Adventure Time

Season 5 Episode 17

BMO Lost

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Adventure /w BMO

    This was a fun episode, BMO is always fun to watch on screen. Cute till it kills you. The ending was sad and creepy at the same time, which I guess equals out to funny...

    The snail was by a log when BMO and Sparkles (aka Ricky) came out of the water after the waterfall rescue.
  • Adventure Time

    Adventure time is a great episode for children 7 and up and is very entertaining more and more people are starting to

    watch this amazing cartoon and I highly suggest this to EVERYONE !!!! :) Try watching it
  • -pop!-

    This series really takes things too far, too fast, and then somehow manages to recover flawlessly. I was as crushed as BMO when Jake finally opened the door, and then fell right into the creepy stalker play. It was an okay episode overall (still missed the snail). I suppose not everything can be an Ice King episode.