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  • A pretty good show, but overrated as heck.

    I think I overexaggerated a bit in my last review update, I don't exactly hate this show, in fact, it's actually a pretty good show, but it's really overrated. I mean, no offense to all you fans of this show, but it's not as good as you guys say it is. Adventure Time is an alright cartoon, but it has a lot of flaws from time to time worth pointing out.

    Adventure Time is about a 13 year old boy named Finn and a shape shifting dog named Jake who go on wild adventures in The Land of Ooo, and interact with other characters of the show. Now the premise itself isn't to bad, but slightly unoriginal. A boy and a shape shifting dog who go on wild adventures? Its like Flapjack meets Johnny Test (although Johnny Test is worse and much more unoriginal than this show), and I'm pretty sure that the whole human and anthromorphic animal premise has been overdone, but for this show, I can overlook it since there are new things added to it.

    I have seen several episodes of this show, and it is actually a good show. But it needs improvement, especially considering how random the show is.

    Most of the characters are unique and have good personalities to them for the most part (my favorite would have to be Jake). I find it cool how a bunch of random inanimate things get to be characters, it's kind of like Gumball. However, one character I mind is the protagonist Finn. He isn't that bad of a character, but he screams all the time and there are a lot of times were he's annoying and doesn't shut up, and I especially don't like those faces he makes when he freaks out. Other than that, most of the characters are decent.

    The animation is bad, despite looking decent in a few scenes. The characters move so stiffly like puppets, it looks like an elbowless 5 year old drew it. The artwork is great, and has a lot of colorful visuals, but not overblown thankfully because there are enough dark atmospheres in this show. The sets look good, and the characters designs look good pretty much, except one thing is that they have noodle arms to them, which is probably why the animation isn't that good.

    The humor is probably my biggest complaint. Don't get me wrong, there are some funny moments in the series, but they use randomness as a gag a lot, usually I don't mind randomness, but AT can sometimes go really overboard with it to the point were its not funny anymore and its just nonsensical and stupid.

    Overall, a good show, but it has it's flaws here and there, and there are some bad episodes in the series worth avoiding, but there are some good ones as well. But its much better than most of the other crap on CN or Nick today. The score could've gone a bit higher if it wern't for the flaws I pointed out and the overratedness.
  • clever title So I want create my own cartoon show, and see AT as a template...

    easy enough: see it's brilliance: candy characters; a boy a talking dog; a king, princesses galore. Some in-jokes that most do not get (Tree Trunks being a pie chef --in my pastry cookbook, I see a recipe for Tree Trunks --a pastry thing that resembles tree bark, made of chocolate, marzipan, cocoa butter and a nut mixture called gianduja). Using super-action and dialogue which includes fart jokes and banter. The thing is a natural for games, video games, and merchandise. Hmm. I really love Steven Universe, which might just need merchandising to pep up its popularity a bit.
  • Adventure Time is the best

    I can understand why people will not like this but i love this you hate this show you most likely suck disneys or nicks channels suck ass and there shows fucking time is unique and has lots of kick ass characters.
  • I Just Wanna Cry ...

    I am sad to see Pendelton Ward and the crew are taking their leap of faith as they let Adventure Time gone downhill . The plots , the storylines , the drawings are getting bad ... I almost cry at the end of the episode ''The Red Thrones'' as i realised that romance is over ...


    I missed the happy couple cuddling each other in the treefort and the elastic dog who is so funny ...
  • It's good, but overrated.

    I do watch episodes of Adventure Time once in a while, but not too much. Adventure Time is pretty much overrated. Sorry, but that's just my opinion....
  • Stupid, overrated, and such a major letdown.

