The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

(ended 1993)





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  • I remember watching this show before in the past and I have only actually seen a few episodes. Now that I watch these episodes on You Tube, compared to Sonic X, all I could say is "Yep, this is definetly the old Sonic."

    Now that cartoon history is loaded with new television shows, I sort of missed this one and I have forgotten how much fun it is to watch it. It's very heart warming and encouraging for anyone who values friendship as this show portrays a very close friendship between Sonic and Tails, compared to Sonic X where unfortunately their friendship is slowly fading away. Times have not only changed for friendship but also the animation. Characters today are more bold and 3 dimensional in different Sonic shows. However, this series provides a simple message coming from the characters' personalities. Sonic always being praised by the citizens of Mobius might seem biased often, however, nonetheless; this series is fun to watch for all ages. The comedy of this series might seem a bit old fashioned, but it brings back memories to see the old Sonic and Tails. Also, what brings more entertainment to this series is the mishaps that a chubby villain named Dr. Ivo Robotnik faces, along with the SSSSS Squad. There's Scratch; a robot chicken who is the leader of the team, with his stupid antics, but bright ideas for traps which always backfire. Then, there is Grounder; a tank shaped robot who is naive and gullible and like Scratch, can not see through Sonic's disguises, however occasionally keeps the robot chicken on track, when he feels there is a plan B. Lastly, there is Coconuts; a somewhat lovable robot monkey who surprisingly doesn't even get respect from his boss and who has been on sanitation patrol since the day Scratch and Grounder were invented. I know that the series has ended for some time now, but I only wish that it could be renewed.
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