Adventure Time

Season 5 Episode 11

Bad Little Boy

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • i thought it was awesome but it was too short

    it was awesome but they should put more if Wet-Monsoon is reading i agree but i know that marshall lee was a jerk but he was proving a point he said he was bad and she didn't be leave him so he showed her and it was mean to do all that stuff but she got her revenge buy punchin him in the face

  • Cute; but it just felt way too short.

    Don't get me wrong; I love Fionna and Cake. I love whatever episodes Rebecca Sugar writes. But this episode just seemed way too short! It isn't the writer's faults, though, more on Cartoon Network.

    We finally get to see Marshall Lee (played by Donald Glover) and Fionna interact a lot more than the previous Fionna and Cake episode. The duet between them was beyond adorable, and I did laugh at the Marceline and Ice King interactions in this episode. But it comes to the other thing that bothers me... I didn't really like Marshall Lee. I mean, he turned a playful pushing into a kick in the face, he shoved Cake off of the stage, he took Cake away from Fionna and sent THE LIVING DEAD AFTER HER.... kind of a jerk, aren't you, Marshall?

    I think it prevailed, however, when Fionna scolded Marshall Lee and ended up punching him in the face. She didn't take his bull-crap; which I loved!

    Overall, adorable episode. It makes me sad that Rebecca Sugar will never write a song for Adventure Time again.
  • Help me please?

    I never got to see it cause I forgot what time it started and was wondering when it starts or will start again?
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