    When I was 9, i used to like this show. I was a stupid kid. This show sucks. I'm going into full detail on why this show is one of the worst shows of all time. The art design - Bland, undetailed, and looks like it was done by a 1st grader on MSPaint. My younger brother can draw better than this! This show has the 2nd worst art design ever. Some of you guys out there may be like, "Durr, it's the artist's style," but no, it's ALL THE TIME!!! By the way, this show was made by the same people who gave you other masterpieces like Fanboy and Chum Chum. Plots - Extremely stupid and goes TOO INSANE with sex. That's why I stopped watching this piece of garbage and realized this show sucks. I was probably 11 at that time. The plots make no sense and there is never a main plot at all. Look creators, going insane with sex jokes gets freaking old, not to mention this is a kid's show, not South Park, which has every reason to be inappropriate for children! Hence the word "Adventure" in the title. Most of the time, the episodes are either the characters talking about sex, nudity, or just being lazy and playing video games all day long. This is why this show was a major disappointment. Characters - Not even remotely likable. They come up with the most basic and bland designs for them ever imaginable. It's just hard to look at. Dialogue - Also sucks. The creators came with a stupid version of English that doesn't even make sense. It feels like listening to someone with a terrible vocabulary only a 2 year old would know. I have no clue people like this kind of stuff. It's just horrible! For those who are recommended this show and haven't watched it before (I envy you), please go watch something else. The promos promised an exciting adventurous show filled with action and fighting, but the terrible execution of this show destroyed any and all potential. Literally, this show is just a thorough f*** up.
  • One of the best animated shows ever.

    Adventure Time breathes new life to the "magical land of adventures" genre that has been tackled by many other tv shows in the past. It turns a basic premise like "A kid and a dog go looking for adventures in the land of Ooo" to a collection of stories that are subtle metaphors for issues of the human condition, like destiny, the limits of the body and the mind (and what's the price for breaking these limits), the nature of true freedom, responsabilities vs freedom, sacrifice for the ones you want to keep safe, knowing their very lives depend on you, and only you, etc.

    The show has a language of its own that has evolved this past seasons, developing a new sense of maturity, without becoming unfunny or too different to be unrecognizable. And if the viewer actually listens to sentences that could feel too ridiculous or random at times, maybe he can discover a whole new meaning to them, after thinking about it or after something happens in a future episode that was even foreshadowed by that line. That is an example of the brilliance of this show.

    Also, I truly believe this show has one of the most well-rounded casts to have ever been put in a tv show. No character in Adventure Time is truly good or evil (with the obvious exception of the Lich, who is a direct product of a nuclear bomb); most of them stay in that gray area of morality that better defines ourselves. There's even a character that starts out merely as a joke, but as time passes on and we learn about his past, his status as a joke, let's just say, gets shaken up a bit...

    The setting is also excellent. Reminiscent of the works of Tolkien and the D&D game, but having a very clever twist around it, the land of Ooo is a very well developed setting that, at times, it even seems real. I also like how there's a distinct rationality in Ooo, like everything that happens can be explained using logic, but having this world's rules in mind, of course.

    The humour, what can I say. It goes all these different places; you got childish humour and slapstick, you got witty one-liners and comebacks, character-based jokes, all with a great dose of irreverence and intelligence. It's a riot.

    The animation and the character design really helps the humour too, with blank, deadpan expressions and big, exagerated reactions to create a certain mood that, trust me, is unique to this show. I especially love the character design of Adventure Time and the fact that they look so simple that a child could have drawn them, increasing its appeal to the younger audience.

    The writing is wonderful. That's all I can say about it.

    So, overall, Adventure Time is a fantastic show, with fantastic themes, fantastic story, fantastic characters and a fantastic setting. It's all about the sadness, though. And happiness.

  • This saved cartoon network.

    I enjoy this show a lot. The only problem I have with it is the fact that it get's a little gross at time and I hate how everyone talks in slang and say "dude" "man" or "awesome" It's a little annoying

    Other than that It's a great and creative show
  • Its a little better than I originally thought.

    I reviewed this before. But like with Regular Show, I decided to watch more of it to see if I maybe judged it too soon, and I did. So here is my re-review of Adventure Time.

    Adventure Time is about a boy and his magical, talking dog, who go on crazy adventures around the land of Ooo (I still think thats a dumb name). The show's plot sounded like a good one. Which is why I was kinda disappointed with the show itself for some of the stupid adventures Finn and Jake would go on. A good share of the episodes are good, but there were others that could be pretty random, and downright strange. However, the humor of the show makes up for it a bit in my opinion, even though a lot of it is inappropriate. Some of the slang the characters use though is a bit stupid (Shmow Zow? Really?).

    The main characters are pretty likable. Finn's a likable kid, though his hat is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Jake's a pretty cool sidekick with some interesting powers, and the fact that he's voiced by John DiMaggio makes him even better. Bubblegum and Marceline are both cool girls, but Ice King... should he even be considered the main antagonist? I don't know, with how often he'll get along with Finn and Jake, it's kinda debatable. Seriously, half the time they fight, then they'll turn around and act like the best of friends. Plus, he's not so much a threat, as a nuesence. But he's at least okay compared to Lemongrab, who I find annoying as hell!

