The Adventures of Paddington Bear

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Paddington goes to the hospital to visit Mr. Curry and ends up visiting a psychiatrist instead. In no time at all, it's the psychiatrist who needs a psychiatrist. Paddington is mistaken for a doctor and performs a check-up on a patient. Mr. Curry recognizes him and jumps out of his bed - to the delight of the other patients. It seems that Mr. Curry is well enough to go home after all.moreless
    • Paddington Takes to the Road
      On their trip to France Mr. Gruber tells Paddington that they are going to take part in the Tour de France. Thinking that he is going on a bicycle tour of France Paddington procures himself a tricycle. His peaceful ride through the French countryside takes a wild turn when Paddington finds himself in the middle of the renown bicycle race.moreless
    • The Last Dance
      The Last Dance
      Episode 3
      The local charity ball is marked by a most unusual dance team rhumba-ing their way to first prize glory in the dance competition. It's Paddington and Mrs. Smith-Cholmley, the hostess of the event. And to what do this twosome owe their incredily dancing talent? Practice? Natural talent? Try the chunk of marmalade that winds up down the back of Mrs. Smith-Cholmley's dress.moreless
    • On his first ride on the subway, a wandering Paddington experiences problems with a tricky escalator, an inspector, and a group of dos sniffing after the leftover breakfast bacon in his suitcase.
    • Paddington In the Ring
      While in Japan, Paddington visits a rikishi - a training school for novice sumos. His attempts to gather information for Mr. Gruber's Book of Wonders land him smack-dab in the centre ring opposite the resident Yokozuna.
    • Mr. Curry Lets Off Steam
      Mr. Curry takes advantage of Paddington's good nature and finalges himself an invitation to try out Mr. Brown's new sauna. But when Paddington mistakenly locks him inside, Mr. Curry really has cause to be steamed.
    • 0.0
      Fearing his money was stolen when his bank is robbed, Paddington goes to take out his savings and he gets a nasty surprise. First, the interest he earns on his savings isn't very interesting at all: a measly threepence. Then, when he receives his money, he is shocked to discover that they are not the same marmalade chunk marked bills he entrusted to the bank six months ago-his money was stolen! Our hero puts in an emergency call to Mrs. Bird, and it's a call that helps capture the bank robber and Paddington gets his notes back.moreless
    • A Spot of Fishing
      An afternoon fishing trip to a nearby island takes a comical turn when Paddington, Mr. Gruber and Admiral Gurndy find themselves stranded. Leave it to Paddington to mistakently hog-tie the Admiral and send out the distress signal that eventurally leads to their rescue.
    • Bear's Job Week
      Bear's Job Week
      Episode 9
      Paddington learns of a wonderful tradition: a week of doing tasks for people and getting paid. Mr. Curry is dubious, but since he's in a hurry to finish his costume for a big contest, he takes Paddington on. And because ironing is difficult with paws, Mr. Curry wins first prize.
    • The Opal of My Eye
      The Opal of My Eye
      Episode 11
      Paddington and Mr. Gruber travel to Coober Pedy, Australia, the opal mining capital of the world. There, Paddington becomes enthralled with the idea of striking it rich, and before Mr. Gruber knows it, his assistant is off and and mining would be more like it.
    • Too Much Off the Top
      Paddington gets a job as an assistant at a barber shop. But when a customer comes in demanding a trim, and Mr. Sloop the barber is nowhere in sight, Paddington tries his paw at haircutting - with predictable results. Paddington attempts to rectify the situation with some hair restorer, glue, and the discarder hair clippings on the floor.moreless
    • A seaside excursion turns into an adventure on the high seas when Paddington finds himself adrift in his sand bucket.
    • Paddington and the Pyramid Selling
      The streets of Cairo are the setting for a con that leads Paddington to "purchase" a pyramid. When he realizes how big this thing really is, and that it would be impossible for the postman to deliver it to Mr. Gruber's shop, he sets out to get his money back. And with Mr. Gruber's help, he makes a pretty good deal.moreless
    • The Finishing Touch
      In his attempt to find the perfect "finishing touch" for Mr. Gruber's newly-built patio, Paddington goes shopping at "Adrian Crisp - Garden Ornaments". Forty pence gets him a heavy stone antique boulder which, while pleasant to look at, is a real heavy trick to carry back to Portobello Road.
