Adventure Time

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Aug 22, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Finn and Jake wake up paralyzed, only to find out that the Ice King has entered their home and secretly put a freezing potion on them. The Ice King wants to bond with Finn and Jake before un-freezing them, but they refuse to cooperate.
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  • Trapped in ice with the Ice King leads to some icy cold reveals and fun character development!

    Finn and Jake wake up frozen from one of the Ice King's spells in an attempt to make them become his friends. What is revealed through this episode is just how creepy the Ice King can be. He says things that would prove he stalks them and watches everything they do.

    We also get to see a fun "life like" quality in the Ice King when talking to his pet/henchman penguin, Gunter. It becomes real funny the banter between the Ice King and the frozen Finn and Jake, especially when Gunter is involved. Gunter gets the last laugh in this episode, and fufills his love of breaking things.

    This episode stands out because of the unique situation we are given to watch. We get to see an intimate relationship development and it is fun to see where the creators take us. One of the downsides in this episode was Finn's astral beast, which seemed un needed and a rather poor way to defeat the Ice King. The Ice King gave up too easily in this episode.

    There are many funny moments and highlights in this episode, such as the relating to some people about the Ice King's love for black and white photography, and random things like that.

    Simple character designs and simple animation, but it is fluid, and fun to watch what crazy things this show comes up with.moreless
  • Finn and Jake can't move from a freezing potion the Ice King made... Clever.

    So, Finn and Jake wake up to find out they can't move. As It OBVIOUSLY turns out, Ice King used a freezing potion on them. With the duo frozen, Ice King thinks he can find a way to bond with them while the Ice King's pet penguin, Gunther, wants to break the bottles.

    This episode was great. It had many funny moments like when Gunthe broke the bottle and the end and danced, and when The slideshow of Gunther's body parts the Ice King made for a bonding activity.

    Final Score:

    8.5/10 Grade: B

    A great episode that sort of dragged a little, but other than that, it was great.moreless

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