    My biggest problem with Adventure Time is its art style. I'm sorry, but what kind of cheap, chicken-scratch art style is this?! It looks like it was drawn by a 4-year old. However, aside from that, the show's pretty okay. It has great voice acting and some pretty good action scenes. I have to admit it's a lot better than shit like Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball and Johnny Test. However, I can't call it one of my favorite animated shows. Not by a longshot. Adventure Time is a tad overrated, but after watching it again, it's at least a little better than I thought.
  • Best Cartoon i Ever Seen...

    Well, am not that good with reviews, but let's just say this is the most awesome cartoon that i ever seen....
  • This show has, writers, likable characters, and even development

    Okay, I really love this show, to start off with, but I do love it for good reasons. First off, one of the most notable thing about this show is that it proves cartoon network has a little something called WRITERS! In comparison to more recent shows on Nickelodeon (With the exception of Korra) it seems that Nickelodeon is struggling with writers. This show, has prime examples of good writing such as episodes like Thank you, It came form the Night o sphere, Holly Jolly Secrets II, Fionna and Cake, Lady and Peebles, What was Missing, and I Remember You. Also, here's a bit of an FYI It's not ripoff of Flapjack and Regular Show. Flapjack ended in August of 2010, and Regular Show premiered in September of 2010. Adventure time's pilot episode aired in 2008 and the first official series episode aired in April of 2010.

    Second, the characters are just awesome but they develop as well. At first Finn is just some happy go lucky guy who just loves adventure, but then he finds himself and develops as the show goes along, especially since he's at a time when he's coming of age. Other times he can be relatable to certain moments, such as the pain of being friend zoned, sticking up to your buds, or even making sacrifices in the end.

    For Jake, he acts as sort of a guide and father figure for Finn. Aside form being an awesome shape shifting dog he also serves as a voice of reason for Finn, manages to help him feel better in tough times and even has some advice that can be applied to real life. Such as, "Suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at Then there's BMO, it's just super adorable, it's little songs and actions it does alone are so cute. Sometimes BMO centered episodes are also some of the best and the little robot manages to put a smile on your face. When we talk about female characters Princess Bubble gum is one of the more underrated, she's actually smart, motherly, and sometimes can be a bit of a kick ass character. Sure she did get kidnapped, but you look forward to the adventure Finn and Jake go through in order to rescue her. She's certainly better than most kidnapped princesses, and actually throws some cliches out the window. Continuing with female characters, Marceline is by far my favorite. When it comes to her she's certainly not your typical vampire but she does prove that when you live for 1000 years and you're the queen of vampires you can do whatever you want to do. But then we find out some more thing about her that make her relatable, such as having difficulties with your father even if it is over trivial things, losing a friend you knew from long ago, having said friend that lost his memory of you, or having a significant other that betrays you. Now we get to the Ice king, at first he's the cliche kidnap the princess villain but we then find out he's very funny and not really so menacing. It's as if he's trying to be a nice guy with girls but fails at it and it's funny. I would post more about him but that just leaves room for major spoilers. Overall this show is not perfect, but it still has good writing, good music, memorable characters, and good stories.

    However, if you think this show is crappy, may I remind you of Uncle Grandpa?
  • This show is Mathmatical

    At first, I didn't want to watch this show because of the animation, but I watched one and realized my horrible mistake. This among one of the best shows on CN, and is almost as good as Regular Show.

    The show is humorous, set in a fantasy world, the main villain Ice King is very complex when you think about it, I enjoy Finn and Jake's adventures. The only time this show shows any darkness is when the Lich is the main villain of the episode.

    Overall, this show is amazing and it is one of the shows that redeems CN in spite of all the crap they've aired like Incredible Crew. and Uncle Grandpa.

  • This show is decent I can't deny, but I still don't like it as much as I wished I could.

    Fuck Uncle Grandpa. A tiger that can fly but is afraid of heights is bullshit.
  • It lacks waaaay to much credit.

    This I'm going to say is one of CN's marvels. Season one was a wreck, but this went from a giant miss to a hit. From an airball to a swish. If I had any more metaphors I'd name them. Besides Regular Show and maybe one other show this is CN's only good show. Adventure Time as well as Cartoon Network is for young adults, aka actually mature kids. Uncle Grandpa is crap, The Amazing World of Gumball has more idiotic jokes than farts, and the Annoying Orange has turned from somewhat decent to horrendous in just a few episodes. For people with a negative comment, two things for you, not trying to be hostile here.

