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Season 6 : Episode 49

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  • Heat Signature
    Heat Signature
    Episode 26
    Finn and Jake are about to watch a movie called "Heat Signature" at Marceline's house, but the couch is uncomfortable to sit on. They want to be able to float, just like Marceline and her ghost friends, so they set out to become vampires.
  • Mortal Recoil
    Mortal Recoil
    Episode 25
    Princess Bubblegum gets possessed by The Lich. However, only Jake and the Ice King notice. Finn won't believe them, instead focusing on Princess Bubblegum's recovery. Can Jake convince Finn that Princess Bubblegum is possessed by The Lich before it can cause more terror and destruction?
  • Mortal Folly
    Episode 24
    The Lich breaks free from its prison, and Finn & Jake must slay him before he recovers all his powers. Meanwhile, the Ice King wants Finn & Jake to bless his marriage with Princess Bubblegum.
  • Video Makers
    Episode 23
    Finn and Jake hold a movie club and are about to show a film, but they discover a copyright warning. To avoid punishment from unauthorized exhibition of films, they decide to make their own movie, but unfortunately, they don't agree on the genre.
  • The Limit
    The Limit
    Episode 22
    Finn and Jake go inside a maze to save some hot dog knights, but immediately afterwards, they hear of a wish-granting being. To avoid getting lost, Jake stretches himself, but unfortunately, this threatens to weaken him.
  • Belly of the Beast
    Episode 21
    Finn and Jake go inside the gastrointestinal tract of a monster to help someone in distress, only to find a party of bears there. To save all the bears from dying in the monster's belly, Finn and Jake have to stop the party.
  • Go With Me
    Go With Me
    Episode 20
    Finn wants to invite Princess Bubblegum to a couples' movie night, but she declines his invitation, so he seeks advice from Jake and Marceline. Unfortunately though, they conflict each other.
  • Mystery Train
    Episode 19
    It is Finn's birthday, and he and Jake get on board a train to get to his present. On the way, Finn tries to solve a supposed murder mystery, as passengers begin to die.
  • Susan Strong
    Susan Strong
    Episode 18
    Finn and Jake find a group of human-like beings underground and rescue a muscular female named Susan. They teach her about life on the surface and even introduce her to candy. Unfortunately though, Susan becomes so obsessed with candy that she wants to eat the whole Candy Kingdom.
  • Death in Bloom
    Episode 17
    After Finn and Jake accidentally kill Princess Bubblegum's plant, they decide to take a trip to the underworld to get its soul back.
  • Guardians of Sunshine
    After struggling to pass through a difficult level on a video game, Finn and Jake go inside Beemo to fight the virtual villain for real. Unfortunately though, they learn that the game has become more dangerous and difficult.
  • The Real You
    Episode 15
    Princess Bubblegum invites Finn to give a speech to her science-loving friends at a barbecue, but Finn doesn't know much science. To impress the princess, Finn uses a special pair of glasses that give him an incredible amount of scientific knowledge.
  • The Silent King
    The Silent King
    Episode 14
    After saving a civilization of goblins, Finn and Jake volunteer to fill in as their king and queen, only to learn that the rules are too restrictive for them. As king, Finn is not allowed to fight, which upsets him.
  • The Pods
    Episode 13
    Finn and Jake are about to enter the ice cream marathon, when suddenly, a gnome knight is dying and needs someone to guard his beans. Finn volunteers, but now has to be careful, as one of the three beans is evil.
  • Her Parents
    Her Parents
    Episode 12
    Lady Rainicorn's parents are visiting, and she is afraid that they would freak out. Worried that they would dislike him for the dog-rainicorn wars, Jake pretends to be a rainicorn to impress his girlfriend's parents.
  • 1/17/11
    While the Ice King is away, Finn and Jake sneak into his cave and discover his secret ninja chamber.
  • To Cut a Woman's Hair
    To rescue Jake's life from an evil tree witch, Finn must get hair from a princess, but it proves to be harder than he thought.
  • The Other Tarts
    Episode 9
    Finn and Jake volunteer to deliver royal tarts to save Princess Bubblegum from being decapitated. Unfortunately, they take the wrong path and lose most of their tarts in the process.
  • Crystals Have Power
    After Jake unintentionally goes too far in a tough-guy contest with Finn, Jake promises to never physically hurt anyone again. Unfortunately, some crystal men turn Finn into a crystal boy, and Jake has to figure out how he could defeat the crystal men and save his friend, without getting violent.
  • Power Animal
    Power Animal
    Episode 7
    After Finn is kidnapped by gnomes, only Jake can save him. The only problem is that Jake distracts himself very easy.
  • Slow Love
    Slow Love
    Episode 6
    A snail looking for love is destroying Finn and Jake's treehouse. Finn and Jake decide to intervene by helping him find a girlfriend, but this proves to be a difficult task.
  • Storytelling
    Episode 5
    Jake is feeling sick, so Finn goes out on his own adventure to have an interesting story ready for him. Unfortunately, Finn causes trouble, as he attempts to make things interesting.
  • Blood Under the Skin
    After meeting a group of knights wearing full-body armor, who make fun of him for not having any real armor of his own, Finn decides to go on a quest to find the magical armor of Zeldron, with help from Jake. However, the journey turns out to be an embarrassing one for Finn.moreless
  • 10/25/10
    The Ice King shaves his beard and starts to look more appealing to princesses. He becomes the new "nice" king, and everyone, including Finn and Jake, pledges loyalty to him.
  • The Eyes
    The Eyes
    Episode 2
    Finn and Jake cannot get to sleep because of a creepy horse.
  • 10/11/10
    Finn unintentionally summons Marceline's soul-stealing dad, who takes Marceline's bass away from her. Now, Finn has to stop Marceline's dad before he steals everyone's souls and get Marceline's bass back.