Adventures from the Book of Virtues

PBS (ended 1997)





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  • One of the virtues, surely, is *not* being a hypocrite. Sadly, the show's creator missed out on that one.

    William Bennett was drug czar of the United States, having been appointed by the president, when he decided to write an inspirational book for children. It would serve as a guide for life and instill good morality in them, in a world where many parents feared for their children's safety.

    I don't know if it succeeded in anyone else's life, because it certainly didn't do much for William himself.

    Bennett turned out to have a serious habit smoking cigars. Furthermore, he had a nasty gambling addiction, so much so that the staff at the casinos knew him well-- and knew he'd keep throwing away more and more money, to the tune of seven or eight figures. One casino owner referred to Bennett thusly: "We have a term for people like that in the industry: *losers*."

    The only way this simplistic and sappy, cliched show could be a virtue to you would be if you did not watch it.