Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Season 4 Episode 10

Compassion (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

With Sock and Ari still fighting over their Christmas reef since the previous episode, Plato tells them they shouldn't act like that especially with Christmas approaching. When we last left off in this Christmas story, Annie had been elected president of the Drama Club. She insisted on running the club as a business. Because of that, they wouldn't perform A Christmas Carol. Zach wanted Annie to forget about canceling their Christmas play, but she refused to listen. They soon met a boy from the orphanage. And that night, Annie dreamed of Charles Dickens and his famous work, A Christmas Carol and how she dreamed she was Scrooge. In the second part of this Christmas tale, Annie's dream of her being Scrooge returns to her. The boy in her dream (who looks like the one from the orphanage)asks Annie, who was his mother, for some money. Not only that, other kids were asking for donations to the orphanage. Suddenly, a spirit who looks a lot like Plato the Buffalo appears and warns Annie that she should be concerned about the Christmas season. A knock on the door, and Annie tries to make whoever was there go away. When she hears her mother telling her to get ready for school, Annie realizes that she had been dreaming again about Charles Dickens's story. At Plato's Peak, Sock asks Annie for advice. Sock hasn't gotten a Christmas gift for Ari and wants to ask Annie for suggestions since she's president of the Drama Club. Zach doesn't think Annie is good at making decisions. Annie wonders if Sock and Ari are still fighting. Annie has other things to worry about than Sock's gift or his stocking. Sock has to solve the problem himself. Later that day, Zach wants to ask Annie about the donation to the Spring Valley Orphanage. Annie says there hasn't been any changes. They still couldn't give them even a penny. Zach understands the matter, and he suggests they can all do a holiday performance especially for all the children of the orphanage. Annie still refuses Zach's ideas and worries about paying customers who will watch the performance. Zach has been to the orphanage to donate some old clothes he collected. Annie has so much to do before opening night. Even more, Annie is so sleepy. As soon as she dozes off, she sees the spirit of Plato again in her dreams. Annie Scrooge asks the spirit what he wants from her. Plato's ghost asks Annie if she believes in the Christmas spirit, and Scrooge says she doesn't. That's where the spirit points out Annie's problem. The spirit of Plato had turned away from those who asked for help from him. Therefore, he wears a chain. When he asks Annie if she wished to carry such a heavy chain, Annie says it wouldn't do. Unless Annie Scrooge changes her ways, she'll have to carry all that weight. Since she wouldn't listen to the ghost of Plato, she will be visited by three ghosts. Plato warns her to listen to each one so she can carry the spirit of Christmas and compassion in her heart. The bell rings once, and Annie is face to face with the first ghost who looks very much like Ari. He is the Ghost of Christmas Past--Annie's past to be precise. The ghost sends Annie on a journey to her past to show her what her life was before she became greedy. Annie Scrooge sees the pond behind the school where she and Zach used to go skating. That's when Annie started being selfish and greedy. Returning to reality, Zach knocks over a prop and warns Annie to watch out. At least she gives Zach a hug for a friendly start. Just as Zach leaves for home, Annie tells him that she may be wrong about canceling A Christmas Carol for the Drama Club. Still, Annie hasn't made any decisions on donating to the orphanage yet. That night, Annie's dream as Scrooge continues. The second ghost appears, which looks much like Sock. He is the Ghost of Christmas Present. This ghost takes her off to show her what is happening at the moment in Annie Scrooge's life. She sees her helper, Bob Cratchet, spending Christmas with his family. Although he was poor, his gifts bring such joy to his children. When Scrooge sees the boy who threw the snowball at her, she recognizes him. He was from the orphanage. He had no shoes to wear because the family couldn't afford any. Annie asks the spirit if things would improve, and the ghost answers that the boy may not be able to run and play anymore because of his swollen feet he got for going about barefoot in the snow. A flash of light, and the second ghost vanishes. It is dark, and Annie Scrooge meets the third ghost--the Ghost of Christmas Future, who was going to show the events that have not yet happened. Scrooge sees that her business has been closed, and she sees herself out of the job. As for the boy from the orphanage, he couldn't walk anymore and has to use a wheelchair just to get around. The only one who could've helped the boy was Annie Scrooge herself. The spirit whisks Annie off to a graveyard where she stands next to a gravestone. Annie begs the spirit to tell her if all those things she saw were going to happen for real or if they'll change if she changes her attitude. Annie awakes the next morning. It is Christmas Morning! Annie goes over to Sock and Ari who are still fighting over the stocking. Annie tells them their friendship is more important than a stocking or a reef or even a Christmas tree. The best gift they can give each other is their friendship. Sock and Ari paws shake and make up. Annie wakes up Zach to tell him the good news. The Drama Club will be performing the traditional play, A Christmas Carol. Zach would get to play the part of Scrooge. At the orphanage, Annie donates a pair of shoes to the boy who threw the snowball at her. Annie admits, she used to like throwing snowballs when she was his age. The best thing of all is this: Annie invites the children of the Spring Valley Orphanage to come and watch the Drama Club's production of A Christmas Carol. Annie has finally learned the true meaning of the Christmas spirit, just like Scrooge in Charles Dickens's famous holiday tale. Zach is proud of her especially.
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