Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS



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    • Aurora: When we have integrity, Annie, it means that the things we say and do are reliable.
      Plato: In other words, our work is good, dependable, and sound. If we lack integrity, our work may not hold together and fall apart.

    • Annie: I guess selling those second-rate weathervanes wasn't really putting my best foot forward. And if a robber can repair his integrity, then so can I.

  • Notes

    • Featured Selections:

      For Want of a Horseshoe Nail adapted from James Baldwin (from chapter 3 of The Book of Virtues, "Responsibility")
      Charlemagne and the Robber Knight adapted from a retelling by Marie Frerrie and Charles Devans (from chapter 6 of The Moral Compass, "Leadership and Citizenship")

    • The story of For Want of a Horseshoe Nail appears on the DVD, Integrity [School Edition].

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