Adventures in Hollyhood

MTV - Music Television (ended 2007)


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  • This show is just so funny.

    This show is so funny i just have to watch it over and over again. dj paul and juicy really need trice and computer or i don't think the show would be as funny as it is. It's nothing like Rob & Big it's not even on the same level of funny. It exceeded much higher then that. i don't know why they call him computer cause the show portray him as no where near smart. it's ghetto but a good funny ghetto. i don't know why but i love it so much . This show will definitely make trice and computers superstars. computer loves white girls which i also think is hilarious considering he is a large back man in California with a black cowboy hate. they big enough to be security guards but they are assistants which i guess works with the show. This show makes me laugh no matter how many times or when i watch it.
  • this show is soooo funny. every time i watch it i want to see more.

    this show is soooo funny!!! i love it. showing how the group moves from tennesse to hollywood is soooooooo funny. my fav person would have to be juicy j or triece. triece is sooooo funny. he peed on jennifer love-hewitts lawn that was really funny!!! this show makes to laugh all the time. a really funny part of the first episode was where they had a party at there house and only one person showed up. it was an old lady. she told them to rap slower because when she listens to them she cant understand a word they are saying. over all this show is the best i cant get it out of my head by how they act. its just sooo darn funny!!!