Adventures of Superman

Season 3 Episode 7

Olsen's Millions

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Jun 04, 1955 on
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When Jimmy inherits millions overnight, he becomes the target of swindlers.

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  • What would you do with a million dollars? That is the question everyone asks, but very few get to answer. In this episode we see what Jimmy Olsen did with a million dollars, he literately had money to burn.moreless

    This episode shows Jack Larson's comedic abilities and is a fun show to watch. It started out with Jimmy visiting an elderly woman named Miss. Peabody. Jimmy was sent to do a story on why she spent five million dollars on alleycats. Miss Peabody responded with "An alley is no place for a cat."

    One of the cats got locked in a safe and Miss Peabody could not remember the combination. She went down into the basement to see if she had the combination written on a piece of paper. Jimmy called Clark to see if he could reach Superman to open the safe. Clark changed into Superman and flew to Miss Peabody's house and ripped the door off the safe and flew away.

    Miss Peabody saw the door opened and thought that Jimmy opened it. Out of gratitude, she gave him one million dollars. The money went to Jimmy's head and he quit his job at The Daily Planet. Clark went to visit Jimmy at his new apartment and saw that he hired a butler named Herbert and also saw a lot of stuff being delivered that Jimmy had bought.

    Two men named Stacy and Big George read about Jimmy's money in the paper and they thought up a scheme; Stacy showed up at Jimmy's apartment with a contraption that turned sea water into gold. Herbert noticed that the gold was imitation and threw him out of the apartment. Stacy went back to Big George and told him everything went well.

    Jimmy took Lois to see his new apartment and Herbert gave him a note from Superman that told him to get the rest of the million dollars in cash and meet him at a house in Pinehurst. Lois called the Daily Planet and left a message for Clark, to tell him where they were going. Herbert drove them to the house and they were greeted by Stacy and Big George.

    As soon as Lois and Jimmy recognized them, they turned to go back out the door, but Herbert drew a gun on them. Lois stated "This is the one time that the butler actually did it." Jimmy chimed in with "Yea, but why did it have to be my butler."

    Herbert, Stacy, and Big George were all in this plan together; to convince Jimmy that Herbert was trustworthy so that he would listen to whatever Herbert advised or told him what to do. Lois and Jimmy did as they were told and went to the bank to withdraw the rest of his money. They took a box, supposedly holding the money, and gave the box to big George.

    Clark went back to his office and received the message that Lois and Jimmy went to Pinehurst. He changed into Superman and flew out the window.

    Herbert put Lois and Jimmy in the basement that was lined with lead so that Superman could not find them. Lois noticed a ventilator shaft and they heard Superman flying around. (Lois had the money in her purse, and the box that they gave to Big George had newspaper in it.) Lois convinced Jimmy the only way to get Superman's attention was to burn the money and send an S.O.S. smoke signal.

    Reluctantly Jimmy took the money, put it into the shaft, set it on fire and sent the smoke signal. After several tries with twenty thousand dollars, Lois convinced Jimmy to burn all the money. Superman saw the signal and crashed through the walls. Superman went after the three crooks, Herbert fired a gun at Superman, but he grabbed the gun and crushed it, Stacy tried to head-butt him but he only knocked himself out, and Big George approached Superman with a rifle, but Superman put his hand on the barrel and Big George got knocked out when he pulled the trigger and it back-fired. Superman saved Lois and Jimmy again.

    Jimmy went to Perry White and begged for his job back, Perry reluctantly told him to report in the morning. And lastly Jimmy turned and asked Clark for fifteen cents for bus fare. Clark gave him a quarter and told him not to hire any butlers.

    This episode, like many others under Whittney Elsworth was geared towards a younger audience. This was a fantasy episode that asked "What would you do with a million dollars?" This episode also taught a lesson that your life and friends are worth more than the money. The old saying is very true "Money can't buy you happiness."

    In the latter years of the series, there is an episode titled "Money to Burn" In my opinion it should have been called "The fireman's friend". I say this only because when I hear that title, I think of the scene in this episode where Jimmy had to burn his money in order to attract Superman's attention. This episode, like so many others under Whitney Ellsworth is entertaining and family friendly. So sit back and enjoy "Olsen's Millions".moreless
Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson

Miss Peabody

Guest Star

George E. Stone

George E. Stone

Big George

Guest Star

Leonard Carey

Leonard Carey


Guest Star

Jack Larson

Jack Larson

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

Noel Neill

Noel Neill

Lois Lane

Recurring Role

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Perry White

Recurring Role

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    • (Jimmy talking to his butler.)
      Jimmy: And to think I trusted you.
      Herbert: That was the whole idea Sir. I had to gain your confidence, so as you would believe anything I said.
      Lois: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of a brainless boy.
      Jimmy: Miss Lane, please.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode marked the first of two unrelated appearances from Elizabeth Patterson and George E. Stone. This episode marked the fourth of five unrelated appearances from Richard Reeves.

      This episode marked the second of two unrelated appearances from Tyler MacDuff.

      This episode marked the only appearance from Leonard Carey.


    • This episode is based on the Jimmy Olsen comics story "Olsen's Millions", Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #3, January 1955. This same classic issue also inspired the later episode "The Bully of Dry Gulch" this same season. (The popularity of this TV show and Jack Larson's Jimmy was one reason Jimmy Olsen got his own long running comic book.)

    • We are to believe that Lois had almost $1 million in her purse in bundles of $50,000? She would have to have as much as 20 bundles in her small purse. By the size of that fire they started, it appears that it took much less than the whole million so Olsen still should have been set for life. But then, this isn't reality.