The American Sonic the Hedgehog Comic or the British Sonic the Comic?

US or UK Sonic Comic?

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    As a hug fan of Comics & Sonic I can say this about the comics.

    OK the Archie Comic is the Sonic series ive grown up with, its great it basically mixes the best of the games & the toons into one awsome series of adventures not to mention a lot of interesting origional Villains for Sonic & Knux t fight besides Robotnik & Snivly, such as Ixis Naugus, Mammoth mougel, The Dark legion, Enerjak, dr.Finitivus & of course Scourge, not to mention neat original heros such as knux girlfriend Julie-su and Maria's decendant Hope Kintobor. The US archie comic is awsome

    OK now time for the UK comic, Its true that Sonic the Comic had a lot more unsonic style scifi elements but it had alot of creative & good stories, plus it used metal sonic & Nack the weasel better the then the U.S. comic. & its origional characters were 10X more creative then the archie ones, STC did things archie would have been cancled for even thinking! & I respect that! Of course thats also because SEGA Europe arn't as big of jerks as SEGA US is!

    Overall both comics have there ups & downs! I myself have collected the archie ones for 10 years now & have managed to acqurie most of the backissues, as for the UK sonic the comic althugh I don't own any..YET i have found "Ways" of reading the series, Plus the UK comic was continued as SONIC THE COMIC ONLINE! in case any of u other US sonic fans our interested!!

    in end i say 3 cheers for the worlds best comic hedgehog!

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