The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • Awesome cartoon

    This is a wonderful series it's like an old fashioned Looney Tunes cartoon starring the road runnner and the coyote..bottom line perfect series which should still be on Tv or at least on DVD. It sucks that it wasn't a Saturday Morning Cartoon like SatAM...ABC made a big mistake when they rejected it.
  • Sonic is so freakin cool

    I used to buy Sonic the Hedgehog Comics and draw Sonic characters, I just thought the Sonic characters were so cool. And I think tails is one of the most adorable, cutest characters ever created. I did then, and I still do now. And Princess Sally is a cool character as well. Unlike most princesses, instead of being the " Damsel " type, she was smart and brave. I didn't really like the voice choice they chose for Sonic though. It was just never the voice I pictured him in.
  • When I was a kid, this was my favorite cartoon.

    I feel this is the universal Sonic show that is awesome for all ages. When I saw a commercial for this show, I was interested, when I caught it starting when I found out Garfield and Friends was airing on UPN, this show follow and I loved it. I always wondered what Sonic and Tails would sound like by voice and Jaleel White was great (though I like Ryan Drummond the most) but the best voice to me was Tails, I know it was mentioned he was a kid in the manuals but I missed that and did not know at the time. But when I heard is little boy voice, I found him to be SO cute. It's a legecy that lived on for Tails in America to be voiced by a child voice actor to keep him authentic to his age ever since until 4Kids ruined it with Amy Palent.

    What I love most about this show was the humor and the action, it really gave me a some what feel for the games in a humorous way. While I don't think Ryan Drummond would fit Sonic for this show due to Sonic's cartoonish look and this show being cartoony, I feel Jaleel White gave Sonic a pefect Cartoon Sonic voice while Ryan Drummond has given Sonic a real world teenage voice to Sonic in his realistic design till Jason Griffith ruined it, Jason can NEVER live up to Ryan or Jaleel.

    I saw a few characters from the games like Grounder, Coconuts but that was basicly it. However the original stuff to it was great as well.

    For parents who have kids, I would recommend this as a nice way to introduce your kids to Sonic, it more family friendly the most of the other series and games (though the first games are good too) and it's a lot of fun at that age, and for any fan of Sonic of old and new, if you have not seen this series before, it might be fun for you as well.
  • Sonic and Tails had to fight Dr. Robotnik and his two lackys Scratch and Grounder. and always ate a bunch of chilie dogs.

    I wish they would bring this show back or at least put out more DVDs of this show i miss it so much because i know someone who has one of the vids and i wish i had it too because i love this show and i wish they would bring it back!
  • This is one of my favorite TV shows that should really be brought back. Come on you people why did they cancel this show?! Many people think the show is bad, but its not! The character design makes people think the show is bad, looks don't matter!!!

    I love the Sonic games and I love this show! This was an excellent, awesome, terrific, and magnificent show! I have no idea why it got canceled, I guess T.V. producers just don't have any taste for great shows like this one, that probably explains why all the good shows nowadays have been replaced by some of the dumbest shows to ever be imagined. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic as well as a fantastic program, it probably would have remained on the air if they were based off the classic games, that might be a good idea, but overall, this show is super, Super! And it'll be nice if they put it back on television to stay. Here's my last words about this show: BRING IT BACK, NOW!!!!!!!
  • Hello? This is a kick *** show and is a symbol of true cartooning.

    This show was so kick ***. Sonic and Tails versus Dr. Robotnik. The action was way to awesome. Spin dashing really makes it true to the video game itself. It was a show i would always look forward to every Saturday morning. But, it is gone. **** the future and all your crappy *** cartoons that suck like ****.
  • It\'s basically the first two sonic games made into a cartoon along the lines of Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, and Roadrunner & Wildy Coyote.

