Adventure Time

Season 4 Episode 19

Lady & Peebles

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Aug 20, 2012 on Cartoon Network

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  • Am I the only person who actually liked this episode??


    This episode is about Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn searching to find Finn and Jake (who have been missing for a while), believing they were captured by the Ice King. They try tracking them down on a GPS and heart monitor. Along the way, PB and Lady are attacked by various monsters, and they loose their weapons. I think that as a female character, PB proved herself worthy. Observing the heart monitor, she thinks she's coming close to the Ice King, when it is really Ricardio, back from 3 seasons ago, only this time, he has arms and legs. There, PB finds Finn and Jake poisoned by Zanoids. PB devises a way to defeat Ricardio, saying that if he can beat her at hand-to-hand combat, then she'll be his wife. Obviously, PB pulls his parts off, escapes with Finn, Jake, Lady, and the Ice King, and cures everyone back at the Candy Kingdom.

    But THENN



    There are some serious flaws, though. First off, when Lady talks this much, YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND HER. When she has a huge part in an episode, like this one, she should have subtitles in English. Second, this ep. kinda made PB look stronger than she actually is physically. If she's so strong, then why exactly is she getting captured all the time?

    Overall great episode. Especially if you're a fan of PB or Lady.
  • Agreed

    AT is usually rich with a variety of undertones. It's beautiful, vague, and complex in all its simplicity. I'm a huge fan, even of the crudest of episodes. Which is why it saddens me to say that this episode was sloppy and the tone was too forced. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I did not like "tough" PB and I did not like the long conversations with Lady that went untranslated. It was bland and lacking in detail. I feel that they would have done better if they had more time. Perhaps the shoddy work was just a result of trying to cram in too much story in such a short period of time. I do agree with intrinsic, Ricardio's part was neglected and I was left unsatisfied. I actually enjoyed The Heart Guy episode, and I wish that the people who worked on that episode had worked on this one as well, and I hope that it's not the last we see of him because what is the Ice King without his creepy heart?
  • Girl Power, Nostalgia, and Twists. But that's all.

    It pains me to criticize a show that's been the highlight of my week for over two years. However, compared to normal AT fare, this episode's writing was sub-par. Why? Three reasons:

    First, it over-did the Girl Power angle - it seems like almost every series, especially those aimed at a mixed child-adult audience, explores this paradigm at some point. In an era of post-feminism, it's a great topic for narrative, and can reveal unexpected facets of well-known characters (i.e. rescuees become the rescuers). Unfortunately, this episode made a common misstep in equating "Power" with "VIOLENCE!!!" - PB's psychopathic rage towards Ricardio, and subsequent (wo)man handling of him, was not in character for her. She's never been one to get her hands dirty - her strength lies in her intellect. She made the transition from brainiac to berserker far too seamlessly. One could argue that Lady's abnormal condition, and PB's desire to protect her, drew that side and skill out of her. However, as most bullied kids could tell you, rage alone won't make a push-over into a prizefighter.

    Second, it shoehorns Nostalgia for it's own sake - Ricardio seemed to have little relevance to this episode besides being a throw-away throw-back to season 1. His return isn't foreshadowed, and it doesn't make much sense beyond being a simple foil. Did the Ice King finally lose control of him? Did he deceive his way out of his beard-prison? We don't know - he simply appears. Furthermore, he doesn't see any new development. He's always been a creeper and a psychopath. He's here simply to make a cameo. The reference to "Zanoits" is another sloppy cameo. In the first Ricardio episode, Zanoits and Plantoids were a passing topic of intellectual conversation that illustrated the uncomfortable truth about how Finn isn't PB's intellectual equal. Zanoits weren't ever stated to be poisonous to anyone else, and they haven't appeared since. However, they HAD been linked with Ricardio, and that's apparently sufficient to justify their inclusion in this episode: "Why are Finn and Jake unconscious? Zanoits? Oh yeah, I kinda remember those! Good thing those buckets are conveniently labeled!"

    Third, "The Twist." This seemed unnecessary and provocative. Adventure Time has always been about intertwining adult content and complex character development, but it does so cleverly and subtly. It's one of the reasons to watch it. However, The Twist was anything but clever or subtle - it thrusts the topic of sexuality to the fore, seemingly for no relevant reason. It's very clumsy character development. Now, I'm not trying to overstate the issue: in other shows, animals are often getting into this situation with no problems, but sentient animals are a different matter. Perhaps Lady should have worn a raincoat when Jake took it to Tier 8.

    I hope we see a return to form in next week's episode. This is the first AT that's left me with a bad taste in my mouth.