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  • A Kickoff to cool and new cartoons of the 2010's

    This show has got to be an egg on Nickleodeon's face and reputation because it was so good and new but they turned it down for something ugly, gross, and terrible: Fanboy and Chum Chum. That intelligence insulting eyesore has been cancelled and forgotten long ago while while Adventure Time is still going strong and inspired more cool cartoons. At least Adventure Time's animation and design is pleasant to watch for both young and old. The plots and themes are more clever and engaging, the characters are likeable and relateable. Many of today's animation owe a thanks to Adventure Time and Cartoon Network for picking up amazing series. It's not my favorite but it did a great service by showing the public that a cartoon can be cool, fun, mature (but not inappropriate), and for all.
  • This is a masterpiece!

    A Great show for kids and adult's, I like Steven Universe the most.

    even a show is still okay

    10/10 Cartoon Network
  • What Time is it? Time to Turn off Adventure Time

    This show is awful i can't stand it the characters are unreleatable, the episodes are boring and overly weird and surreal ( too much of anything is not a good thing) , most of the time i can't even tell what is going on
  • It's Not Perfect, But I Still Really Enjoyed The Premise

    Adventure Time is a very imaginative show, but unlike "The Amazing World of Gumball" where the animation made it imaginative, I feel more Adventure Time gets it from the stories it tells and the whole premise. The show is about a boy named Finn who battles evil in the Land of Ooo, with the help of his dog named Jake, that alone sound like an epic kind of story. While I don't remember a lot of the side characters' names(I do remember the Ice King & Princess Bubblegum) I did remember that they are interesting and fun characters. Two notable things about the show is the fact that John Dimaggio voices Jake and Tom Kenny voices the Ice King, and they both are such great voice actors that they do delivery a lot for this show. Plus, the writing is very good with this show, the majority of the humor delivers well. My only two nitpicks with this show is: It isn't that emotional, with some of the stories they tell, it could use a little more of emotion in some episodes. The other nitpick is the animation, even though it does have some really strong elements to it, it does seem kind of silly and at times can be even dull, but I suppose a silly tone with the animation is suitable for this show as it is a very silly show. Overall: I really enjoyed Adventure Time, I like a lot of the characters and even if the animation is not necessarily top notch, it still is really good and the humor is excellent, give some of the episodes a watch, you will most likely not be disappointed.

    3.5/4 Stars

  • Used to be one of my favorite cartoons of all time

    This used to be the best current show on Cartoon Network. They should've canceled it after Season 6. then make the Stakes miniseries. Episodes are kinda boring now and finn and jake barely go on adventures anymore. But this show is still amazing and better than tag and uncle grandpa.
  • Sonic

  • [deleted by author]

    [deleted by author]
  • Great show

    One of the best concepts of the long runners but only the first seasons, the rest are not the same in my opinion
  • Terrible

    This show is unwatchable. It looks like a kid on drugs made it.

    It's terribly overrated. Characters are ugly, plot is lame and unoriginal I better watch Barney than this crap.
  • Post Vampire Series Bleh

    5 rating Just can't go higher.

    Everything Pre Marcelines story was pretty well done.

    Everything Post-Vampire trilogy just boring and dull.

    Enjoyed learning about Marcie, was pretty fun. I thought it coulda been done abit better like actually keeping her mortal to provide more of a conflict for her character in the future but ya get what ya get.

    What I don't enjoy. Boring stories that have little to no action. Episodes that have nothing to provide but a few oh, that was kinda good moments. Bad Jubies is a good example here. AMAZING stop-animation. But the entire episode was boring and bland. The conflict seemed like it'd be interesting but then tettered more into LSP acting her usual 1 dimensional self.

    Where they could have taken this episode with them fighting the storm ends up with LSP getting a stomach ache because she ate expired food. Oh my, what a plot twist. How did we ever not expect that? LSP only thinking about herself you say? Oh theres a torrent of rain and a magical storm outside but lets focus on LSP eating too many chips. Da'fuk?
  • This show is ALGEBRAIC!

    The show has been going on and it made me change my mind. I thought it was bad. Nope. These new episodes are really cool! And I thought it was dead. LOL. So Adventure Time is a show that should be shown to everybody for good entertainment with Regular Show and Gumball.

    Keep this show rocking!!!!
  • still amazing even at its 7th season

    wow I actually thought the show would go downhill at 7th season but no they didn't ran out of ideas its still very interesting and I still like it
  • Great show.