    I remember this show. This was one of my favorite shows on tv back when I was little (along with Sonic Satam and Thomas the tank engine) rewatching some of the episodes brings back memories. I never really enjoyed Bugs Bunnny or Woody Woodpecker (which were probaly inspirations for this show) but I loved this show. Back then, I didn\'t even know Sonic was a video game character, I thought he was just a cartoon character, proving that you didn\'t have to like the games to enjoy this show. It gave me memorable catch phrases like \"IIIIIIIII\'MMMMMMM Wwwwwwwaiting!\" It\'s still fun to watch today, I\'d love to see a DVDs come out of the entire series (same goes for SATAM) so I can show this to my kids one day...
  • Tubular!

    I never watched this show when it was on tv, but I remember that there were some tapes at a videostore by my house that had a whole bunch of episodes on them. I spent sooo much money renting them all the time and then one day they went on sale because the videostore was getting rid of it's VHS movies and I bought them for $2! That was the happiest day of my life. This show is SWEEEEEEEEET :O
  • This Show was based on Sonic and his buddies and enemies and stuff... EXCELLENT!! You'll love this show if You Love to laugh! (download some episodes of this show at

    This Show was based on Sonic and his buddies and enemies and stuff... EXCELLENT!!
    You'll love this show if You Love to laugh!
    Sonic and good ol' clean comedy is a great combo!
    Whether you're 8, 18, or 88, you'll LOVE this show. The music is classic, the story is timeless, and is sure to serve one knee slapper after the next...SONIC STYLE!!

    I may hate all the other Sonic shows with a passion (See my Sonic X & SatAM reviews) But I love this one. This is what the Sonic series is all about. No more of this "Robotacizer" and dark storyline crap. Just lighthearted fun for everyone. (Except poor Dr. Robotnik/Eggman) This show stuck much closer to the games than SatAM, and I feel thats what more people were looking for (Or at least I was). A good thing about this one is, unlike the other Sonic shows, Tails actually got to do something a couple times Such as in "Grounder the Genius" Where Tails saves Sonic instead of vise-versa. The best thing about this show is really this..................SCRATCH & GROUNDER!!!!! These guys were the greatest!! They had the best sound effects. Grounder's treads and Scratch's laugh were the best of all. Now for the bad. If you read my other Sonic show reviews, you'd know I HATE the whole "Mobius" concept. However, in this show, Mobius plays a very minor part in the series, unlike the other ones which is good. The only other bad thing was the animation was rather sub-par, especially in the first episode. But other than those two factors, this show was great, and I recommend it to all. Oh yes..........."I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    ive been watching this show ever since i was like 10 or something i rekon its one of the best cartoon shows ever, i have all the seasons on DVD and i watch them everyday......its dissapointing they dont have it on normal tv very much ....they should put it on atleast 4 times a week and same with teenage mutant ninja turtles :)

    Peace out
  • Sonic must run (no pun intended) again on the network...

    \"The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog\" is a show that was brilliant, but fell to a horrid plight of being put on an inaccessible hour on a network that played pointless action cartoons. It was a brilliant show with morals, fun jokes, and a myriad of wacky antics. And so I must say to any he who listens...bring it back.
  • I grew up with this show...

    This is probably one of the coolest TV shows of all time. Based on the popular SEGA series of Sonic the Hedgehog, I kinda watched this show ever since the first episode. But why did they have to cancel it? None know why. But this show has opened up our hearts and made us happy over the years.
  • One of my many favourite cartoons from the 90's.

    The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog was the very first of the Sonic cartoons that aired in the 90's. It was set on Mobius, where every episode, Dr Robotnik and the SSSSS Squad (Super Special Sonic Search And Smash Squad) which was Scratch, a robot chicken and Grounder, a green robot with tank treads and drills for hands, would make an attempt at world domination and/or capture Sonic and Tails.

    In my opinion, this series was far better than the one that preceeded it, due to the fact that they changed Dr Robotnik and got rid of Scratch and Grounder added new characters. The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog was a fantastic and very funny show and should've run for longer.
  • Not as good as the SatAM one, but entertaining. SatAm's opposite.

