Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 11

Flight to the North

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Oct 01, 1955 on

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  • A Funny Episode

    This was a very strange episode in my view. I liked it alot to tell the truth. Its where this one guy from a small town gets mixed up for Superman. Cause his last name is Superman. They think it also cause he is really strong. He even moved a piano and bends some steel. There was no crime involved in this one. It was pretty goofy actually. Two crooks bet on the money they have left after one gets out from jail. The bet is whos freinds makes the better lemon pie. So the one crook wants the pie from his freind. She wont give it to him or make him one. Since she swore not to make any execpt for her guy. She wants Superman to take it. But the guy takes it to her guy. It was funny cause the guy in alaska thought he was going crazy. The crook even goes to where he is to steal the pie. In the end Superman stopped the crook. I thought this was a funny and clever episode. May have been goofy but it was just interesing.
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