The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Season 2 Episode 3

Too Tall Tails

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 05, 1993 on

Episode Recap

After interrogating Professor Von Schlemmer into helping him assemble the "Humongo-Gizmo", Robotnik banishes Schlemmer to the Jungle of Doom, with plans to use the machine to become the undisputed master of Mobius. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails, after escaping the likes of Coconuts on a turbine/unicycle, discover Wienerville, the wienie capital of Mobius, which happens to be inhabited by anthropomorphic, cannibalistic wieners. Sonic and Tails are greeted by Mayor Bratwurst and treated to a number of Wienerville's delicacies. Elsewhere, Robotnik tests the Humongo-Gizmo on Grounder's belly button lint, only to have the machine malfunction and explode on them, turning them to stone and creating residue in the form of an orange cloud that travels to Wienerville and engulfs Tails, enlarging him and his appetite to kaijû proportions.

When Sonic saves Mayor Bratwurst from a falling billboard (a side effect of Tails' destruction), Bratwurst states his extreme displeasure with Tails destroying his town (and almost killing him). When Wienerville's Southern-accented waitress takes Sonic's side, believing that Tails doesn't intend to do the things he does, Robotnik arrives and accuses Sonic of scheming to destroy the village, claiming to have turned over a new leaf and winning over Wienerville's residents with shallow gifts. After a brief rally, Robotnik convinces the citizens of Wienerville to attack Tails, who continues to destroy the town and eat everything that appears edible. When Robotnik returns to his fortress to pick up a certain weapon, Sonic tricks Scratch and Grounder into revealing the location of Professor Von Schlemmer through a faux bodybuilding contest. Sonic rescues Schlemmer and begs him for an antidote for Tails' condition. Schlemmer reveals that the cure for Gizmo Gas is the fragrance of the rare "Hoot n' Toot Garlic", which only grows in the booby trap-infested garden of the evil Wizard Lizard. Sonic returns with the Garlic only to find that Robotnik plans to flash freeze Tails with the "Insto-Freeze Cannon". Sonic counters this plan by building the world's largest Wiener Launcher and hiding the Garlic in the ammo (a giant chili dog). Tails manages to eat the chili dog right before Robotnik's Insto-Freeze Cannon can get to him. The blast ricochets off a cliff and freezes Robotnik. The Mayor and the Waitress apologize to Sonic for the misunderstanding, and make it up to Sonic and Tails with 746 chili dogs and dessert.

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