    I have nothing really to say. It's just an awesome show.
  • LSD or not LSD.

    This show is also one of bad CN shows.

    Just stupid,and psychidelic.
  • Best Show

    One of the Best Show I have ever saw, and great story line.
  • What Happened?

    This show began a series of great cartoons of the 2010's. So what happened? The show got boring at season 6. I don't really care about the show anymore. Still, it probably places about top 5 favorite cartoons ever, even with its sixth season. But it would be higher if it didn't get carried away with its metaphors and forget how much fun it used to be. I love the backstory of the characters and some of the emotion it conveys. I want to give it a 9/10 but I think I'll go 8.5/10 because I've been so disappointed recently.
  • a clever back story is here!

    they should just ditch the filler episodes and start making actual episodes.

    or they should just make better fillers.

    people keep saying how shit it is but they probs dont even know the back story and need to start looking. there is an amazin back story, even if it is a load of bull, its still amazing.

    i am thinking you guys shud make an episode where ice king and magic man meet up and have this thing that'll dish out their back stories and make it more.

  • Nothing but a teen drama with fart jokes sprinkled on top, with unfunniness being the icing to the cake.

    This is the second worst show on the network, only to be beaten by Ninjago (Legends of Chima was originally number one before it's cancellation). Grojband was initially the worst but that show got cancelled and pulled off the network so I'm not counting that show anymore.

    I used to like this show but that was when I was much younger. I'm lots older now and I'm old enough to realize this show is nothing but an unfunny fart-festival for teens ages 16-19. I don't even see where they're trying to make jokes in this show besides fart jokes and gross out humor.

    I should say something about the animation. Oh lord, the animation. It looks very cheap. It's like the animators just wanted to get the animation over with and drew two dots and a line on the characters faces. It seems they were too lazy to animate noses.

    All the characters seem to be teens. The main character's a teen, the pink princess is a teen, the vampire is a teen, I think the only thing that's not a teen in this show is the dog. But he acts like one so maybe he's a teen too.

    The premise is really dumb. The protagonist has no parents and goes on adventures with a dog unaccompanied by an adult which is really dangerous. The whole premise of the candy kingdom is stupid.

    If these people want to have themselves a good show, they should see something like Regular Show. That show doesn't have any teen drama. If they want to do something like this, they should make it a children's show for Nick Jr. and give the protagonist parents. They shouldn't have bothered doing this.

    I heard the show is getting a seventh season. Hopefully that season is the last one because this show doesn't deserve to go on that long. It should have just stayed a pilot. The pilot doesn't rely on teen humor and it's not fart jokes. For some reason they made the show into a teen friendly show with fart jokes. The show would work for a children's cartoon, but not as a CN show for teens. Hopefully season 7 is the last season. I'm tired of some of the things CN's giving us.

  • Worst cartoon in history

    Want to know how it feels to be a drug addict, Adventure Time sums it up perfectly, the ukulele opening describes the cartoon completely, that this is a cartoon for abominable hipsters.

    Adventure Time tries way too hard to be funny, or "random" ("lmfao bacon" or "omg there's doughnuts in these bushes, so random rofllol") every couple of seconds, nothing makes sense, the episodes just start out with Jake & Finn in some out-of-place random location, doing something random/stupid & there's no sense of continuation, and from what I've seen they rarely adress to the plot. This cartoon really screams unsincerity to me, the cartoons from the 90s, or Steven Universe are way better, this cartoon & cartoons like it are why kids these days are growing up to be stupid.

    The Art style is awful, cheap, bad framerates, the characters look lowsy & the "unique" way they speak is stupid.
  • The same scenario with Regular Show

    You know what hate more than history repeating itself? History copying itself. Adventure Time has the exact same scenario as Regular Show; it was fun and exciting back then and it's as boring as watching paint dry now. You want to know my thoughts on Adventure Time, got see my thoughts on Regular Show; I basically covered this show without even covering it yet.
  • If you give it lower than a 7, you know nothing

    The show is classic, original, funny, interesting, deep, dark, high quality, and amazing.

    Watch about 5 eps of each season. <- that is what it will take to love this show.
  • What Time Is It? a review time!

    Adventure Time is CN's highrated tv show next to Regular Show!

    the show is pretty good it has it moments in early seasons, but the series silly is not there much in recent seasons but still noneless.

