Adventure Time

Season 2 Episode 20

Go With Me

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Mar 28, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • Marceline rules!

    This episode was hilarious. I'm pretty new to the show. Marceline's cavern cottage is the first time I've paused and actually looked at the animation; her conversation with Finn there is the first time I've rewound to rewatch a scene. She is so cool.
  • Finn:

    Soooo FInn has to find a date to go to couple's movies, and decides to ask Princess Bubblegum, who cant go cause she has to practise for some whistling tournament. Soooo, Jake tells him he has to woo her with typical weird medieval stuff, whic fails, so Jake asks Marceline to fake a date for PB to be jealous.

    But that fails too, and after several more failed attemps, Finn is banished fomr Candy Kingdom and decides to ask out Marceline. She thinks he wants them to be a couple, but he only wants to go to the movies. They go but hated the romantic film and ride some wolves.

    Overall: Weak episode. I mean, still had some funny parts, but A - Marceline's look creeped me out. B - the on-screen puke was not necesary. C - Little jokes. So 7.5/10.