Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1998 on PBS

Episode Recap

Zach is watching a football game on TV. Zach is rooting for his favorite team, the Cougars, and for his favorite player on the team, Sean Willis. The Cougars win the game, and Sean gives a special welcome to the Lake View Children's Hospital. Sean Willis is Zach's college football idol.

The next day, there is a big announcement at Zach's school. Sean Willis will be coming tomorrow as a special guest on alumni day. Zach is excited, especially when he hears about volunteers needed for the preparations. When Zach tells his principal that he wants to volunteer, he thinks he'll be preparing a speech for Sean or be in a football demo. But disappointed, Zach gets the job of cleaning the auditorium for his honored guest. Zach wants to take back the job of volunteering, but his principal knows how trustworthy Zach really is.

Later at Plato's Peak, Zach tells Annie about how he'd feel if his football idol saw him dust chairs and sweep the floor. Annie wouldn't be thrilled about doing that kind of job either. Aurora asks Zach if he volunteered to help his principal any way he could, and Zach admits he has. Meanwhile, Ari is chasing Sock who didn't want to help him find his glasses he lost down one of his tunnels. Sock is afraid he'd get stuck in one of the tunnels underground. Zach is curious, and Sock adds that he might even catch a cold in the tunnels as well. Ari asks Zach if he'd ever let him down, and Zach says he wouldn't turn away from his friends. But what about his principal? Plato tells Zach that he wouldn't leave anyone behind if he was trustworthy. This reminds Plato of an Aesop fable called The Bear and the Travelers.

In this story, there was once a badger named Chauncey. One day, Chauncey went off on a trip, but his father wouldn't let Chauncey go alone. Chauncey ought to have a trustworthy friend to come along with him. Chauncey couldn't even leave his father behind on a trip. Alec said he was trustworthy enough to come on the trip with Chauncey. The two travelers were enjoying themselves when Chauncey decided to take a nap. Alec said he'll keep an eye out for any dangers. Just then, a bear came along. Chauncey awoke with a start, and the two travelers went running. Alec ran off leaving Chauncey behind. "You can't just leave me!" cried Chauncey. But Alec said he'd stay by his side except when it came to bears. Chauncey pretends to be dead, and the bear thought he was just a dead body and walked away. Alec was relieved that Chauncey was still alive. It seemed that the bear whispered in Chauncey's ear that the friend he'd really need is someone who's trustworthy and doesn't run away from bears.

Zach and Annie could never trust anyone like Alec from the story, and neither could Plato. Alec could've tried helping Chauncey when the bear came around. Sock decides to help find Ari's glasses after all. Besides, Ari is a trustworthy creature to someone and something that matters. Zach too is trustworthy for important things himself.

Zach decides to have some lunch now. But when he looks in his lunchbag, he finds that his sandwich is gone. Annie had eaten it...or has she? Well, she was hungry, and Annie counted on Annie to guard his lunch from Sock for him. Besides, it was no big deal. Annie just took one bite out of Zach's sandwich.

Zach is stuck with cleaning the auditorium--unless, he can get someone else to do it for him. This reminds Plato of a story about someone who had the urge of passing off his job to someone else. It's called The Knights of the Silver Shield.

There once was a man named Sir Roland who worked with a group of knights who were known for their silver shields. They lived in a forest helping travelers fight off giants. Each of the knights' shields were made by a magician and showed each owner's character. What's more, a knight who was the greatest earned the shield's highest honor--the shield with a golden star on it. Sir Roland wished to earn such a shield. The lord of the castle was the one who owned that star. Just then, giants came upon the knights. Sir Roland knew it would be a battle where a knight could win a star. He knew he could win it. And so, the lord gave Sir Roland a job. He was to stay and guard the gateway of the castle. He was not to let anyone in until the other knights returned, and he was to ring the bell if an enemy came around. Sir Roland became uncertain about this task and wanted to back out of it. Moments later, one of the knights returned. This was Sir Jacque who was wounded during the battle. It was only a scratch, Roland finds out. Sir Jacque didn't need to fight anymore. Sir Roland would have been glad to give Sir Jacque the job of guarding the gate, except the lord asked Sir Roland to be the one who should stay on guard. As much as they wanted very much to win the star, both knights had to be faithful to their tasks. Not long after Sir Jacque left, an old woman came. She told Sir Roland that the giants are fighting more fiercely than ever and asked Sir Roland to come to the forest and join the battle. Sir Roland would like to help his friends, but he was to stick to his job. The old woman told Sir Roland that he was just afraid, and his shield would look gray and dole. Just then, someone came along and gave Sir Roland a magic sword which can help him in any battle. When Sir Roland saw just how powerful the sword was, it made him want to fight the giants. But he didn't want to disobey his lord. When Sir Roland saw that the man who tried offering him the magic sword was really a giant in disguise, he rang the bell. The drawbridge opened, and the giant retreated. Sir Roland would've been in danger if he let somebody else take his place, and that was the right thing for him to do--stay on guard. Before long, all the knights returned to the castle. The giants have been beaten! Sir Roland told his lord the whole story. Because of his trustworthyness, Sir Roland won his golden star.

After listening to that story, Zach decides to clean the auditorium for sure and Sock will keep finding Ari's glasses, which takes him no time at all. Zach goes off to do his trustworthy job. Plato is proud of Zach for making such a good choice. Even his principal is proud of Zach for his work. He even shakes hands with--guess who--Sean Willis! Even more, Zach gets to interview Sean for the school newspaper.