    Adventure Time is getting seats to kids and even adults today! that really makes it popular to this day then problem solverz and SMFA
  • Its a little better than I originally thought.

    I reviewed this before. But like with Regular Show, I decided to watch more of it to see if I maybe judged it too soon, and I did. So here is my re-review of Adventure Time.

    Adventure Time is about a boy and his magical, talking dog, who go on crazy adventures around the land of Ooo (I still think thats a dumb name). The show's plot sounded like a good one. Which is why I was kinda disappointed with the show itself for some of the stupid adventures Finn and Jake would go on. A good share of the episodes are good, but there were others that could be pretty random, and downright strange. However, the humor of the show makes up for it a bit in my opinion, even though a lot of it is inappropriate. Some of the slang the characters use though is a bit stupid (Shmow Zow? Really?).

    The main characters are pretty likable. Finn's a likable kid, though his hat is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Jake's a pretty cool sidekick with some interesting powers, and the fact that he's voiced by John DiMaggio makes him even better. Bubblegum and Marceline are both cool girls, but Ice King... should he even be considered the main antagonist? I don't know, with how often he'll get along with Finn and Jake, it's kinda debatable. Seriously, half the time they fight, then they'll turn around and act like the best of friends. Plus, he's not so much a threat, as a nuesence. But he's at least okay compared to Lemongrab, who I find annoying as hell!

    My biggest problem with Adventure Time is its art style. I'm sorry, but what kind of cheap, chicken-scratch art style is this?! It looks like it was drawn by a 4-year old. However, aside from that, the show's pretty okay. It has great voice acting and some pretty good action scenes. I have to admit it's a lot better than shit like Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball and Johnny Test. However, I can't call it one of my favorite animated shows. Not by a longshot. Adventure Time is a tad overrated, but after watching it again, it's at least a little better than I thought. I'd still recommend it.
  • Great, but needs to get happier

    I absolutely love this show, but lately its gotten to be less happy and adventurous, which is kinda both sad and disappointing. They can still turn it around, but whatever they do next needs to have a different feel than season six.
  • Dear

    Please learn how to number these episodes. If at least one part hasn't aired it is a new episode. This is the way the producers, Wikipedia and the fans do it. By those counts, the episode that airs on 2/26 which is 6x43 "The Diary/Dark Purple" is new but the later rebroadcast of the "The Diary" listed as 6x43 is not. by all accounts, "The Diary" should in fact be episode 6x30, so the count is way off. See also:, Regular Show, Phieas and Ferb.
  • An Average show for everyone just has violence

    This show is pretty okay for people that likes this it's just the episodes are not funny and hit has that little bit of violence into the episode! It's just decent
  • Used to hate it

    But it's pretty cool now. Decent show. UNLIKE THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW.
  • What a fun Show with adult humour and a kiddy look.

    The best show on Cartoon Network, it just has so much of Nostalgia with the radical humor of Finn Mertens
  • They Should Just End It This Season.

    I've lost interest. Season 6 is just filler. Why not just tie up loose ends, ie; have epic fight with Finn's dad, that whole is Susan Strong human, that whole thing with Betty since Simon is now dead, etc.
  • From bad to best to pretty ok

    This show and annoying orange are the only shows that I have ever avoided. When the series came up, I was in my "realistic" phase. The show just seemed so unreal, so I didn't even watch it. This was until one night. All the series were crap. I didn't have anything to do. So I decided to give AT a chance. At first, I felt awkward. But after a while, I couldn't deny it anymore: the series was OK. Season 2 came up and I just said: the series is almost cool. When season 3 came up I thought: it lost its magic. This was until Incendium was aired. When I watched it, I said: I hope there is a new season. Season 4 has been like a roller-coaster. Up to Hot to the Touch and down to web weirdos. Adventure Time is my favorite series ever.

    Season Grades:

    Season Grades:

    Season 1: 3.5/10

    Season 2: 5.0/10

    Season 3: 5.5/10

    Season 4: 9/10

    Season 5: 7.9/10

    Season 6: 5.9/10

    Over All:Awesome!!!

    Music: 8/10

    Title Cards: 10/10

    Design: 7.8/10

    Characters: 9/10

    I expect much from you, At crew. It will be needed a lot of effort for the series not to start falling down from now on. But I know you'll find a way.

    2014 update: Unfortunately, the series is not as glorious as it was when I started my review. However, it's still good, even if so much of season 6 is just humorless filler.
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