Adventure Time

Season 2 Episode 21

Belly of the Beast

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Finn and Jake go inside the gastrointestinal tract of a monster to help someone in distress, only to find a party of bears there. To save all the bears from dying in the monster's belly, Finn and Jake have to stop the party.
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  • Crappy episode and the worst episode of Season 1

    Adventure Time 1x24a - Belly Of The Beast.

    This episode was basically not only the worst episode of the first season, it was the worst episode of the whole show. This huge pack of party bears come and party into a monster's belly. They are apparently ***ed enough to mistake a belly for a party house, and a lava wave almost kills them. They escape the belly and they seem to be so fucking ***ed, that they want to party once more in the monster's belly, resulting in a downer ending.moreless
  • Bearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbearsbears!

    Sooooo, Finn & Jake are dreaming about some weaird monster attacking so they go to play with him but after the monster hilariouly flicked Jake into the background they realizes it was not a dream. They heard cries for help and went inside the monster, but it was a bear who wanted help to decoarte the party.

    Yeah, cause there is a tribe of bears PARTYiNG in the monsters BELLy. So Finn & Jake needs to convine the leader to move the party, but first they had to party. They failed, and in the mouth of the monster, they said it's cool that the monster didn't eat lava and killed, them... whihc the monster immediately does.

    So Finn & Jake sing a depressing sog to calm the bears down (with the line "the food can't procreate in their food-beds") and leads the bears outside from the monsters anus. Then the bear leader asks the monster if they can party again, but using lasers instead of throwing fireworks. The monster agrees.

    Overall: It was a great funny episode of AT this week. The best was Jake being thrown into the background & falling on the gut goo, the lasers, and of couse, the bear karaoke song! 9/10.moreless

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