Adventures in Hollyhood

Season 1 Episode 4

Lovin Large

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 26, 2007 on MTV - Music Television

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  • In this episode we see trice has a girlfriend that he talks to all the time (sugarfoot).He finally realizes that he indeed loves her and proposes over the phone. Well being who they are juice and paul tell computer to get sugarfoot to LA.The fun begins.

    This was a good episode in my opinion it gave us an inside of trice as a person instead of just an assistant for juice and paul. In here we see that he talks to his girlfriend sugar foot all the time, to which paul and juice arent too happy because of the phone bill, but that being they are happy with his relationship. But they ask why so much and trice thinks about and he realizes that he misses her a lot and thats why he has to talk to her so much. After a while he finally realizes its time and proposes over the phone luckly for him she says yes. He then tells the news to the boys, juice and paul decide that they should bring sugar foot to LA for trice and so that he can propose the right way. When sugar foot finally gets to LA we see that juice and paul like sugar foot and are friends. So with trice being in the dark about her arival they set up a secret dinner with sugarfoot, to which he is happy and thinks he is dreaming but once he knows that its true he does get on one knee and gives her the ring. This was a good, funny episode that involved ranch sauce and sugar ehh lol but it showed that trice has something more than just getting things he is a romnatic and who knows he might give juice and paul some pointers