The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Season 3

(ended 1993)




Episode Guide

  • Fast And Easy
    Fast And Easy
    Episode 26
    Robotnik is after Easy Eddie, a pick pocket ferret that took his Chaos Emerald ring that he was going to use to conquer Mobius by flooding it and he wants it back.
  • Robo-Ninjas
    Episode 25
    Robotnik captures a master of martial arts (Miyagi by any other name), and steals his knowledge in order to turn Scratch and Grounder into better fighters. The master's pupil comes to Sonic and Tails for help, and the trio then battle the robots for the sensei's freedom.
  • The Little Merhog
    The Little Merhog
    Episode 24
    While fishing, when Tails pulls out a mermaid hedgehog named Merna, its up to Sonic and Tails to save the day when they find out Dr. Robotnik is destroying her underwater city.
  • Robotnikland
    Episode 23
    Robotnik traps Sonic in his death-trap amusement park called Robotnik Land. There Robotnik tortures Sonic and it's his birthday! Can you believe it? Will Sonic escape?
  • Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior
    Mad Mike returns and receives a blow to the head which leads to Amnesia, causing him to think that he is loyal to Robotnik! Sonic, Tails and Big Griz must change his mind.
  • Sonic Is Running
    Sonic Is Running
    Episode 21
    Robotnik is running for president, and Sonic runs against him to ensure that Robotnik won't win.
  • Sno Problem
    Sno Problem
    Episode 20
    Robotnik has invented The Ultra-Freezomatic with his goal to freeze every being on Mobius and place on them little cigarette-patch looking "Servitude Chips" thus giving them complete obedience to Robotnik!
  • Sonic's Song
    Episode 19
    Quite a popular singer, Catty Carlisle sings a song about Sonic (showing off his heroic side).
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog
    Robotnik hatches a plan to shrink the sources of all of Mobius' natural resources, and keep them all in his fortress! Hit by his shrink ray, Sonic and Tails must make their way across the doctor's lab and join forces with the residents of the shrunken cities to stop Robotnik!
  • The Mobius 5000
    The Mobius 5000
    Episode 17
    When Robotnik threatens to close down an orphanage and evict all the poor little orphans, Sonic and Tails enter Caninestein's car design in a race, in an attempt to win the prize money! But the robots, Scratch and Grounder are also competing, and dog Sonic and Tails all the way, until they realize that they may be replaced if Sonic is defeated.moreless
  • Road Hog
    Road Hog
    Episode 16
    Sonic gets a speeding ticket that he can't afford to pay, and has to do labor in a field to make up for it. Meanwhile, he learns of a plan that Robotnik is going to use special pollen that hypnotizes people and makes them do his bidding! Problem is - how can he hope to stop Robotnik if he's trapped doing hard time?moreless
  • Lifestyles Of The Sick And Twisted
    A parody of the old Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, except about Robotnik and his daily routine of evil - with a twist: especially when Robotnik kidnaps Robin Leech's niece! And to top that - Robin isn't so much of a good egg himself...
  • Full-Tilt Tails
    Full-Tilt Tails
    Episode 14
    Tails unwittingly steps on a piece of "high-speed gum" that Dr. Robotnik invented and now he can run really super fast! There's just one drawback to his new super speed ability - because unfortunately, once he starts speeding, he can't control himself.
  • Baby Sitter Jitters
    Baby Sitter Jitters
    Episode 13
    Sonic and Tails babysit a pair of baby beavers who are at least as much trouble as Robotnik, and get themselves kidnapped at least as often as Tails! Robotnik attacks the heroes while they're pre-occupied, but the twins are ultimately better at seeing off villains than Sonic himself.
  • MacHopper
    Episode 12
    When Scratch and Grounder capture a Freedom Fighting Kangaroo named MacHopper, Robotnik comes to realize that Mac may be the only person capable of matching Sonic at his own game, as he brainwashes Mac into doing his dirty deeds! But in the attempt to reprogram his brain an explosion occurs in the lightning storm, causing his reprogramming to change for the worst.moreless
  • Spaceman Sonic
    Spaceman Sonic
    Episode 11
    Sonic and Tails are blasted into space whilst trying to prevent Robotnik from launching a deadly rocket towards a space station.
  • Mass Transit Trouble
    Robotnik plants bombs at three of Mobius' centers of transport: an airport, a port and a railway station, threatening to cause chaos unless Sonic can effectively be in three places at once!
  • Super Robotnik
    Super Robotnik
    Episode 8
    Coconuts knocks a bunch of chemical mixes off a shelf into a vat. Robotnik falls into them and gains super powers as he challenges Sonic to a series of physical tests - and the one who loses the most has to leave Mobius forever!
  • 11/4/93
    There's going to be some sort of fair in Sonic's honor today on Planet Mobius, but Sonic wakes up and finds his shoes gone! He suspects Robotnik, but he can't run without the shoes due to the fact that the friction would tear his feet up, so he has to use detective work.moreless
  • Sonically Ever After
    Robotnik invents a ray gun that literally transports Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik's gang into a storybook!
  • Sonic Breakout
    Episode 5
    A popular cartoonist Sketch Lampoon is imprisoned in Robotnik's prison. Sonic has a plan, to get captured in the prison cell and then break out and save Sketch Lampoon. But will it work?
  • Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme (4)
    Robotnik and his followers escape from the lions, and head for ancient Mobegypt, when they can find the Emerald of Immortality. Robotnik, of course, knows that Sonic will try to stop him. But Robotnik has apparently got a surprise plan here - he tries to make sure Sonic is never born by preventing the Blue Blur's Egyptian ancestors, Masonic and Penelope, from meeting.moreless
  • Untouchable Sonic
    Untouchable Sonic
    Episode 3
    Sonic comes to the rescue of a town as it is held to ransom by a crime syndicate under the control of Dr. Robotnik!
  • Hedgehog Of The "Hound" Table (3)
    Robotnik and his robots head for the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Robotnik meets Merlence: the Wizard , who just hands him the Emerald of Invincibility. But holding the Emerald is just half the thing – you need to be king for it to work. So Robotnik takes over the throne and makes Merlence change Sonic's boots to stone.moreless
  • Prehistoric Sonic (2)
    The Badniks go back to the Mesozoic Era and steal the Emerald of Life, but not before Robotnik kills his Dumbniks to do so by throwing them into the volcano. Sonic is too late to stop him. Robotnik and his morons (who have somehow been resurrected despite getting thrown into the lava) go back to the last three episodes to get the other Emeralds.moreless