Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 26

Around the World with Superman

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Mar 13, 1954 on
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Superman helps a remarkable little girl regain more than just her sight. What starts as a contest stunt ends up showing the real reason why he is Superman.

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  • Little blind girl flies around the world

    I just read that an important segment was cut out of this episode for some dumb reason. I didn't believe it, so i bought the whole dvd series.... and it's true. I'm watching it right now. I distinctly remember being a kid and seeing the scene where superman looked into the little blind girl's eyes and saw a piece of glass wedged in back of her eyeball. In the original episode, they actually showed the x-ray from Superman's X-ray eyes into the kids eyes. He guides the surgeon through the operation, and of course the kid can see again. Superman then flies the goofy kid around the world in his arms. Why would someone cut that important scene out of the episode? I bought and just watched that very episode on the 6 pack DVD set and there's no x-ray scene whatsoever!!! Not fair! The whole operation looks ridiculous with superman just standing there with no purpose other than breathing down the doctor's neck! . How stupid could the editors get???? I want that scene put back in!moreless
  • The epitome and essence of the George Reeves' Superman is on display as Superman uses his powers not to stop a crime, but restore a family and a little girl's sense of wonder.moreless

    I'm always afraid to watch something I really loved as a kid, for the obvious reason that a lot of times, they just don't hold up. No such worries when the episode is 'Around The World With Superman'. If anything, it comes off even better.

    Best touch : Ann is able to tell, even on the show, that Clark and Superman sound the same, something I suspect viewers of all ages have noticed and wondered why no one caught on. It doesn't hurt that Ann's motivation for the contest is completely unselfish. Another nice touch is that while Superman, as expected, helps Ann get her sight back, it's done by way of aiding modern science, not pulling out some Kryptonian miracle or wacky invention. The cherry is not the promised tour itself, which of course is impossible to convey on a show, but the fact that Ann returns to find that Superman's efforts have restored her family, shattered by the accident that blinded her. Why did he do it? Because he could--usually a reason for why bad people do things--but in this case, a job for Superman. Try keeping a dry eye through this one.moreless
  • This is dedicated to my wonderful wife, Helen, this is her favorite episode. The last episode of season two was a very good one. This show was wonderful, heart-felt, up-lifting and a bit of a tear jerker.moreless

    The Daily Planet was sponsoring a contest for children. The children had to write a letter about why the world is beautiful. The winner would fly around the world with Superman. The show starts with Superman flying into Perry White's office to read the winning letter. Elaine Carson won the contest with her letter stating that "The trees are as green in Arabia as they are outside my window and the people are as beautiful as love".

    After Superman reads the letter, he leaves and the scene changes to where Lois and Clark walk into an apartment building to tell Elaine that she won the contest. When they reached the door, a woman walks out and claims she is Elaine Carson and she is very busy. Lois and Clark walk in the room and they see a girl sitting on the couch. Her name is Ann Carson and she is the one who wrote the letter. Ann is excited to find out that she had won the contest and she wants her mother to take a trip around the world, because her mother works very hard.

    Ann is blind and she does not believe in Superman. Clark tries to explain to her that the contest is for children and not for adults. Clark then tells her that Superman wants to take her. Even if she can not see, Superman would describe everything to her. Ann does not believe that and she is insistent that her mother take the trip. Then Ann explains what had happened to her and her family; her father was driving a car, they got into an accident, Ann lost her vision, and her father left her and her mother. Elaine comes back into the apartment and tells everyone to leave them alone.

    Clark went to see Dr. Anderson, who operated on Ann's eyes. He informs Clark that he knows there is something lodged in the optic nerve but he can not find where it is. A little humor is placed in this serious episode and that is when the doctor tells Clark that he used the finest X-Ray in the world, unless Clark knows of one better. Clark smiles at the doctor and comments that he might.

    Clark went back to the apartment to see Ann and to convince her he is Superman. He asked Ann to whisper something very softly while he went into another room to hear her. A tear has to come from your eye when she said "I want my daddy back home again". Clark came out of the other room and repeats what Ann said. She is shocked and that is when she starts to believe in Superman.

    Lois came back to the building to wait for Elaine. Elaine explained to Lois that she blamed her husband for the accident, blamed him for Ann's blindness and that she was just cruel to him. He could not take it anymore so he left. Now it is too late for them to talk to each other without involving lawyers. Lois told Elaine that at first she wanted to help for the sake of the contest, now she wanted to help for the sake of people.

    Elaine and Lois walked up to the apartment while Clark changed into his costume. Superman told them that there is a piece of glass lodged in the eyes and he will assist Dr. Anderson with the operation to retrieve Ann's sight. After the operation, Superman flew Ann around the world, showing her all the famous points of interest. When they got back there was a surprise waiting for Ann, her father.

    Ann saw her mother and father together, and she ran into his arms. Her father held her, and turned and kissed his wife Elaine. Ann's wish came true, she got her daddy back.

    This episode did not have criminals, violent gun play, or even fights. What this episode did have was Superman and Lois helping a family get back together. This episode should tug at your heart when Ann, in her own unselfish way, wanted her mother to go on a trip around the world, because she works very hard and was always upset, and secondly, when she whispered she wanted her father back home. Lastly, when you see all three back as a family, it gives you a wonderful feeling.

    This one is a definite classic for season two. One question I have though: If Ann was blind, how did she write the letter in the first place?moreless
Judy Nugent

Judy Nugent

Ann Carson

Guest Star

Kay Morley

Kay Morley

Elaine Carson

Guest Star

Raymond Greenleaf

Raymond Greenleaf

Dr. Anderson

Guest Star

Noel Neill

Noel Neill

Lois Lane

Recurring Role

Jack Larson

Jack Larson

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Perry White

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Superman flies the little girl around the world. Interesting that they do not seem to encounter any night time in this voyage

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Lois: Superman! (Looking out the office window and pointing.) Here he comes chief.
      Superman: Hello, Jimmy, Ms Lane.
      Jimmy: Well, he's here.
      Perry: Yes, I can see that. But now where's Clark Kent? I wanted him in on this too.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode marked the second of three unrelated appearances from Patrick Aherne.

      This episode marked the only appearance from James Brown, Judy Nugent, Kay Morley, Max Wagner and Raymond Greenleaf.


    • This was adapted into the comics story "The Girl Who Didn't Believe in Superman!", Superman No. 96, March 1955.

    • This is the very last original black and white episode of the series, although the cast did film one more mini episode Stamp Day for Superman for government bonds. But that had nothing to do with series and has never been shown in the series' rotation in syndication.