    1. It's made it five seasons with high ratings, doesn't look like it will be cancelled soon.

    2. It's actually good if you try some of them, I agree that the first season where Finn was an idiot is horrible. If you only saw S1, it has improved drastically.
  • Getting Worst Than ever before but some good but Still bad

    Eversince it become downhill finn adn jake my worst than ever, one time where the episode where they trying to investigate LSP problems, they lock up a wrong inocient what they do next? oh! making fun that inocient dunno if hes a bad guy but they bother releasing that guy? the one the put on jail!!? okay i dunno if they release that guy from jail after solving LSP the detective stuff to the theres good stuff on the episode however but going downhill of AT fans are begining to lost intrest on the matter of time before this show is going to get time will tell
  • My opinion: wonderful

    Now I have a very particular scope of things I like especially when it comes to television and movies which range from Frasier to Top Gear(uk) to of course the topic at hand. That said I do understand how Adventure Time isn't everyone's cup of tea, what I don't understand is how some TV watchers can categorize this show as garbage. AT is undoubtably one of my favorite shows so my opinion might seem a little bias but such as it is with most things in life there are some aspects or episodes that I'm not the biggest fan of. But as a whole AT is not only smart, entertaining, and from time to time pulls on the strings of ones heart, it is a groundbreaking cartoon covering topics that most cartoons won't dare touch. Digressing back to the reviewers who use words like garbage or horrendous which should be saved for reality tv, everyone is entitled to their opinion but please try to appreciate it for what it really is: a kids show that bring millions of adolescence and adults a like joy and hold true to originality which so few things lack now a days.
  • I hate Adventure Time!

    Seriously some of the most overrated garbage to ever air on TV. If you want a GOOD show from CN, then watch Regular Show.
  • It's Good.

    It has it's good episodes and not so good worth watching to to try to figure out if Susan Strong is Finn's Mom.
  • it's okay

    the show is okay, I just really can't get into it, I understand all the praise but, I think it's average. NO offense to all the fans out there
  • Creator should be put in a mental institution...

    The person that actually made the decision to put this show on television, should be instantly fired and black listed, and the animators should all have their fingers broken and their crayons melted into candles!

    Do these people really have that little imagination that they give the characters last names like Thehuman and Thedog? How many Jakes and Finns do they have on this show anyway? Enough that they need to give them a last name to keep them distinct? I doubt it. Or are they just saying our kids are so stupid that they can't figure it out? Maybe it is because the artwork is so bad, it is the only way for anyone to figure out what they are?

    Seriously, if a 3 yr old draws a picture of a cat, most people can tell its a cat! The ears and whiskers are pretty much a give a way.

    The plots are as bad as Voltron! Pull out that burning light saber, problem solved. every god damn time! Same here.. Dog changes into something, problem solved.

    Exactly what age group are they targeting with this? Since the boy appears 10-13 that would indicate that age bracket? The content indicates the 2-4 yrs age bracket. Change the character to a smaller child, make the dog a puppy and brighten the colors, then maybe you have a target audience with the toddlers.

    One show that I feel is the most amazing ever for its intended audience, is Tele-tubbies! There is a baby in the sun, the colors are very bright, and the tele-tubbies don't have complex dialogues, just amusing but expressive sounds. A lot of people might not like this show, and call it "stupid" but for the target audience of 2-4 years, it has everything, lots of sensory stimulation!

    But, back to Adventure Time....

    The only thing this show stimulates is my urge to put a gun to the back of the creators head in the town square at high noon.

    To give an idea how bad this show is... I would give "Gumball" a +4.5 rating. JUST because the animation is fairly good, the characters match the target age group and the story lines are understandable for that age group, plus, the few shows I watched had an underlying life lesson for the kids.
  • ??eeeh?? Overrated.

    Random quality plots confuse me. I never know what I am watching. Show confuses me. I guess its good to watch sometimes, but its basiaclly a show with episodes I never remember. It also has some kind of dark feeling when I watch it.

    I can't believe I got 15 dislikes. :(
  • Not good...

    there is something about it I like and pulls me its is a little to random and creepy at times. But over all, I do not like it very much but don't hate it much just think its a little inappropriate and there are a lot of better cartoons out there.
  • best Show Evar

    I thought Cartoon was coming to an end, until Adventure Time and Regular Show . (The two best shows ever) Came to my life. I mean, its really something that made me enjoy cartoon in a way which is epic and I CANT STOP WATCHING IT
  • The Best ***ING show EVER! It totally changed my life.

