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    I have read in many forums about the Adventures of Superman episode "Around the World with Superman" having a scene cut out of it showing Superman looking into a blind girls eye and seeing a piece of glass. Does anyone know why the scene was cut? Was it just footage that could not be found or was it edited for some other reason? I guess it probably was a scene that was only seconds long anyway. I have all six seasons and have heard that this was the only edit done to all of them. Has anyone actually viewed this footage and am I really missing something? Thanks!!!!

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    You may be right about something missing from Around The World With Superman as the running time is a little short for a season two episode. Another episode from season two that runs a little short is My Friend Superman. I suspect something might have been cut from that episode also, but I'm not certain. The episode running times on the first season DVD's vary also, some episodes are over 25 minutes and some are under 25 minutes. So there might be edits in some of those episodes as well. Perhaps someone else can post and verify which if any episodes are cut. In the color seasons, the only episode that runs a little short is Superman Silver Mine. It is about a minute shorter than the others. I'm pretty sure this episode is edited, I think a section of the master for this episode had deteriorated so that part of it is missing.

    Also, there are two different versions of the first season episode Crime Wave. The two versions are nearly the same except for the beginning. I believe the DVD contains the original version. If you watch the episode with commentary on, this is explained in more detail.

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    This is strictly a guess, of course, but, given the era the show ran, the censors may have thought that in "Around the World with Superman", seeing inside a human body - - whether for real (actual X-rays) or depicted (cartoon or drawing, etc) - - would be too intense for a family show. And, given that they probably would have been forced to use a cheesy depiction, the producers probably thought it was best just to leave it to the viewers' imagination.
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