    The two [good] US Sonic shows (not including Sonic Underground... ugh!) basically had two seperate styles. This one was more "cartoonish" and light-hearted. Sonic had the same personality as SatAm, but he outsmarted his enimies (two bumbling lackeys based from minor game characters, and an evil "genius" who's prone to complete failure) in a way similar to that of Bugs Bunny (disguises, traps backfiring, ect.)

    He was still a hero, but not a super-heroish stereotype, so he was realistic is his own way. And his little sidekick with an odd but handy birth defect, Tails, had the personality of a young child.

    So this one was an even more kiddy version of SatAM so if you wanted something with a much less serious tone, this is for you
  • This is my #1 favorite show.

    This show is a classic.I used to watch this show when i was 5.It used to be and still is my favorite show.It\'s funny smart and based on one of the best game frachises ever!I used play sonic and whenever i wasn\'t playing it I was watching it.I personally think this show is the best thing that ever happened to television.
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a funny, wacky and potential animated show. The backgrounds, designs and voices are irresistible and this show has not a disguise point to imitate Looney Tunes. Not like "you know what"!

    Aah! Why forget already The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? This show feature Sonic, but in a diffrent format than the video games and his sidekick and my personal favorite character Tails (most know as Miles Tails Prower), still ready to a new adventure and help his friends to defeat the Dr. Robotnik nasty plans to eliminate Sonic. Speaking of Dr. Robotnik, the Robotnik in the series is most better than a most real Eggman from Sonic X (he's maybe nasty, but not fool in the X per example). He's just a stupid and jerk man try too to defeat Sonic with all of his ridiculous plans helped with his two robots accomplices, but this two are not very bright, not more bright than Robotnik.

    Nowadays, a show like Adventures of Sonic the Hedghehog is very essential. At my opinion, the style is unique and the characters is not just coarse stereotypes, he's charming and often try to help their friends. The voice cast of the series are just for a show like this: Brillant and awesome. And i love also the Sonic Says segments, a very potential segment because Sonic give advices for the safety of his friends and they have with this a very longtime a good example for childrens.

    In occurence, this show airing in same time than i watch some of my real favorite animated shows like Bonkers, Goof Troop, The Flintstones and maybe least the ABC's Saturday morning cartoons of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • aaahhhh a true classic cartoon of my generation

    when I was little I used to get up every sunday morning to watch adventures of sonic the hedgehog on channel 4. It was also at the same time a very funny show as well due to bugs bunny kinds of jokes you normally find in warner bros cartoons and slap stick comedy. even now I find this cartoon series funny cuz some of the episodes I missed or didn't show when I was little. however unlike the super mario bros show they didn't stick to the similar art and sound effects style as in the sonic games, take grounder for example grounder is green but in the video game sonic the hedgehog 2 he's red and also robotnic he has black and red eyes and a cone tip head but in the sonic the hedgehog games he wears glasses and his bald head is round. its still a wicked cartoon, I just wish the series match the sonic game like sonic X does.
  • To all my friends, please read. I am banned again. So don't freak out if I'm not at the forums for a while. Apparently, I went to a show that I was not aware that Gislef was the editor of. So he must have banned me again. It really sucks.

    To all my friends, please read:

    I am banned again. So don't freak out if I'm not at the forums for a while. Apparently, I went to a show that I was not aware that Gislef was the editor of. So he must have banned me again. It really sucks. I didn't do anything bad on this account, but he doesn't care. So I will have to make a new account, called...systemax, if its available, I'll keep you updated. Please be aware that when banned, you also can't access your blogs, so posting there is pointless. I also cannot check PM's, so don't do that either.
  • Amazing show period

    I loved this show. I basically grew up watching it every saturday morning.

    **I've been on the internet and found that there is going to be a Season 3 show on January 2006. Here is the URL:, check out the very bottom of this page, and email me what you think @
  • When i think of Sonic The Hedgehog I usualy overlook this cartoon even though it did start the Sonic cartoon franchise it just had too much slapstick and seemed more like a bugs bunny cartoon.

