Adventure Time

Season 5 Episode 31

Too Old

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Into the land of lemons once more, where we meet LemonHope.

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  • This is coming to a lemonhead.

    Can you ever watch an AT episode with Lemongrab and really enjoy it? Well not the episode but the character? Lemongrab just always seemed like a one trick pony, an annoying antagonist who knows nothing of caring for anyone and acts like a screeching brat with power. But really what more can you do with a character as strange and grating as him? What do you do after you double him?

    This one answers that by actually giving us something more with Lemongrab and his kingdom of lemon people. The lemon kingdom is looking much better than from what we saw in "All Your Fault" there is more order, things look pleasant and like a kingdom with inhabitants even if they are a touch dimwitted. But then we see what has become of the Earls since 'Another 5 Short Graybles' (that I and perhaps many thought wouldn't be cannon). The original Earl in black has been eatting the Earl in white alive and has grown to obese and grotesque proportions.

    The beauty and order is now hideously marred by the knowledge of what brought this about, the Earl in black is a horrible tyrant who has reconditioned all of his people. We saw evidence of how the Earl was in 'You Made Me' with how he treated the pup gang so it shouldn't have been surprising to me but to see it on such a large scale was almost horrifying.

    PB stubbles upon Lemonhope, a little lemon with a lovely voice and a harp who is being detained by the Earl because he hates the music. PB wants to take him with her to nurture his talents and the Earl refuses leading to PB striving to get Hope out of the kingdom and finally escaping after some help from the nearly digested Earl of white and the momentarily freed lemonpeople.

    Though it's horrific what the Earl does it's a bit unsettling at how Finn doesn't treat the situation seriously. For Finn this adventure is all about trying to get close to PB again to get over the break up with FP, Finn's actions are childish as he thinks a nostalgic prank he and PB pulled when she was her younger self will do to convince the Earl otherwise. Even while they struggle to get away Finn's focus isn't on what's going on around him but immaturely focused upon the relationship between him and PB.

    The title of the episode comes into play that PB is too old to be doing childish things, that she has her responsibilities and can't focus just upon him. This is something that makes PB seem almost cold and uncaring as we saw with 'The Suitor' though the PB of later episodes has definitely matured a lot more than the one we saw from the start.

    But another thing is that this isn't the first time the factor of being too old or too young has come into play, these words usually popping up when it has to deal with the relationship between the two of them. The weird thing is we know even Finn is aware that PB is too old for him and he is too young to be with her as it's actually something he feared (even when he was crushing/going out with FP) in the "King Worm" episode.

    Seeing how it all connects throughout the show's history it's good to see that the writers know what they are doing and the episode leaves room for more in the future.moreless
  • Acceptable

    I really despise the Lemon episodes, but this one wasn't too horrible as far as they go. I was sad to see the (potential) end of the white Lemongrab, and very disappointed in Finn for continuing to be a stupid boy regarding relationships, but that's the magic of this show, is how real it can be. PB's definitely moved on, grown up, etc. and Finn's stuck same as he always has been. I think we need a few more Jake + Finn episodes for that great Jake advice to start flowing, but this was a decent start.moreless

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