    • When Mr. Brown's prized vegetable disappears from the garden, Paddington turns detective to investigate the matter. They mystery is marked by clever disguises, suspicious suspects, and an ominous flashing light in the dead of night.
    • Seeing Is Believing
      To re-kindle a young Irish girl's imagination, Paddington poses as a leprechaun, and with Mr. Gruber's help, soon no one knows what is real or not. Especially Paddington and the young girl who can't deny that seeing is believing.
    • A Visit to the Theatre
      Paddingotn's first visit to the theatre is marked by a marmalade mishap and a near-row over some opera glasses. To top off the evening, Paddington takes the night's performance a little too seriously and sneaks backstage to give the lead a piece of his mind.
    • Due to a case of mistaken identity, Paddington is behind the wheel for his first driving test.
    • Howdy Paddington
      Howdy Paddington
      Episode 20
      The (not so) wild west is the setting for Mr. Gruber to live out his boyhood dream of being a cowboy, and that dream is a success thanks to cowbear Paddington's special way with steers. When a herd goes missing, our heroes hurry out with a "yeehaaa" to catch the rustler, and Paddington deals out his own brand of justice.moreless
    • Paddington Goes Shopping
      During a simple shopping expedition, Paddington inadvertenly turns a window display topsy-turvy - to the delight of passing shoppers.
    • It's Mr. Brown's birthday and, in his attempt to raise enough money to send him a telegram, Paddington takes a job as a model for a painting class. But our little hero quickly discovers that standing stock still for hours on end is not only frightfully boring, but leg-numbing as well. At Mr. Gruber's suggestion, he forgets about the telegram and gives Mr. Brown a singing telegram instead.moreless
    • Bonhomme Paddington
      At the Quebec Winter Carnival, Paddington becomes great friends with the Bonhomme Carnival who encourages the young bear to put his paws to good use and participate in the festivities. Paddington and Mr. Gruber join a team for the canoe race across the frozen St. Lawrence, and because of Paddington, they win by a nose.moreless
    • Everything Comes to Those Who Wait
      When Paddington goes out caroling one night, he ends up at a dinner party, mistaken for the waiter. And after the chef quits, it is up to our little hero to complete the meal. Baked Alaska? Oh. Paddington thought he heard Baked Elastic.
    • 0.0
      Mr. Curry enters a gold competition with Paddington as his caddie. But when Mr. Curry ends up in the first aid tent after slipping on a marmalade sandwich, Paddington takes over for him - and wins a bag of shiny new golf clubs.
    • Ranger Paddington
      Ranger Paddington
      Episode 26
      While on safari in Africa, Paddington sets out to protect his breakfast eggs from poachers, and because of his efforts, Mr. Gruber and the park ranger are captured by real poachers. It's up to Paddington to save the day, and the two villains fall victim to their own trap.
    • Paddington's Puzzle
      Paddington tries his paw at carpentry and comes up with a most novel project: a jigsaw puzzle. Helping himself to the painting he assumes Mr. Curry has left out for the trash, he carefully saws it into jigsaw pieces. But when Mr. Curry comes over, thundering about his stolen painting, Paddington's little project takes a turn for the worse.moreless
    • 0.0
      Paddington is taken in by a confidence man and suddenly finds himself embarking on a new career - as a vacuum cleaner salesman. His first customer: Mr. Curry. But his demonstratioin doesn't go quite as planned. After dumping soot on his neighbor's carpet, he prepares to plug the cleaner into the nearest socket only to discover - Mr. Curry doesn't have a socket. Why, he doesn't have electricity! He uses gas!moreless
    • Riding High
      Riding High
      Episode 29
      Mr. Gruber's friend has high hopes his horse, Betting Star, will win the Kentucky Derby, and though no one would admit it at first, it's a lucky thing Paddington injures the horse's jockey. With the help of a tad too much garlic, Paddington becomes one with the horse - who runs like the wind to get away from the smell.moreless
    • Paddington Dines Out
      It's Paddington's summer birthday and the Browns and Mr. Gruber celebrate by taking our little hero to an expensive restaurant. Once there, Paddington orders a marmalade sandwich, put out Mr. Gruber's omelet flambée, and makes the acquaintance of Sir HUntley Martin the marmalade king.
