Adventure Time

Season 3 Episode 3

Memory of a Memory

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Memory of a Memory is the third episode in the third season of Adventure Time. Marceline casts a sleeping spell on herself. To wake her up, a wizard transports Jake and Finn into her mind. However, it turns out the wizard is her ex-boyfriend, and tricks them into erasing the memory of the break-up.

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  • First time watching this show, didn't know what it was at first- pretty good!

    The newer cartoons of today make me cringe. I grew up with Courage the Cowardly Dog, with its beautiful animation and Tom and Jerry, a classic. I was reluctant to watch a show called "Adventure Time". I was shocked. It wasn't the immature, lame show I expected it to be. This is the episode I tuned into.

    It was funny, sad. The characters were put in realistic but cartoon-worthy situations (a break up- with a worlock of some sort?). The good guys and the bad guys are easy to differentiate between.

    The idea of going into a memory has been used in different shows before, this wasn't the first. They played it well. It was like a dream sequence- finding different openings to the next part of a memory.

    I wish I could be more specific, I just don't know character names yet. But I'm sure if you're a fan of this show, or tuning in for the first time, you'll enjoy this episode!moreless
  • Surprisingly deep plot line with an emotional and dark grip that holds you on till the end. Something you don't see often, but then again, not many shows come around like this.moreless

    This episode had a very catching plot line that grabs you emotionally with a deep back story. It has a surprising twist and strange events that lead up to the main focus of the story. It is hard to explain, but very well written and a good watch. Not only is their humor, but we learn the differences in characters through this episode.

    Finn and Jake are taken for a ride when they try to go back and change Marceline's memories for her former boyfriend. When things go awry, and they begin playing on Marceline's emotions, they learn just how fragile a female heart in love can be, and how quickly things can get messed up.

    Animation is well done, and the characters are simple. What makes this show stand out are some of the impressive background visuals. Overall, it was a nice episode with good pacing. Again, this show is intended for mature teens and young adults, not for children.moreless

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