Adventure Time

Season 1 Episode 6

The Jiggler

Aired Daily 7:00 PM Apr 19, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • it's a sex joke

    Ok, first off hear me out before thinking I'm just plain wrong this episode is literally about making a baby. From sex to conception to the actual child's birth. Its a long stretch but I have searched everywhere on the details about this and not a single site has mentioned this.

    a somewhat full symphysis is such: the show begins beforehand with a graphic that literally implies Jake has been jacking off and switches to Finn singing about babies.

    By the time they make it back to the house it picks up dramatically. Actions of sex are depicted from the jiggler brushing (rubbing the ***) standing on there heads kicking (fingers in the vagina) Jake runing in a circle (moving the tongue/giving oral)

    After they get done "having fun" they get tired and fall asleep. the next morning they throw in a penis joke about it being limp and weird. They feed jiggler a grape . planting the seed /fertilization) and the highly goes crazy. They then throw in a some what sexual joke about finn and jake being gay with the drawing. I'm not sure but the part beforehand could be about dna being entered into the cells because next the jiggler begins to create a fluid (kind of like the womb) as finn and jake put him back together he strongly looks like a zygote. From there it expands and the like an early scene segues to the birthing process. The mama "rejects" the jiggler goes mad crazy as if going thru birth then finally after a moment the jiggler is now with its loving family.

    You can bump my post you can disregard what I have said but I've watched the episode enough times along with tracking adult innuendo in many other animations to clearly see the animators intentions. I can't believe this is no where to be found and I'm going to be posting this on as many sites as possible. The whole episode is a dirty joke (a cool and funny one at that) but how is no one talking about it when it's clear as day?
  • Not that great an episode

    This was one of those episodes that I didn't really care for. It had it's laughs but I have yet to watch it more then once. It also doesn't add to future story lines. Good for a laugh but by far one of the worse episode in my opinion.
  • Almost perfect episode

    I thought this was an almost perfect episode. This episode was very funny. Finn and Jake finding a baby jiggler was cool. It was super funny that Finn was singing in Auto Tune (after he swallow that tiny computer). The jiggler trying to eat foods from the paper was funny. I thought it was super funny that Jake ate a paper of himself. I liked all the other parts that they were dancing. The ending was very nice. But the only thing I didn't like was that jiggler's mom not knowing that the small jiggler is her son yet she got angry for no reason. Other than that, this episode was excellent. 9.5/10