Adventure Time

Season 1 Episode 3

Prisoners of Love

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Finn and Jake are sledding until their sled breaks so they decide to sled on each other. They eventually crash into the Ice King and start mocking him. Then tell him they are only in his domain to beat the heat because a hot lava monster is in their yard. And Jake accuses him of meaning sexy hot. Ice King complains more about them not following the rules of being in his kingdom so Finn calls him uncool.Ice King gets mad and after a failed attempt at getting snow monsters to beat them up he freezes them and uses a wheelbarrow to pull them up to his lair, stopping for a second to eat a yogurt chip. He throws them in an ice cell along with 7 other princesses he's trapped. Finn calls the Ice king a jerk for doing this and Ice King explains he has to do this to make the right choice in who he marries. Finn vows to help them escape and let them be married to who or whatever they want to be married to. Jake uses his key hand to unlock the cell but before he can do that the Ice King freezes him. Finn threatens the Ice King who runs off to go potty in the bathroom. Jake tells him to calm down and tend to the princesses. Ice King hears LSP complain about how boring it is in the cell so he tries to make them have fun with musical instruments. Finn devises a plan to convince the Ice King that they are all having so much fun that he should join them in the cell. When the Ice King comes in Finn beats him up and the princesses escape. While they thaw out Jake, Finn tries to tell the Ice King how what he's doing is wrong and how he doesn't know how to help him. Ice King is still too mad to listen and tries to fight Finn but is knocked out. Ice King then has a dream where he wonders why no one likes him which includes a giant owl who tells him he is a sociopath. He then wakes up alone in the cell being tickled by penguins. As they head home Slime Princess says she wants to marry Finn so to get him out of it Jake tells the girls that Finn pees his pants constantly, much to Finn's annoyance and Jake's amusement.