    I hate too say it but this is Sonic at his worst even worse than Sonic X wich is only a little better than this sorry to have to say it but its true this also had the worst animation i almost gave it 2.0 but cause im a sonic fan i gave it 2.5 now if your about 4-9 years old you might like this but older people should look at the second series my favorite wich has a darker story line
  • This show needs to come back on tv because it was one of the best shows of all time. I saw alot of cartoons befor this and I always had to watch it a few times befor I liked it, but when I saw Sonic I was hooked.

    This show needs to come back on tv because it was one of the best shows of all time. I saw alot of cartoons befor this and I always had to watch it a few times befor I liked it if at all, but when I saw Sonic I was hooked.
  • Stupid... yet funny.

    This show is basically to Sonic what Adam West is to Batman. Recent Sonic games have become more dark and complex, but this show portrays a more brighter, silly Sonic.

    Each episode was in the spirit of a Road Runner cartoon (it also reminded me of Toonstruck for some reason), with flamboyant backgrounds and gratitous slapstick. Despite the show's stupidity...I liked it.

    While Sonic and Tails weren't too interesting in this show, Dr. Robotnik (God rest his voice actor) was hilarious, as were Scratch and Grounder. The villains got the best lines, and actually did make you smile.

    While many fans disliked this show, it's good for a giggle.
  • This was the first show that had the Sonic character on it. The slapstick was too much to handle at times.

    The first Sonic show on television was anything but ordinary. Sure the theme song was nice at first, but then it made me think of the bumblebee song, which was not that nice. The slapstick humor was too much to handle. It almost seemed as if Sonic really was making fun of Dr. Robotnik at times. "I hate that hedgehog!" His henchman slash "dumb bots", as Sonic would call them, were really stupid. What happened to the smart bad guys? The music was okay but the background artwork and some of the characters looked really awful. Tails was too scared to go on his own adventures. He was like the damsel in distress.
  • Sonic rules!

    I loved this show back when it was on the air. It is one of the best shows with a video game concept from Sega. I play all the Sonic games and the show was similar by having the same enemies and characters. The show was fun to watch and the character Sonic was so cute and I loved the blue and how fast he was. Tails his buddy was there too and they would share adventures in every episode. The plots are interesting and the episodes are well written. I really enjoyed watching this show and I wished they had them on DVD I would surely buy it!
  • This show is absolutely excellent!

    I love this show very much and I have rented a video of the Christmas special. I have a game for GBA and I also watch the one on FOX. I like this one better because I think it's an All-American classic. I was only 2 when I saw it before. This show was very unoriginal because it's about a blue hedgehog that runs around and a fox as his little brother, which is kinda cool, huh?
  • Goofy but Great!!

    I loved this crazy cooky cartoon! I remember watching it when I was seven years old back in mid 1996 on UPN. Seeing sonic speed off to save Mobius from Dr. Robotnick kept me hooked.

    I never saw "The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog" again until 2003 on Toon Disney. This cartoon cracked me up just as it did when I was 7. The cartoon brought back so many great memories.


  • This show was one of the best dic cartoons I ever saw. I first saw it on Toon Disney in 2002-2003 and loved it. I managed to copy 12 episodes of it but I lost the tape a few months later. I managed to get 2 tapes of this show.

    This show was funny and interesting I loved the 4 Chaos emerald episodes but I still like each episode the same even though I didn't see all of them. I wish they would've made more video's or at least a dvd set. This show is one of my fav's (favorites).
  • Loved this show.

    It was a classic, i really miss this show, though the graphics were bad i really enjoyed watching this show. Sooooo many memories, curse whoever took it off the air. The characters were great, alothough I only remember one episode, my favorite episode. If you liked this show you would like the new one featured on FOX at around eight or nine AM.
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