful, and the characters are good still the only problem is bad writing watch Steven Universe you will probably like it better.moreless
  • a clever back story is here!

    they should just ditch the filler episodes and start making actual episodes.

    or they should just make better fillers.

    people keep saying how shit it is but they probs dont even know the back story and need to start looking. there is an amazin back story, even if it is a load of bull, its still amazing.

     i am thinking you guys shud make an episode where ice king and magic man meet up and have this thing that'll dish out their back stories and make it more.


    Cartoon Network Renews Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Three More

    Someone was in a good mood this morning!

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    saving the world, buddies and gal pals, epic adventure, outrageous situations, sight gags galore