The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

(ended 1993)





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  • This wasn't the best Sonic show DIC ever did, but it was funny to say the least.

    AOSTH was a show IMO that could have bombed big time had it not been for one thing, and that was the comedy.

    The comedy in this show was so funny, its what kept me tuned in.

    Let's face it, the villains in this show were just downright pathetic. Dr. Robotnik couldn't conquer his own backyard if he tried. He was just that lame.

    And let's not forget he has 2, no, make that 3 idiots messing up any good plans he comes up with time and time again. Why on Mobius couldn't they figure out Sonic's disguises, especially when his blue quills and face was clearly visible every now and then? Are they that brainless?

    I mean, I know it made the show funny. And yet, its like, c'mon, no one's that's stupid!

    Another thing this show had was excellent voice actors. Dr. Robotnik's voice actor sounded perfect for this show, arrogant and boastful. I even liked Scratch and Grounder's. Yes, they were annoying, but so funny at the same time.

    Hey, even the gals Sonic interacted with were well thought up. Even though I don't like the idea of Sonic being such a flirt, it made the show. Gals like Roxy Raccoon, Breezie, Merna and Miss Possum were very likable characters, though I don't know why they had to give Miss Possum those net things on her legs. This was supposed to be a kid's show after all. Finally, the Sonic says were pretty lame, yet a bit humorous at the same time. I mean, Sonic is not exactly the best role model for kids, but I guess I can't blame DIC for trying.

    To wrap this up, AOSTH was an OK show. Not because it was original and well thought, but it accomplished what it was trying to be, and that was a slapstick comedy.