    • 0.0
      When Paddington invests in a Grant Stalwart's World Famous Home Body-Building Outfit, Mr. Curry decides to have a go at the equipment - with disastrous results.
    • Paddington Goes to Washington
      Capitol Hill is a big place but one where a young bear has a voice. When Paddington is mistaken for a guest speaker at the House of Representatives, the President is so impressed with Paddington's down home common sense, he offers the bear the services of the White House. Paddington knows when he's onto something good, and a Secret Service agent sure helps keep Mr. Curry in his place.moreless
    • Trouble at the Launderette
      Paddington packs the Brownès laundry into his wheelbarrow and wheels everything over to the launderette where he proceeds to do the wash, shrink Mr. Curry's sweater, and turn the laundertte into a chaotic, soapy mess.
    • One foggy evening, Paddington spies a kidnapping: a bearded man creeps up behind a woman, throws a white sheet over her, and carries her off. Emulating his favorite mystery detective Dick Dale, Paddington goes "undercover" at a department store to solve the crime.
    • The Greatest Paddington on Earth
      As everyone knows, Paddington is a helpful bear...even when he doesn't know he's helping. So it's lucky for a small traveling Chinese circus that Mr. Gruber and Paddington come to watch a performance, because with a few bear-adjustments, the circus' popularity grows and grows, and our bear is the hit of the show.moreless
    • Paddington Goes to Court
      Mr. Gruber brings Paddington to visit the Law Courts. But they get there only to realize that the visitor's gallery is locked. While Mr. Gruber sets out to find someone who can unlock the door for them, Paddington sits down to a snack. But before long, our hero finds himself in a court of law - on trial!moreless
    • The Treasure Hunt
      Episode 37
      Paddington decides to dig for buried treasure with his trusty magic probe metal detector. While in Mr. Curry's yard, the probe goes off, much to Mr. Curry's delight. The crotchety neighbor get to work, digging for all he's worth, and it's not until Mr. Curry has dug up his backyard that Paddington realizes the source of the metal detector's flashing was not buried treasure - but the studs on his neighbor's shoes.moreless
    • Paddington Goes to Hollywood
      Anything can happen in Hollywood, and it usually does when the difference between what's real and what's not isn't so clear for a young bear, especially one who gets to play The Claw in a big movie. Paddington's acting career is short lived, but he'll still be on big screens around the world: as the motion picture company's logo.moreless
    • Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour
      Mr. Gruber and Paddington embark on a mystery tour which takes them to a waxworks museum.
    • 0.0
      Paddington's got a new hobby––magic––and he's determined to give a magic show to entertain all the guests at his birthday party. But can the Browns' household survive his practicing?
    • Paddington Saves the Day
      While gathering facts on the wonders of Australia, Mr. Gruber and Paddington visit Mr. Gruber's old friend who is the head master at a private boys' school. They arrive in time to watch a friendly game of cricket, but when the school's team is one man short, Paddington leaps at the opportunity to try something new, and his bear sense makes for very interesting technique.moreless
    • Paddington Goes to School
      Due to bureaucratic bungling, Paddington receives notice that he should attend the local school. Paddington learns more than the three "R"s and he shows a thing or two to the teachers about getting what you ask for.
    • 0.0
      In his attempt to discover an "old master" beneath one of the paintings in the drawing-room, Paddington ends up making a mess of Mr. Brown's entry in the local handicraft exhibition. With time running out and the exhibition fast-approaching, Paddington must rely on his un-honed artistic skills.
