Adventures in Hollyhood - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Memphis Blues
    Memphis Blues
    Episode 8
    In the Season Finale. for their album the guys return to Memphis for some inspiration when they struggle to write the single.
  • Community Service
    Community Service
    Episode 7
    With a bikini car wash for charity the guys give back to the community.
  • The Playa's Mansion
    Juicy D and DJ Paul throw caution to the wind as they live the dream in Hollyhood, surrounded by friends, fame and fortune. However, reality settles in with a crash when their partying lifestyle is interrupted. The Three 6 Mafia will have to get their priorities straight if they want to thrive.moreless
  • Acting for Dummies
    Acting for Dummies
    Episode 6
    The rest of the gang gets the acting bug when Juicy gets ready for a movie audition. In the meantime action figures of the guys are made.
  • Weights and Dates
    Weights and Dates
    Episode 5
    With Ashton Kutchers help Juicy searches the Hollywood dating scene. Elsewhere Computer goes to major lengths to try to win a weight loss contest between himself, Triece and Pat.
  • Little Black Book
    Little Black Book
    Episode 5
    Episode 5 of the first season of "Adventures in Hollywood", entitled "Little Black Book", features Austin Kutcher and his dissecting and commentary of the Hollywood dating scene. Kutcher injects his brand of humor into Tinsel Town's latest dating rumors and gossip. The episode also consists of an intense weight loss competition.moreless
  • Lovin Large
    Lovin Large
    Episode 4
    For a surprise visit Juicy and Paul bring Sugarfoot who is Trience sweetheart from Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Rap Stars R Us
    Rap Stars R Us
    Episode 3
    Computer and Triece become jealous when Three 6 Mafia have a showcase for Memphis rapper Lil Wyte.
  • Makin' A Gangsta' Ass Movie
    High on recent success, Juicy J and DJ Paul decide to make a unique movie incorporating all genres titled 'Streets of Memphis: A Gangster Ass Movie'. They get professional advice for their sales pitch before meeting with director Joel Schumacher. Meanwhile, Computer and Big Triece enroll in Beyond the Red Carpet, a high-class school for assistants, but they are slow learners and continue bungling up things for Juicy J and DJ Paul back at their Hollywood mansion.moreless
  • Slap that Sucka
    Slap that Sucka
    Episode 2
    The Three 6 Mafia, consisting of Juicy J and DJ Paul, land a recording deal with the Warner Brothers music label immediately after arriving in Hollywood. Juicy and Paul bring in the rapper Lil Wyte for assistance, but his rivals Computer and Big Triece try to sabotage his initial attempts, even turning up at his showcase. He manages to compose a winning track despite all the hurdles.moreless
  • Pitching Fits
    Pitching Fits
    Episode 2
    Computer and Triece are sent to assistant school, While Paul and Juicy pitch their movie idea.
  • Hello to Hollyhood
    Hello to Hollyhood
    Episode 1
    Staring in this comedy reality series on MTV about their quest to become major players in Hollywood is Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia. In this first episode the group moves to the West Coast from Memphis.