The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 3 Episode 19

Sonic's Song

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 19, 1993 on



  • Trivia

    • the Radio Station is called REBL as in Rebel.

    • The bars on the cage are spaced so far apart that Scratch, Grounder, and Robotnik could easily walk through them. Therefore, why should Robotnik need to order Scratch and Grounder to lift it up for him?

    • When Scratch and Grounder heard they were demoted to backup singers, you can hear them crying. The goof is, they aren't even moving their mouths!

    • The Music Destroyer Robot changes sizes throughout the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Grounder: Can I say hello to my mommy?

      Scratch: Oh you don't have a mommy!

      Grounder: Oh

    • Robotnik: This is where the Rebel radio station is. (Gives grounder a paper.)
      Grounder: "Single 700-pound villain looking for suitable companion".
      Robotnik: Whoops! wrong paper. give Me that! (Takes the Paper and gives Scratch the other.)

    • Robotnik: I've got it. I'll put an end to all music. No humming, no singing, and no radio. (a bird lands on a branch and whistles "Sonic's Song" which ticks off Robotnik and scares the bird away.) AAAHH! AND NO WHISTLING! You blasted-- Doh! (Robotnik gets hit by an egg.)

    • Music Destroyer: (Grabs a penguin playing a violin.) Shh! I must destroy all music! (Takes the violin and throws it in the anti-music truck, then runs toward a music store, takes all the instruments and throws them in the truck.) Music is against the law of Robotnik. No... More... Music!

    • Mad Dog: Hey! I got a call for you 'bots on line one!
      Scratch: I'll bet it's a beautiful femme-bot for me!
      Grounder: I'll bet it's a network!
      (Both run to the intercom)
      Scratch: Ahem! This is Scratch!
      Grounder: Grounder speaking!

    • Mad Dog: Hey! You can't just bust in here!
      Scratch: By order of Dr. Robotnik, this program is cancelled!
      Grounder: Yeah! Your ratings are too good!

    • Grounder: Hello, lady robots! I'm single and willing to disassemble...

    • Sonic: Hey, Ro-butthead, I'm glad You made the show. Check out My Eddie Van Hedgehog impression. (Plays the Electric Guitar.)
      M.D.: Music overload!
      Robotnik: M.D, I order You to mute that music maker.
      M.D.: Hasta la vista, Baby! (Falls down.)
      Robotnik: Oh, No. AAAHH! (M.D. Explodes.) I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!

    • Grounder: Hey! [Points to the sky] What the heck is that?
      Scratch: I don't know, but it's coming right for us!
      Grounder: No, it isn't. It's not even coming close!
      Scratch: Yes, it is!
      Grounder: No, it isn't! [Realizes with Scratch that the thing in the sky is coming right towards them, screams with Scratch] Well, maybe it is . . .

  • Notes

    • Sonic Says: When listening to music when walking around, still be aware of stuff around you and don't have the volume up too high because it can damage your hearing.

    • The tune of Catty Carlisle's song is the same as the opening for the show and the first two games.

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