Adventure Time - Season 3

Daily 7:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 05, 2010 Returning October 17, 2017




Episode Guide

  • Incendium
    Episode 25
    Finn (Jeremy Shada) has his heart broken when Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch) once again rejects his advances. On seeing Finn's sadness, Jake (John DiMaggio) decides to find a girl who will replace Princess Bubblegum in Finn's heart. Jake will travel to the ends of the earth to help his pal.
  • Dad's Dungeon
    Episode 24
    Dad's Dungeon, which originally aired February 6, 2012, is the twenty-fourth episode in the third season of the animated television series Adventure Time from Cartoon Network. Jake and Finn are surprised when they receive a strange message from Jake's dad. Once they receive the message, Jake and Finn must decide what they are going to do. Will the boys follow Jake's dad's instructions, or will they seek advice before going forward?moreless
  • Ghost Princess
    Episode 23
    Finn (Jeremy Shada) and Jake (John DiMaggio) head to the cemetery, hoping to uncover the secrets of the tragic Ghost Princess (Maria Bamford). Meanwhile, the Ghost Princess connects with Clarence (Sam Marin). When Jake and Finn make a shocking discovery, the Ghost Princess finds her whole world turning upside down.
  • Another Way
    Episode 17
    Another Way: The tears of a crying Cyclops just might heal Finn and Jake's broken toes.
  • Paper Pete
    Episode 21
    Paper Pete is the twenty-first episode in the third season of the animated television series Adventure Time from Cartoon Network, which originally aired January 16, 2012. With a ton of free time on his hands, Jake decides to read up on the history of Rainicorn. Meanwhile, Pagelings and Finn determine they must defend library books.moreless
  • Marceline's Closet
    Episode 12
    Finn and Jake think it will be a clever idea to hide from Marceline in her bedroom closet. Will she find them, or have they outsmarted her?
  • Holly Jolly Secrets
    Episode 19

    Finn and Jake discover a suitcase in a treasure hunt and find several videotapes in them, which they soon watch at their house. Seeing details of the Ice King's personal life, Finn and Jake keep viewing the tapes to discover his evil secret.

  • New Frontier
    New Frontier
    Episode 18
    New Frontier is the eighteenth episode in the third season of the animated series Adventure Time, which originally aired November 28, 2011 on Cartoon Network. Jake has an odd dream, and decides he must find out if it is truly going to happen. Weird Al Yankovic guest stars as the voice of Banana Man.

  • Thank You
    Episode 17
    Thank You is the seventeenth episode in the third season of the animated series Adventure Time, which originally aired November 23, 2011 on Cartoon Network. This episode is a Thanksgiving special. Finn and Jake battle with the Ice King and try to find a way to defeat him. Meanwhile, a Snow Golem and a Firewolf become unlikely friends.

  • Jake vs. Me-Mow
    Episode 16

    While eating pies at Princess Wildberry's place, Finn and Jake discover a tiny cat with intentions to murder. This cat, named Me-Mow, poisons Jake and threatens to kill him with the rest of the poison, unless he kills the princess.

  • No One Can Hear You
    Episode 15

    Finn fights off a deer that was licking one of the candy people, but this deer knocks both him and Jake out. While Finn's lower body is now in a cast, Jake's head is so badly hurt that he believes it's his birthday and that everyone is hiding from him in preparation for a surprise party, when this isn't actually the case.

  • Beautopia
    Episode 14
    Beautopia is the fourteenth episode in the third season of Cartoon Network's animated series Adventure Time, which originally aired November 7, 2011. Susan Strong comes to visit Finn and Jake, and explains that she desperately needs their help to save her home. Jackie Buscarino guest stars as the voice of Susan Strong.

  • From Bad to Worse
    Episode 13

    Ever since Cinnamon Bun ate a piece of zombie flesh, he and other creatures have been turning into zombies. Princess Bubblegum has the formula for an antidote, but when she is turned into a zombie, Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn and Lumpy Space Princess have to make the antidote themselves.

  • The Creeps
    Episode 12
    Princess Bubblegum invites Finn and Jake to a costume party, complete with aliases for all the guests. Suddenly, their fun is cut short when one by one, the guests are supposedly being killed.
  • Apple Thief
    Episode 11

    After Finn rejects food that Jake has prepared for the both of them, they go to Tree Trunks' house to have apple pie. Unfortunately, though, they find that the apples are all gone, so the three of them set out to find the one who stole the apples.

  • What Was Missing
    Episode 10

    What Was Missing is the tenth episode in season three of Adventure Time. To defeat the Door Lord, Jake, Finn, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum must work together and form a band. They take him on with Finn beatboxing, Jake playing the viola, Marceline playing the bass guitar and Princess Bubblegum playing Beemo and singing.

  • In a parallel, gender-bent universe written by the Ice King, Fionna and her magical cat Cake are invited to a ball by Prince Gumball. At the same time, though, the Ice Queen violently attempts to get Prince Gumball all to herself.
  • Wizard Battle
    Episode 8
    Finn and Jake have been waiting for a battle of wizards, sitting in the arena during the entire previous night. As the competition begins, they discover the Ice King has joined, and the prize for winning is a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. Finn wants to defeat the Ice King and get the kiss, so he and Jake pretend to be a wizard to join the competition.moreless
  • Still
    Episode 7
    Finn and Jake wake up paralyzed, only to find out that the Ice King has entered their home and secretly put a freezing potion on them. The Ice King wants to bond with Finn and Jake before un-freezing them, but they refuse to cooperate.
  • The Monster
    Episode 6
    Finn and Jake receive a message from Lumpy Space Princess's parents that she is missing, so they set out to look for her. When they do find Lumpy Space Princess, Finn and Jake learn that she was trying to run away from home and that the population of a nearby village thinks she is a monster who eats crops.moreless
  • Too Young
    Episode 5
    Finn tries to have a good time with the thirteen-year-old Princess Bubblegum, when suddenly, the Lemon uncle wants to take over the castle. Princess Bubblegum objects, but the Lemon uncle thinks she is too young to rule Ooo. Now, she and Finn must find a way to drive the Lemon uncle out of the castle.moreless
  • Hitman
    Episode 4
    After Finn and Jake ground the Ice King for trying to kidnap the Breakfast Princess for four weeks, the Ice King becomes so angry that he wants to hit Finn and Jake. He hires the Hitman to do this for him, but unfortunately, the Hitman wants to kill Finn and Jake instead.moreless
  • Memory of a Memory
    Episode 3

    Memory of a Memory is the third episode in the third season of Adventure Time. Marceline casts a sleeping spell on herself. To wake her up, a wizard transports Jake and Finn into her mind. However, it turns out the wizard is her ex-boyfriend, and tricks them into erasing the memory of the break-up.

  • 7/18/11
    As Finn and Jake enter an arena, they want to turn back, but Finn realizes that it'd be awesome to fight ghost gladiators. So, Finn decides to fight the ghost gladiators, while Jake chooses to stay underground and dig for lava to make a hula hoop.
  • 7/11/11
    An army of tiny creatures arrives to kill Finn and Jake, but unfortunately, Finn and Jake find the creatures too cute to do any harm. Thus, they start harassing Finn and Jake in their own home.