Adventures of Superman

Season 6 Episode 13

All That Glitters

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Apr 28, 1958 on

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  • This is the last episode of The Adventures of Superman. This one, just like the one before, was directed by George Reeves and it is a decent show. It begins with Professor Pepperwinkle making a one pound gold bar that is worth $500 dollars.

    This scene took placed in Perry White's office with Lois, Jimmy, Clark, and two other men. One was from the national treasury and the other was the president of the World Bank.

    The professor was asked not to make any more gold because it would destroy the financial market and Fort Knox would be nothing more than a ghost town. The economy as it was, would suffer, so the Professor agreed not to make any more gold.

    Lois, Jimmy, and Professor Pepperwinkle went to a cafe and Jimmy was speaking in a loud voice about the Professor's invention to make 24ct gold from iron and other raw materials. Two men, Mitchell and Elbows, were behind them listening to their conversation.

    The two crooks followed the Professor to his home and demanded that he make them a couple of tons of gold worth two million dollars. They threatened the lives of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane if the Professor did not comply. Mitchell then gave the Professor ten thousand dollars still wrapped with the bank bond around the bills, so that the professor could buy the raw materials he needed. Professor Pepperwinkle took the money and told them that his machine could only produce $5,600 dollars a day. Mitchell said that would be fine and that they will be back the next day to pick up their first installment.

    Lois and Jimmy went to see the Professor and he told the two reporters about the crooks and how he set up a trap for them. Professor Pepperwinkle set two sand bags on top of the ceiling and when the crooks walk underneath of them, he presses a button on his machine to release them. Unfortunately Jimmy got hit on the head during the demonstration.
    Jimmy got up and stated that they need Superman, but the Professor said that they do not need him because he came up with another discovery. Professor Pepperwinkle went on to explain that Superman is charged with kryptonite positive and the meter rocks are charged with kryptonite negative. It is the negative kryptonite that is harmful to Superman. (This is creative for the 1957 audience that the show was aiming towards) The Professor invented a way to take away the negative part of the kryptonite. The Professor put a kryptonite rock into a machine to separate the positive and negative and a couple of tablets came out that were charged with positive kryptonite.

    He told them if anyone swallowed these pills, they would become just like Superman. Lois and Jimmy took the pills and got superpowers. The two looked at the ten thousand dollars with the bank wrapper still around the money and noticed it came from the First National Bank.

    The two reporters flew to the bank to see who withdrew the money and, in a very campy scene, they found out that it was a gangster and he was using an Acme Warehouse for a hide-a-way. When Lois and Jimmy flew to the warehouse, they used their X-Ray vision and their super hearing to find out that the crooks were planning to visit Professor Pepperwinkle and collect their first installment of the gold. Lois kicked down the door of the warehouse, the crooks opened fire and Jimmy stood in front to let the bullets bounce off his chest and then he knocked the two men out.

    Lois and Jimmy flew back to the Professor's just after he put the sand bags back up on the ceiling. Jimmy startled the Professor and he pressed a button that released the sand bags and Jimmy got hit on the head again. This time when Jimmy woke up he realized he was dreaming. The Professor did not make any kryptonite pills, he and Lois did not have any super powers and they did not knock out Mitchell and Elbows.

    The two gangsters walked into the lab and forced the professor to make the gold. Professor Pepperwinkle put all these ridiculous ingredients into his machine like peanuts, apple cider and, one key ingredient, platinum. In order to make five thousand dollars worth of gold, the Professor needed ten thousand dollars worth of platinum. So this is where the title comes in All That Glitters is not gold, it is platinum. The crooks were not happy, so they tied up Lois, Jimmy and the Professor with a bomb attached to the gold machine.

    The scene changed back to the Perry White's office as he was telling Clark to look for Lois and Jimmy. Clark changed into Superman and flew to Professor Pepperwinkle's lab. Superman crashed through a wall, pulled the fuse out of the bomb and hovered over the gold machine as it collapsed. The scene changed back to Perry's office again where everything was summed up; the Professor will not make any more gold that is three times it's worth and Jimmy wanted to write about his dream but Perry said no. Jimmy turned to Clark and stated that Clark will never know how wonderful it was to be like Superman, and Clark replied "I guess I never will." The camera faded, the ending credits came up and that was the end of the series.

    When this show ended, it was an end to an era, an era of innocence. No other show was as big as life to families who grew up watching George Reeves as Superman. We would have to wait thirty years before we'd see another Superman that stood for "Truth, Justice and the American Way" and was just as big as life on the Big Screen as George was on the small screen.