    Adventure Time is a show I've never EVER EVER even could've imagined of. When I was 10, the first episode (Business Time, which aired before Slumber Party Panic) was on On Demand and it looked like the STUPIDEST show ever. It seemed inappropriate, dumb, and din't make sense. Luckily, i stayed with the program, because as the first season had recently ended, despite the fact I wasn't a huge fan of it, I couldn't stop watching it. Was it the amazing, unique animation of the two dotted eyes and cute lil' faces that no other show has, or the complete randomness that occurs in Ooo. Was it the poorly planned plots that usually wouldn't make it on TV? I dunno, but LOOK AT ME NOW! I've seen every episode and AM THE BIGGEST ADVENTURE TIME FAN EVER. I was convinced to get posters, merchandise, clothes themed as .. And I kept watching and watching. WOW! This is pretty good stuff! I thought, now 11. As the seasons passed by I noticed the Adventure Time factor was lowering and drama was occurring, with relationships, curiosity, war, the Lich. it started getting more "interesting". There was less "one-part-episodes" and more "series-events" that slowly creeped its way into each episode. It was like, season 3 and I was addicted. It's kind of a "GEEK" show, no popular kids would watch it, so I kept it more of a secret and I want into my room every night and watched it over and over again. Suddenly, I lost On Demand cuz we were running low on money so I started skipping clubs, and sports JUST TO SEE IT! Here I am now, a 13 years old and it's almost the end of season five. I'm losing interest as they publish episodes less often but I must say, Adventure Time CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! It's a BIG part of my childhood and my #! show! I'm becoming less secretive of it too. Thank You Pen and cast, BEST SHOW EVER! SO UNIQUE, FUNNY, DRAMATIC, RELATABLE, STRANGE, WEIRDLY ANIMATED, YOUNG ADULT CONCERTED, AND MANY MUCH MORE! LIKE IF ADVENTURE TIME IS AN AWESOME SHOW! :D <3
  • Cute, but difficult to get into

    The show did have a few funny moments but I think that it was the character designs and some of the plot lines that is causing me to give this show a poor score. It feels like a slight rip off of "Regular Show" just like how "Family Guy" ripped off "The Simpsons".
  • Great

    Don't judge this book by it's cover! This show is both light & dark, shallow & deep, up & down all at the same time. I didn't watch it for a while at first because I simply thought it was a show for little kids. I didn't realize that the brilliant writing was so that kids, teens, and even adults could watch this show. I mean set in a post apocalyptic future after nuclear destruction YET candy people live in a candy kingdom. Little kids don't grasp the spooky painful background so they simply accept the premise (similar to some video game) and enjoy the funny colorful characters. While teens and adults grasp the awesome tragic background of a future filled with mutants, spirits, demons, and what seems to be a world where the spiritual after life has melded with that of the living. Ever so often you even get a glimpse in the background of perhaps a map or globe that shows the Earth with a chunk blown out of it. Then you have all these sub plots and premises that help the characters deepen. They are more than just fun loving bits of candy but perhaps lost souls or simply mutants of what is left of the human race. The show is also riddled with symbolism that at first glance appears to be simple character & props but seems to hold deeper truths and meanings... One last note is the story of the Ice King (Simon) and Marceline which was very touching. At first we dislike the introduction of both of them and they appear to be cliche' villains but then they win our minds, hearts, and curiosity by showing us their past just after the nuclear war. We then realize that it's not like past cartoons or movies in which the characters are cut & dry, more than just eye-candy. But much deeper & much more mysterious. I rank this show so high for 3 main reasons 1. Creativity 2. They actually TRY to make it good and not just stick to some writing formula. and 3. Compared to other TV shows today it's one of the few that are even good by comparison. Not that this show couldn't hold it's own even with other great shows but you have to appreciate that someone cares enough to write something good in a sea of terrible tv shows. And PS I think some people rate this show low (like one of the ratings below) because this show goes over his or her head. This person is only looking for the aesthetics so all they see is a simple adventure quest of Finn & Jake with colorful scenes and characters but is unable to actually think about the bigger & smaller pictures, the sub plots, and meaning of symbolism. But I don't blame them I actually blame the American TV Networks for spoon feeding us mundane brainwashing shows such as on Nick, Disney, and Fam. It's all CGI pretty things with cliche' scripts. So people find it hard to recognize a great show like Adventure Time when it actually comes along. For example they are looking for the characters to actually appear "deep" rather than as symbolic candy. They only know what TV has spoon fed them as being "light" and "dark" that they can't see past what they expect. For example the show is supposed to appeal to both children and adults so of course it's supposed to have predictable jokes. But to the adult (with half a brain) you can look for hidden clues, hidden plots, backgrounds, and hidden questions to bigger topics such as spirituality, horror, suspense, religion, politics, and human conditions... Also this show has short plots and long running plots that take up the span of the entire show. So it's more suited for someone who as patents and doesn't want a quick fix answer to all questions up front. In sum it's the type of show that you need to absorb over a long period of time while looking at both the smaller and larger pictures.
  • Really random but also really funny.

