Adventure Time

Season 2 Episode 19

Mystery Train

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

It is Finn's birthday, and he and Jake get on board a train to get to his present. On the way, Finn tries to solve a supposed murder mystery, as passengers begin to die.
  • Finn: The conductor was here and was weirder & creepier than usual! Jake: No way, he was cool & awesome!

    Soo, it's Finn's birthday (ok, gotta call bull on this, Jake's parents adopted him and nver knew when he was born, so noone knows his birthday) so Jake decided to give s urpisre, but you have to take a train to reach it. So they meet the conductor of the train who is weird, and creepy. So in the trip, they pass a tunnel and just after some old dude said I'm gonna kill you to a candy cane, the cane dies, so Finn deicdes to investigate. But everytime he thinks he is onto sth they go through anohter tunnel and the suspect dies. So then noone's left but the conductor, as Jake dies too.

    Finn chases the conductor and is about to kill it when it's revealed that Jake was the conductor and that he faked all the murders to entertain Finn on his bday. Then they fall on a cliff, fall on a giant jelly dude and eat cake with the candy people. Jake says that the jelly dude wasn't planned and they should have died.

    Overall: It was a pretty average and interesting episode. I though the muders were real until Jake died. Then I was waiting for the unevitable deux ex machina. antoher dark ending too, cool. 8.5/10.moreless

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