Adventure Time

Season 5 Episode 26

Wizards Only, Fools

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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  • Hilarious Parody

    I enjoyed this episode. As someone who hangs around with a lot of hardcore atheist types, bubblegum sent them up hilariously in this episode, refusing to say anything positive about magic, even when her life depended on it. By showing characters not being tolerant and the problems it got them in to, it showed the best way is often tolerance and seeing things from another perspective, Even if you are right.moreless
  • Clash of beliefs

    This episode reflects real life more thinly veiled than others or proves that we look into things too much.

    In this episode Starchy is ill and refuses any sort of cure unless it's magic. PB denounces magic as science done by people who doesn't know what they are doing and attempts to force a cure into Starchy but Nurse Poundcake refuses to help PB on the grounds that a relative is magic user and used his magic to help her. Both Poundcake and Starchy are left offended by PB's overall intolerance and mockery of magic.

    Giving up PB enlists Finn and Jake's help to transverse into Wizard City to get a magic cure for the cold for Starchy. PB is course throughout this entire episode as she bullies Ice King into betraying the secret city by violently extracting the password from him that gains them entrance into the city that would otherwise only appear as a bunch of mountains. When said that the entrance is magic PB dismisses it explaining how it works on a scientific level which gets a boo from Jake. She even calls Jake's ability to change his shape and size nothing more than a mutation.

    The venture inside the city doesn't really show us much although it would have been nice to see more than what we had before in Reign of the Gunters. But we do learn what Huntress Wizard meant to Ice King about wanting to get killed, non-magic users in Wizard City are "killed" as one wizard impresonator is transformed into a reed.

    Inside the magic store they go to purchase a cold spell but PB's need to know how it works scientifically as she doesn't simply believe in magic results in them being discovered and chased. We see Abaracdanial once again, the secret society of wizards that we had seen in Reign of Gunters makes another appearance as well and we see that Ice King has made himself invisible to spy on them still with intents of joining the society.

    After getting cornered PB uses her title to see the Grand Master Wizard whom she seems on good terms with since she was a part of Wizard Battle as the prize. He expresses disappointment in PB but promises her pardon if she merely says "Wizards Rule" and act that seems simple but she refuses landing her and her party in jail.

    The events of the jail goes by quickly as Abaracadanial tries to gain his rep by fighting PB to the death, but Jake smuggling the cold spell in which is a cold spell and not a spell to cure a cold helps PB by giving it to her. She freezes everyone and they leave the city. Back in the candy kingdom Abaracadanial distracts Starchy while PB injects the original cold serum ending the episode.

    This episode is a lot of things depending on how you look at it. Adventure Time has been a rather feel good show we've seen episodes of friendship, tolerance, complete randomness, get depth and character development and so much more. But then we get an episode that isn't like that and that is this episode.

    We learn a bit more about PB, Wizard City, and that the people there aren't as open minded and tolerant as we originally thought.

    This episode leaves you feeling a bit uncomfortable and very frustrated and it's all because of Bubblegum. Listening to PB bully Ice King over the recording is nothing short of uncomfortable, but really this isn't the first time she's been more than willing to hurt him to get the ends to a means. But the only thing that saves that is a small insert of Ice King being the funny but sad and lonely guy that he is by taking any from of physical contact that PB will offer even if it is in the form of pain.

    PB is extremely closed minded when it comes to the matter of magic and science. She doesn't really respect people's belief in it and though throughout the series we know that she has seen magic before she never voiced if she thought that it was real magic or science so it's highly possible that she always saw magic as science performed by fools and all who seems magical are nothing more than mutations.

    In retrospect we know that PB is very science minded, there is no mystery for her, everything can be explained by science we see this in the first episode with her (Not the original pilot). Throughout the episode you just want for her to be a bit more tolerant and accepting even though there is so much proof that things just might be magic. But at the same time if she did then she would be betraying her own unfailing beliefs in science.

    In the end it's not really a compromise, PB still mocks magic and forces her own solution onto Starchy . And sadly this reflects real life in a frightening sort of parody.moreless
  • Really Bubblegum?

    This is a show with tons of magical elements added to it. Princess Bubblegum has seen magic with her own eyes with the Ice King and the Lich and many magical creatures. She was even going to kiss the winner of Wizard Battle watching Wizards compete with magic. And then this episode is made.

    This has got to be her stupidest moment in the entire series. She sees the illusions and magical powers cast by Wizards, and she is still skeptical about the magical sights and then insults a potion maker and gets her, Finn, and Jake arrested. She then gets an offer to be set free along with Finn and Jake if she says "Wizards Rule" and she further insults Wizard City, putting not only herself, but Finn and Jake in Wizard Jail. I'm sorry but this episode was very weak and Bubblegum just enraged me in this episode.moreless
  • Beliefs

    After so many episodes about sensitivity and acceptance and all that, I have to say I rather resented Bubblegum's treatment in this episode. It was a good adventure, but the attitudes were unnecessary. Also, what was the deal with Ice King in the bookshelf? Not overly impressed with this week.

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