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The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 1 Episode 10

Grounder The Genius

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Sep 17, 1993 on
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Episode Summary

Grounder The Genius
Hacker – a friend of Sonic and Tails – has gotten a hold of a new computer chip from Doctor Robotnik. This chip is capable of vastly increasing one's intelligence, which Grounder finds out firsthand following a confrontation. The once stupid robot becomes a genius and is not going to be taking anymore abuse from anyone. Robotnik and then Sonic learn the hard way that the new Grounder is a formidable foe. Can Tails and Hacker do better, or will someone else have to?moreless

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  • The Best AOSTH episode i've ever seen

    I've seen many Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog episodes, but this one takes the cake. I thought it was hilarious when Grounder became a genius and made Scratch his servant. It was also funny when Grounder had caught Sonic. Plus, it was very funny when Robotnik almost became a genius but Sonic quickly replaced the genuis chip with the stupidity chip. So, overall, a very good episode of AOSTH.

    10/10 A+ A Hilarious episode of Aosth, and a great show to top it off. So, if you wanna watch a great episode of a great show from the 90's, watch this episode. See You Next Time!moreless
Jaleel White

Jaleel White

voice of Sonic the Hedgehog

Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

voice of Grounder

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

voice of Coconuts

Phil Hayes

Phil Hayes

voice of Scratch

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Sonic Says: It's too bad we can't have chips to make us smart but you can be smart by going to School and reading at the Library and it's not how big your brain is, it's how you use it that counts!

    • When Robotnik's cape got caught in the door, it was orange.

    • When Sonic was about to be trapped by Robotnik's diamond trap, the Grounder doll is nowhere to be found.

    • After Grounder tells Scratch he missed a spot, 2 scenes later, Grounder's mouth doesn't move.

    • After Hacker's virus cracks the system, You can hear the sound effect of Sonic grabbing rings.

    • The machine that was dribbling Robotnik had red wheels. But, when they next show the machine holding Robotnik, the wheels are light purple.

    • When Sonic says that the mouse trap set up was bogus, when he pushes the doll's head down, the switch on it disappears then reappears when Sonic takes his hand off of it.

    • Sonic's arm is brown when he shows Scratch the micro chip.

    • At the end of the episode when Sonic,Tails,and Hacker are on top of the hill,there are rocks in front of them,but after Hacker smashes the genius chip, the rocks disappear.

    • In the full shot of the dungeon, there are a lot of corners and turns in the stair case, but when Robotnik runs up the stairs trying to escape, the stair case is longer and just heads straight up without the corners and turns.

    • After Robotnik orders Scratch and Grounder to find the person who stole his program, when Scratch says "Yes your viciousness." His mouth opens, but doesn't move!

    • Scratch is standing next to Grounder when Sonic is being petrified,but when we get a close up of Grounder when he says "Isn't it obvious Sonic old boy?"Scratch is nowhere to be seen!

    • When Robotnik tried to shut off Grounder, he pressed the "ON" button instead of the "OFF" button.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Grounder: Does this mean I'm not gonna be a paperweight? Robotnik: It means if you fail me, you're scrap metal. GET GOING!

    • Robotnik: all right, download My supergenius program and make it snappy.
      Computer: I have been trying to tell You, I was just invaded by a computer virus... (Sneezes at Robotnik.) It copied the whole program and then it erased it from My memory.
      Robotnik: What? Erased?! Well, stop jabbering and get it back! make another program.
      Computer: Sorry. No can do. You said it Yourself, the supergenius program was a million-to-one accident.

    • Robotnik: Come on you oversized calculator! Let's have that microchip!
      Computer: Patience, Dr. Robotnik. I am downloading the genius program onto the chip, even as We speak. job complete.

    • Robotnik: YEEEEEEEEOOW!!!!!
      Grounder: Oh, sorry Dr. Robotnik,[laughs nervously] guess I lost my head.
      Robotnik: You Breakaway Bumpkin!! (throws Grounder's head at Scratch.)
      Computer: Security alert, Dr. Robotnik.

    • Robotnik: Oh, who needs these wreched chips? I'm already a genius, especially compared to you two!
      Grounder: Aw gee, Scratch. Isn't it great to have things back to normal?
      Scratch: Yeah! Normal is right!
      Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog! (Falls off-screen and crashes with Scratch and Grounder)

    • Tails: I know! Lets try Hacker. You always said he was a real computer expert.
      Sonic: No, I said he was a real computer nerd.

    • Scratch: We almost had Sonic, but thanks to Grounder we--
      Robotnik: You don't need to tell me. I can see what happened!
      Grounder: Hey, you are getting smart!

    • Grounder: Thus, I introduce my latest creation: the lightning rod.
      Hacker: Didn't someone already invent that?
      Grounder: Yes. But this rod doesn't protect against lightning, ha ha. it causes it. (Laughs evilly)

    • Tails Doll: Help. Save me. Sonic.
      Sonic: (laughs really hard) Oh, man! Robotnik is really slipping if he expects me to fall for something this bogus!

    • Grounder ( Over megaphone): Attention, Scratch. report to the repair bay and scrub out the pits.
      Scratch: Who does he think I am, Cinderobot?

    • Grounder: You've neglected a spot.
      Scratch: Alright, alright, I'll get it!
      Grounder: "I'll get it" what?
      Scratch: [Through clenched teeth, growls] I'll get it, Mister Grounder, Sir!
      Grounder: Ah, splendid. But don't clench your teeth when you address me! And we really must engineer that squack-box you call a voice.
      Scratch: Oh, That does it! I don't know what that meant, but I know it's an insult!

    • Robotnik: Eureka! Now I am a true egghead!

    • Robotnik: But, Grounder, I. . .You were always my favorite creation!
      Grounder: Really?
      [Robotnik nods in response]
      Grounder: No doubt. That's why you referred to me as scrap metal, "break-away bumpkin," and Oh yes, [Yelling] The world's largest paper weight! Throw Him in the dungeon. If He attempts anything, petrify Him.

  • NOTES (0)