    • Paddington and the Pardon
      Paddington and Mr. Gruber arrive in France to experience the age old tradition of a Pardon. The citizens of St. Castille are sure to remember this year's ceremony for years to come when Paddington joins the local marching band––and helps end the day with a bang.
    • A Picnic on the River
      When Paddington and the Browns go for a picnic on the river, Paddington ends up in the river. And, when he hears Judy tell everybody that he can't swim, well, down he sinks...into the river's nine inch depths. Paddington is rescued - minus hat! Did his most favorite possession fall victim to the river's whirlpool?moreless
    • A Day to Remember
      Episode 46
      When Harold Price and Deirdre Flint ask him to be an usher at their wedding, Paddington is thrilled...until he discovers that he can't remove the wedding ring he has slipped onto his paw.
    • Paddington in Spain
      It's the flamenco festival in Seville, Spain, which is in itself a wonderful event. But for Paddington, coming to the home of the famous Seville oranges, which are used in his favorite marmalade, pushes Paddington over the edge and he can't stop himself from whipping up a batch of extra sticky marmalade. And when he does, he's the belle of the ball at the flamenco festival's grand finale.moreless
    • A Most Unusual Ceremony
      While visiting Sir Huntley Martin's marmalade factory, Paddington is mistaken for a worker and set to work cleaning out barrels. A special ceremony is punctuated by an avalanche of empty marmalade barrels that come thundering through the scene.
    • 0.0
      Paddington and the Browns attend the ballet. When the famed Sergei Oblomov throws a temper tantrum and refuses to dance, his partner storms off. But when Sergei changes his mind and decides he will dance, his partner cannot be found. With time running out, Paddington dons tights and saves the show.moreless
    • Paddington Prepares
      Mr. Gruber is off on his first trip to research his book, The World and its Wonders, but he soon realizes that he needs an assistant to help with all the details. A willing bear makes for a great helper, and before Paddington and Mr. Gruber even leave the airport, Mr. Gruber's got enough material for a first chapter.moreless
    • Paddington Recommended
      While being fitted for a tuxedo for a local charity ball, Paddington wanders into a neighboring restaurant where he is mistaken for the famed gourmet Duncan Hyde. The restaurant staff is only too happy to supply our hero with anything (and practically everything) on the menu's time to pay for the meal.moreless
    • When Paddington breaks a tooth, it's off to the dentist's office where Mr. Leach, the family dentist, discovers that bears can be difficult patients at best.
    • Paddington's Dinosaurs
      The entire idea that huge reptiles once roamed the Earth is amazing for Paddington, and certainly worthy of a chapter in Mr. Gruber's book, The World and its Wonders. So Paddington and Mr. Gruber are off to the badlands in Alberta, Canada, to learn all they can about dinosaur fossils. And do they ever learn a lot, especially when Paddington discovers a new species––the Paddingsaurus Marmaladous.moreless
    • Paddinton's First Flight
      Paddington wins a hairy leg contest at the local pier and is delighted with his prize: free water skiing lessons. Water skiing isn't as easy as it looks, especially when your umbrella pops open in mid-ski, but Paddington helps revitalize an old sport and people line up from all around to have a go.moreless
    • Mr. Curry tricks Paddington into doing some yard work for him. Unfortunately for Mr. Curry (and his yard in particular), Paddington's lawnmowing skills leave much to be desired.
    • Paddington Takes Off
      Paddington and Mr. Gruber visit Buzz Booster, a rocket scientist with NASA, and he gives them a royal tour of the space center. Mr. Gruber wants to include space travel in his book, but Paddington almost makes it into the history books when he's suited up and is about to blast off in the space shuttle to become the first bear in space.moreless
    • Trouble at Number Thirty-Two
      Paddington experiences snow for the first time and he becomes a little over-zealous with snowballs when he tosses one into Mr. Curry's bedroom. To make it up to his neighbour, Paddington shovels his walk, but in the process, locks Mr. Curry out of his house... more than once.