    This show is actually pretty cool. It's about a boy named finn and his dog named jake and they both go on non sensical and random adventures. And I think it's funny, sometimes in a so bad it's good kind of way.

    The characters all have deep and dark back stories, the animation is really unique and the jokes are basically stupid humour done right.

    The only thing I don't like about this show is that just like regular show, some of the newer episodes were a bit bland. But other than that, I really like this show.

    Although I agree with oldnickelodeon34, this show does not beat ed edd n eddy and foster's. But it totally and completely PAWNS dora the explorer (more like diarrhea exploder)

    Also rebecca sugar, one of the cast members is now making a new show called steven universe that really looks epic.
  • A somewhat enjoyable cartoon

    This is one of the better cartoons out there. It is unique in it's entirety, but I can't fully enjoy it like others can. Because I believe in order to fully enjoy it, you have to throw logic out the window, which is hard for me to do. There are many instances that make absolutely no sense, and the characters are sometimes overly ridiculous, but all in all, it is a fun cartoon.
  • Greatest Show On CN of All Time

    Adventure Time it's not your typical adventure cartoon. it's give romance, drama, horror, and of course comedy.
  • An already bad show made worse by an agressive fanbase

    There is no doubt that this is one of CN's biggest letdowns ever. When I first saw the promos for this show I expected an action packed adventure full of excitement and thrill. Of course I wanted to watch it. So I checked out a few episodes when it came out, and BOY did it look way better in the promos. Instead of the epic adventures I was expecting I got just another mindless, poorly written kid's show with childish humor, unlikeable characters, and stupid plots. This show definitely had potential. I mean a show about a kid and his dog fighting evil in a magical world sounds like a great premise for a TV show. But they just botch it up in every way possible. The epic "hero" in this show (Finn) is no more than a bratty 8 year old who runs around and screams. The epic "villain" in this show (Ice King) is no more than a pathetic 40 year old bachelor who can't seem to get a date. And for a "hero" Finn can be pretty mean and selfish (Ex. wanting to KILL the Ice king because he couldn't sleep). The writing is lousy and uncreative. The epic backstory behind our hero ,Finn is that one day he was taking a crap in the woods (or making a boom boom as he says in his annoying childish voice) he fell back into his own crap, and nobody would help him up so he decided to become a hero. I'm not kidding, That's what our genius writers went with for his backstory. This type of childish humor can be found throughout the show. The humor in this show is similar to that of other low quality cartoons, farting, pooping, vomiting, sex, etc.. People always say how unique this show is from all other kids cartoons out there. But when you break it down for what it really is its just another mindless child occupation show mascaraing under a pile of surreal garbage. The only thing "unique" about this show is it's abuse of surrealism. This show is just completely weird. Not creative weird like futurama, I mean weird for the hell of it. Anyone can come up with this stuff, candy people, flying heads, etc. Between the immature characters, lousy animation, childish humor, and complete weirdness it seems like its written by a 6 year old. Despite all this what really adds insult to injury is the fan base. This show has a ridiculous fan base with a tendency to troll ,flame, and downright hate anyone who dislikes this show. All over the internet when I see negative reviews of this show its usually accompanied by flaming from immature fans. A lot of the reviews logically and intelligently spell out what is wrong with it (such as this one) and typical responses are not so (Ex. Adventure time is awesome u suck fuck u) Immature show, Immature fan base. I suppose it makes sense. But yeah, despite how popular it is I cannot say its a good show by any stretch of the imagination. If you like it then power to you. I'm not judging you for your opinion, I'm just sharing mine.