    • Paddington in a Hole
      Mr. Brown has been doing many renovations around 32 Windsor Gardens, all of which Mr. Curry has copied to a T. But when Paddington helps his neighbour install a serving hatch in a kitchen wall, Mr. Curry ends up with a hole in the side of his house. At first Mr. Curry's furious until Paddington points out that it can be used as a serving hatch and if he's lucky, Mr. Curry will never have to answer his door again.moreless
    • Paddington in the Galapagos
      Researchers and scientists come from all over the world to study the amazing animals on the Galapagos islands, each hoping to discover a new species. Paddington unknowingly helps a pair of naturalists attain this goal, and it's not until he and Mr. Gruber watch a documentary on TV do they realize what, who, and where this mysterious new species is––sitting on a comfy sofa in an antique shop in London.moreless
    • Paddington Strikes a Bargain
      The International Week festivities are underway and Paddington joins Mr. Gruber for the Fair and Grand Parade. Paddington causes a near riot at the caber toss, but redeems himself by staying ten minutes in the ring with wrestler "Muscles" Galore.
    • Pantomime Time
      Episode 61
      Paddington attends a magic show where he is sawed in half, made to disappear, and then shows the magician a conjuring trick of his own - thanks to the secret compartment in his suitcase.
    • Paddington in Alaska
      The Alaskan wilderness is where Mr. Gruber and Paddington have come to see how man and dog battle the elements. But when one young bear and a not so brave and rugged outdoors man find themselves in the middle of nowhere, it's a good thing wolves like marmalade too.
    • A Stitch In Time
      A Stitch In Time
      Episode 63
      A hole in Paddington's pocket makes him lose his weekly allowance, so to try and make up for it, he offers to mend some of Mr. Curry's clothes. But sewing is very difficult with paws and soon Mr. Curry's entire wardrobe is ruined. Good thing Paddington's sewing machine turns out to be an antique, and when he sells it, Mr. Curry can buy a new wardrobe, and Paddington has enough left over to replace his pocket moneymoreless
    • In his attempts to unfreeze Mr. Curry's water pipes, Paddington ends up flooding his neighbor's bathroom. / Does the Yeti really exist? Mr. Gruber doesn't think so while Paddington would like to believe that it does. They may be close to discovering the answer when they get stranded in the Himalayas and seek refuge in a cave. After some very strange occurrences in the night, they both know they saw something... or was it simply each other?moreless
    • Paddington and the Yeti
    • Paddington Hits the Jackpot
    • Paddington at the Olympics
    • Paddington and "Do It Yourself"
    • 0.0
    • Sir Paddington
      Sir Paddington
      Episode 71
    • A Spot of Decorating
    • 0.0
    • Paddington and the Dead Sea
    • Goings On At Number Thirty Two
    • Sticky Time
      Episode 76
    • Corporal Paddington
    • Paddington Buys a Share
    • 0.0
    • Anchors Away
      Anchors Away
      Episode 80
    • Paddington Passes Through
    • Trouble in the Bargain Basement
    • 0.0
    • Paddington Goes Swiss
    • A Day by the Sea
      A Day by the Sea
      Episode 87
    • A House-Training
      Episode 88
    • Dare Devil Bear
      Episode 89
    • Paddington the Rock Star
    • 0.0
    • Pirates
      Episode 92
    • Paddington the Host
    • The Great Escape
      Episode 94
    • Paddington the Surveyor
    • Paddington and the Loch Ness Monster
    • Copybear
      Episode 99
    • Drive Bear Drive
      Drive Bear Drive
      Episode 101
    • Paddington Delivers the Goods
    • April Fools
      Episode 104
    • Superstitious Paddington
    • The Royal Tour
      The Royal Tour
      Episode 106
    • Gold Rush Paddington
    • Paddington Calls the Shots
    • Paddington at Wimbledon
    • Paddington in the Park
    • One Bear's Treasure
      Episode 112
    • A Bear of Style
      A Bear of Style
      Episode 113
    • A Night at the Opera
    • Paddington on the Orient Express
    • Paddington and the Frog Doom
  • Season 2